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Give me 22 tributes
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Based leaf general /blg/

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Read this if you are a straight white male that hates homosexuality in any of its forms and loves Jesus Christ and the white race: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WQXqSj9OucLlTEzxItouwzwxR7E9AZYh/view?usp=drivesdk

How to go to Heaven when you die: Jesus Christ is Lord, so do what He says: Repent (say you're sorry to Him for intentionally sinning and mean it) and believe on Him to fully receive His mercy that you need for forgiveness od your sins (lying, stealing, lusting, porn, secret sins unmentionable here, etc.). You are now born again unto God if you did this (Acts 16:30-31, Acts 8:37).
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It's been a wonderful board, lads. This day has truly been the best thing to happen to this site in years, a chance to taste that old /b/ feel we so fondly remember from our first days here. More ponies than I recall, but oh, well. For however long the board stays up, I just want you faggots to know that it's been an honour to shitpost with you.


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she is my wife. i love her.
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Who else mass reported to get on /qb/

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I raked like 8 people on /x/

/fr/ le francofil francophone

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édition québécoise

ancien : N/A
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Tell me aboot this mare. Why does she steal oats?

How do we get the US to use the metric system like us?

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They instead intend on keeping the outdated imperial system that no other relevant country uses.
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tomboy thread
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fuck niggers

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that is all
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What is your home board? Where did they took you away from?

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Also, guilty of being Canadian or not?
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