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Ah, Athkatla. Home. Has there even been a better RPG city?
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SEQUEL thirst

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A new SEQUEL game approaches, Shikinowa confirmed.
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Struggling in Starsector.

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Starsector, for those who don't know, is an RPG game where the player takes the role of a warlord in space, in the distant future.
I like playing this game, but I struggle a lot with surviving in it. To survive, I need a constant stream of supplies, which represent the need for food for my troops and the necessary materials to repair my space fleet. But as my fleet grows, I have a hard time getting enough money to buy supplies. Does anyone that playes the game have a tip for me? By the way I'm still on early game, and I cannot travel across long distances in hyperspace, so bounties aren't a solution.
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Literally impossible

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Best girl vs Perfect girl


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So after I returned to the castle they lore dumped so hard while giving me the keys to the kingdom, it completely ruined the murderobo fantasy
Is it worth sticking through the rest of it? I fear it's just going to be the serviceable (at best) combat dragged out
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first and third-person RPG combats are an abomination, it can work only if the RPG elements are very well thought out for the first-person/third-person, but I've never played a game that made it work very well.

skills modifying how much damage your weapon does, aiming well but still missing because your character is suppose to be blind, shooting/hitting someone in the face but they are bulletsponge to make skills meaningful are some of the things that make RPG combat feel unsatisfying and butcher the immersion as well. there is a reason lot of early rpgs were isometric, it just make lot more sense, you only instruct the character they miss or hit on their own. New Vegas is one of my favorite games, but every time I play it now I mod it to strip the RPG elements from combat and make it more realist, more like STALKER, Morrowind is another example, but it's worse with guns than melee.

Planescape: Torment

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I thought I knew everything about Torment, but this made me kneel (and I haven't even finished it yet). Lethal levels of autism information overload.
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>no indicator that an NPC has exhausted its dialog
>you must speak to every NPC until you hear them repeat a line
>this design means you'll hear a repeated line from every NPC
this is terrible design
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Why is this the only RPG that gets barbarians right?
Strong, intelligent, able to wear any armor and wield any weapon like Conan the Cimmerian.
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Underrail has new story/weapon DLC. [Open]
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>Scarlet Grace timeline system, but with combos this time
>GB SaGa/SaGa Frontier setting with mechs, monsters and multiple worlds
>Six protagonists, puppet master, pretty cure, Miku Hatsune, cop duo and bishie vampire lord
>Supposedly even more complex campaigns than Scarlet Grace
>Releases somewhere in 2024
>More news at TGS in about a week
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Wrath of the Righteous

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>Race: White human male
>Alignment: Lawful Good
>Class: Paladin
>Mythic path: Angel
Oh yeah, it's gaming time
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Play Tales of
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> avoided all news and spoilers for starfield
> enter the game for the first 20 hours thinking it's all science and trying to be futuristic but mostly realistic
> ok, bit boring but I respect them making a science based RPG
> might give up on this soon.
> smoke a J, get high and 15 mins later enter the eta temple...
> wut, a precursor race, a temple...?
> mfw
> thank you Todd. Thank you Bethesda.

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Would you guys plays this as a tactical RPG? This concept has been in my head for ages.