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What Pathfinder WotR writers tried to achieve here?
Because I honestly don't know.
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Baldur's gate 3 / BG3

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Less than 6 months before BG3's release. What features do you think Larian is hiding from us Larianbros ? Datamining suggest a buttload of hidden races and a non-phb subclass.
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Valkyrie profile

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I`m playing Lenneth right now and was wondering what are some good skills/items. I`m on chapter 4 on hard doing Lezard`s tower and damn a lot of things can kick my ass here. I`m pushing through but i think there is probably an easier way so i`ve come to ask for suggestions (not that i can leave here or anything).

Also VP general.
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NOTR vs Original vs Returning

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I wanna replay G2 after a while and I'm not sure which version I should go for

Always played this
I don't actually know what the differences are between it and NOTR
I saw some people shill for it so... Does it have some merits? Is the content actually good?
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Atelier Thread

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Everyone and their dog is playing Ryza 3, but is the game really that amazing? What are your thoughts?
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unpopular RPG opinions

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share yours, I'm interested
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action rpg's mog so hard
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Choose your own adventure games

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Experiences and Impressions of this? I've been thinking about it for a while but I can see it being either awesome or a complete waste of time and money without much inbetween.

How is it? (I really do wish I could ask a better question).
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Breath of Fire thread

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I've been thinking about it a bit recently, so I decided to make a BoF thread. All games in the series welcome, talk whatever.

Or just waifu post and bicker over your the usual in cat vs bird vs snake vs rabbit.
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Octopath Traveler II

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Ochette is the best party member in this game.
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>the only powerful companions with good stats and spells are the evil ones
>meanwhile good companions have shitty stats and shitty spells
>playing a good party or doing a good mc run? get fucked lol

Seriously what were they thinking?
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Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic Questions and Answers

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Do Kotor 1 2 and 3 do an above-adequate job of explaining the complexities of the Jedi teachings and the Sith teachings? I believe so. Do you?

also what is your headcanon for hyperspace travel times in these Space Exploration RPGs such as the Mass Effects and the Kotors and etc? The games never really elaborate on how long it takes travel the Galaxy. I know it says The Ebon Hawk is "the fastest ship in the galaxy" or something but what does that mean? If I fly across the Galaxy from Dantooine to Nar Shadda, does it take me 7 days or 7 hours? How much faster am I than normie ships? And what do we eat?

I recently finished kotor 1 again, this time using primarily blaster rifles, doing the same for kotor 2 now. The random name selector gave me the name Padme Rimsen lmfao. I know her canon name is Meetra Surik but it'd make sense she'd adopt a fake name after going into exile/hiding after the Mandalorian Wars. Wasn't really expecting the game to choose a hilarious SW sex pun for my character but okay I rolled with it. I don't think its gay to play kotor 2 as a female, its the lore that the Exile is female, so I just self-insert as Atton Rand snuggling the Exile instead of me self inserting as the woman being snuggled by Atton. So not all RPG gamers who play female characters sometimes are as gay as you think. consider that a bit.
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Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader

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beta coming soon™, it looks like the guesses about april were most likely correct
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Itt dumb shit you did as a kid

>play exclusively warriors
>dont want to play a retard so I put points in int