Final fantasy legend / SaGa

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Are the gameboy games a good place to start with the SaGa series? What are your thoughts on these games


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The ultimate weapon of the game.
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This trinity of archetypes is a menace!
How do we get rid of it???
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Is this a "mainline" Final Fantasy game? Mainly I'm wondering if it's worth playing for the story and world, because I don't really give a shit about the MMO elements. I'm asking because it's on sale right now and apparently it doesn't go on sale too often.
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BG3: What causes this game to make schizos on this board have a meltdown?

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Age of Decedance

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How do people find this game? I'm about to try it for the first time, all I know is people reccomend with not straying from your characters initial stats.
Also how is their next game, Colony Ship shaping up to be?
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Tactics Ogre Reborn finally announced
thoughts? I'm hoping the filter is an option, but I kind of doubt it will be. also this means the FFT remake is happening as well, so I'm curious when they'll announce that
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>tell God you don't believe in him while beating the shit out of him

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Rogue Trader

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I will never use a filthy space wolf.
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Remember to dip Monk.
Everyone should have a bit of Monk with them.
Especially Sorcerers.
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What's the best dungeon in an Elder Scrolls game and why?
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What are some underappreciated RPGs that deserved more attention?
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the only good choice

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he is the only good choice
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How unavoidable is crowd control in Underrail? I feel like throwing is a must even if you go stealth, or at least traps. I just don't see how you can funnel / destroy all those mobs rushing at you unless you have some crowd control / disables. Even the cover art shows crowd control.
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