SEQUEL kludge

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English translation has been out since Wednesday
L.Depth’s second demo is coming later this month
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Tales Of

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Tales of Destiny DC English Patch (100%*, play it now!) (Destiny 2 soon™) [Open]

Tales of Innocence R - English Translation Progress [Open]

Tales of VS Translation Project

Tales of Crestoria will shut down on Sun, Feb. 6th, 2022
Be sure to datamine everything before the inevitable end
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Chronicles of Myrtana

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Invincible NPCs and overly scripted quests: the mod. I can't even just kill these speakers because they're invincible I have to follow the exact path the faggot quest designer laid out.
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What are some of your favorite SRPGs?
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What was his fucking problem actually?
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RPG studio Logic Artists will be making NFTs now

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>It believes the company that succeeds in creating high-quality NFT games will lead to mass market adoption. Other mainstream game makers who are making NFT games include Ubisoft and Com2Us as well as seasoned game developers such as Will Wright, Peter Molyneux, Austin Grossman, and Graeme Devine.

>Dynasty Studios originates from Logic Artists, a Denmark-based gaming studio founded in 2011. It has made games such as the Expeditions series of titles, and it is finishing up work on Expeditions: Rome, which will be published by THQ Nordic. After that, Logic Artists will wind down and its staff will join Dynasty Studios.

>Logic Artists — whose leaders are now running Dynasty — specialized in tactical role-playing games for PCs and consoles. But in tandem with the rise of blockchain technology, the team has spent the past year on a vision of player-driven, on-chain economic strategies take shape to further enhance triple-A gameplay.
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Etrian Odyssey

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EO is having it's 15th anniversary, what are your favorite aspects of the series anons? I really liked the character costumisation on later entries
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How can anybody enjoy this?

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The story is so incredibly basic and heavyhanded
>environment is... le good
>rufus/shinra are incredibly generic bad guys who do bad things because they are bad
>dialogue is awful
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KOTOR 2 is the most pseud game in existence

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It's Star Wars made by someone that has literally said that he hates Stars Wars because it's too simple. Star Wars being simplistic isn't controversial, but the franchise never pretended to be anything else.....until KOTOR 2. Like Avellone's previous game, KOTOR 2 flips classic tropes on their head and subverts expectations in the laziest ways, but unlike Planescape: Torment, KOTOR 2 lacks a certain earnestness and revels in power fantasy. Your character is the chosen one, the only living individual in the universe that can break free of the force's influence. The Force is no longer a natural phenomenon that maintains the balance between light and dark, but a sentient being that is enslaving people, at least according to Kriea. But does this change of perspective on the Force really make Star Wars any deeper? Wouldn't everyone choose to break free of the Force if they were chosen ones? What meaning can you even interpret from this theme in real life? Yin and Yang bad? The Star Wars movies may have been simple, but they instilled positive values in kids like adventure, friendship, heroism, and redemption. KOTOR 2 is just meaningless drivel.

TL;DR - Chris Avellone is the Zack Snyder of videogames
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rpg development thread

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Next jam is Valentines Jam, starting Jan 22nd!

RPG development thread for rpg developers and adjacent interested types. All engines and all friends welcome.

Thread Question:
What do you consider an innovative system/aspect that needs to become mainstream in RPGs?

Japanese Roguelikes (and adjacent)

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Do you recommend playing these games in any sort of order?
For example, Torneko 1 (SNES) has the least mechanics. and should probably be played before the rest. Then Shiren 1 (SNES/DS).
Maybe followed by the N64 Shiren and PS1 Torneko.

But after that? Just a free for all? Shrien 3 doesn't follow the formula? Shiren 4 doesn't have a translation.
And then there's all the Pokemon games or Etrian ones that people say to skip.

Or like, are the Chocobo games any different?

Also non-Chunsoft games.
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Just installed this game with OPENMW and I have terrible tearing. How can I solve this problem ? I'm with an Intel 4600 hd.
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Atelier Series Thread

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Shin Megami Tensei Thread: Discussion Edition

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A large chunk of video games, the majority even, have been translated into English. What's your excuse for not playing the original monster-collecting game?
What games have you cleared? What games have you dropped? Which is your favorite? Which is your least favorite? Who's your favorite character? Who's your favorite demon?
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