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This game is highly praised by all corner of the gaming community, especially for the story.
But now I wanna ask if its fame truly live up to its name right now. Give me you unbias opinion.
I dont really play many ff game so I'm looking for somewhere to start since I dont have enough time.
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Weakest party members

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Trails thread

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ITT: Characters who get unreasonably forgiven for everything
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Nioh 2

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Cat spam edition
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Baldur's Gate

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What makes it so good?
Also, post quality BG art.
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it's time
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admit it, you love this man
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Pathfinder Wratho of the Righteous

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Is there a single person in this entire board that is at all interested in finishing with devil path on their first playthrough?
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New Vegas Randomizer

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Play the New Vegas RANDOMIZER, it's fun:


• Creature spawns (they retain their factions, AI packages, and sometimes their name) (almost done)
• Perk level requirements
• Player's starting stats (you're still free to make changes with the Vigor Tester)
• Player's tagged skills (you're still free to change them during character creation)
• Player's starting inventory
• *NPC and creature size
• *Jump height
• *Weather (every 5 seconds, there's a 5% chance the weather will change)
• *Gravity (every 5 seconds, gravity will shift by between 5% and 10% in either direction)
• NPC inventories
• Merchant inventories and spending money (barely done)
• Container inventories (almost done)
• Barter buy and sell base price multipliers.
• Monetary rewards for completing quests.
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When do we think it's going to break the street date?
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Rance Quest now out after 9 years of excuses.
+ turn based rpg
+ random encounters
+ no voices
+ huge party, >40 characters and create your own
+ optional endless grind dungeon and hard new game plus modes

This game has a unique structure; it is broken into quests and some have varied outcomes but you are free to go back and do each part over at any time which leads to other things.
Leveling is also unique, each character has a max level but when reached you can reset them to 1 and increase their max level. Rance does not have a max.

The very beginning sucks at first because abilities have limited uses and you only have Rance so you can run out quickly. This does not last very long and you'll be getting characters practically every quest.

In 40 years of rpgs this is easily in my top 5.
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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

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'Playable Drow when?' edition.
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Another settlement needs your help. I’ll mark it on your map.
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Final Fantasy XI

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So I decided to get FF11 this weekend since it's going to be on sale for $10. Is there anything I should know as a new player? I'm mainly playing this for the story and since I heard that it's gotten pretty solo friendly in recent years. I also heard that quests/mission are unmarked, so are there any guides I can follow? Did anyone here play back on PS2 back in the day? Basically I just want to talk about FF11 since it has all my attention at the moment.
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So there has been an update on Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2. It appears that Hardsuit Labs has been removed from the project. Honestly there is no hope of this game ever seeing the light of day. Also even if it does eventually get released will it even be what they showed off in those trailers and that gameplay demo video.
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