Brigandine The Legend of Runersia

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Coming out on PC in two days, anyone gonna play it?
I love the art and the gameplay looks to be nice but does anyone know how the story is?
A lot of the times I like the gameplay of sRPGs but the story is just not very good which makes my motivation wane.
Is it the same with this game?
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Opinions on Trials of Mana?
It's 50%(25USD) off on Steam rn so looks pretty ripe to play.
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How do we solve the caster problem?
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Continue to walk. The future is bright, carry on the flame of hope.
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What a terrible night for a VAMPIRE THE MASQUERADE: BLOODLINES thread.

I found Tessera's MegaMod from (apparently) 2012, according to the title, on my old Mega. Has anyone used the cunt's mods? I remember she used to get fucking butthurt because it was behind a paywall.
Here it is, btw:
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Probably had the worst dogshit story in the series, but the polish was so good. God, I want to forget it just so I can play it again.

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Working on the official Capcom Mega Man Legens now. It will be smooth and have mountable vehicles and you can join the police department to protect the shops mines and defend the island from invading pirates and aliens. Working library and school with important textbooks as well. What would you guys and gals like to see?
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thoughts about the upcoming KOTOR? what are your hopes, dreams and fears about it?
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It's /mon/day, what are some of your fave monster RPGs?
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RPG Maker Jam

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And the next theme is _____.
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what's your /vrpg/ swordfu? for me it's chillrend
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Can anyone tell me what version of FF6 is best? I can play in either english or Japanese. Ideally I would be able to play it on my phone or a portable console like the Switch
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Anyone who played the Brave New World mod for FFVI confirm that it did give all the characters a sense of individuality? I want to play FFVI again but actually use every character.

good turn based rpgs

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Look, I'm gonna level with you guys. I'm old, retarded and lazy and I dont wanna have to think when I'm playing a rpg.

Sometimes I just wanna chill out, drink a beer and play a chill turn based rpg. Essentially watching a movie with grinding aspects in it. It seems like all "turn based" rpgs these days involve some kind of action bar bullshit where you can attack when the bar fills up or some other weird shit about positioning characters in a field etc. I'm looking for some games like FFX, DQ11 or P4.

Alternatively why is the genre of turn based with decent stories dying?
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Shit party member thread

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Shit party member thread. I’ll get this one out of the way since its a common retard trap.

The other one I’d like to mention is Aigis from persona 3 since she is the absolute worst party member efficiency speaking and is another retard trap.vdwsk
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