Is that normal?

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Whenever I'm in the common area of my dorm, I specifically listen to the Iwatodai Dorm's theme with my headphones. Is that too retarded/weird?
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Does /vrpg/ like Arcanum? Even despite how broken it is?
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Bad JRPG translations
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What went wrong?

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I thought Sakaguchi was dabbing on Square Enix with his magnum opus?
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a few plot characters are being killed off in 5.5/5.55, are you ready?
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>Duuude you have to upgrade to Skyrim SSE it haz all teh best modz noww!!
>No goddamn fucking Requiem 5.0 yet, only a bootleg glitchy version with even more compatibility issues than Legendary Eddition
>When Requiem 5.0 finally will comes out it will be incompatible with RP mods like Interesting NPCs and Wintersun etc for over a year

Okay Todd. Okay. Yeah. SSE. Yup. Sounds fucking awesome.
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What did he mean by this?
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This thread has been approved and certified by Dodo. Leafposters stay the fuck out!
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Tales (of)

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Tales of Destiny DC english patch progress

Tales of Arise - Tales of Festival Trailer
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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

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He died to let you being a hero.
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>Subvert the Dumb Muscle trope in your path
Nothing personal kiddo...
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(You) RPG Jam #3

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Theme: Dark Lord
Deadline: April 8th
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Booba's Gate 3

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Where is the datamined stuff? edition

>inb4 cuckshit
If you fuck Lae'zel she won't fuck others. If you don't fuck Lae'zel but she wants a piece of you, she fuck others to spite you.
Now fuck off paizotr00ns
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Why in the everliving fuck has anyone not copied this game's combat system?
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I'll test your metal with COLD STEEL

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