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>first character you meet is a transgirl
>first companion you get is a strong independent black woman
>the leader of the crusaders is a strong independent half-orc woman with a wife
>your entire country is run by another strong independent woman in fact
>the city you're in is under siege by a powerful strong independent demon woman who can get all men to do what she wants because they're easy to seduce low-iq monkeys
get woke go bro-
>Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous has already sold hundreds of thousands of copies, player based more than double Kingmaker's
looks like /vrpg/ and /v/ were wrong again
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What are some good RPG's for this? I already played:
>FF 1&2, Dissidia, Crisis Core, Tactics
>Persona 3 Portable
>Fate Extra
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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

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el monje gordo...
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Altina is eternal.

Other thread hit bump limit.
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>Autistic Reasons you dropped an RPG

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I learned that the Monk has no activated ability with built-in knockback on Pathfinder so I ended up refunding it.

I only play Monks for one thing, it's to punch the people getting close to me strong enough to make them back the fuck-up.

Also I dropped Wasteland 2 mid-way and I can't remember why. I remember I was at the location where they have to be super polite all the time or some shit.
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The /v/ Ragnarok Project

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This thread is dedicated to /v/'s Ragnarok Online private server project.

>rates 5/5/5
>Pre-Renewal and all its content
>no custom NPCs for healing, warping, refining
>no resets
>no custom NPCs for anything, really
>no autoloot
>improved passive recovery speeds(see webm)
>smoother EXP curve at higher levels

Announcement thread:
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Oldest RPG you finished

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picrel for me
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Skyrim is better than Dark Souls

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In dark souls you roll, punish, roll, punish, roll, punish...

In Skyrim you ascend to godhood by wearing the best weapons and armor. You can become immune to magick, you can craft armor capable of withstanding blows that would obliterate anything else.

It's just like that dialogue between Neo and Morpheus:
>are you saying that I'll be able to dodge bullets?
>no, Neo, I am saying you wont have to

In Skyrim you become a God among men. In dark souls you will always be a lowly peasant.

Atelier Series Thread

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Let's have a nice and comfy Atelier thread.

What's your favorite Atelier game? Your favorite Atelier MC? What are your wishes and expectations for the next Atelier title?
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SEQUEL kludge

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v1.10 soon
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Trails of cold steel

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Haha......a thread for our Rean...for old times' sake...
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Classic JRPG thread

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Are the classic Phantasy Star games any good?
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When did you realize it is the best in the series?
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How do I into CRPGs?
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Final Fantasy XIII trilogy

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I finally finished the trilogy this month and it's better than I expected.
My thoughts:
Pretty good, probably the most character driven out of all the Final Fantasy games. All characters have good motivations and arcs throughout the game (Except maybe Lightning, she "lightens" up a little too quickly for no reason). I understand gameplay is a mixed bag for everyone but honestly I enjoyed it and I understand the thought process as why it is the way it is. It's not my favorite but you get into a certain rhythm.

The story was a mixed bag for others but other than the first 3 hours, I generally knew what's going on and honestly it was an enjoyable ride throughout. Other than Gran Pulse I don't think anything out stayed its welcome and plotlines people like to meme are generally resolved quickly. The thing about Gran Pulse though is they generally fuck around for no reason until Bartholomew comes into play.
Story goes balls to the wall stupid. Still somewhat enjoyable but really confusing the whole way through. Antagonist has more weight rather than being a divine force and that was better. Not a huge fan of how they used time travel and alternative timelines but it's whatever. While people seem to take the side that the gameplay improved, I'm more of the opposite. I felt that rhythm of debuff/buff > attack > heal was removed so you were pretty much in relentless assault. The monster catching was fine but I'd really prefer a third character instead since my third monster was just relegated to commando, sentinel or ravenger. Music is my favorite in the series though even if the overall tone of the soundtrack is clunky. (although maybe that's the point)

Both XIII-2 and LR felt really like the rebuilds of Evangelion. 3.0 especially feeling similar to XIII-2 where you're just left going what the fuck is going on.
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