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I wouldn't say "ever." I mean technically you could read a bunch of books that are even more thought provoking and then tie that to a basic narrative and plot structure and convey those themes without it being too heady or pretentious so the player is not getting bored but is getting those thought provocation spikes on a regular basis I don't know you're not Chris Avellone but that shouldn't prevent you or anyone from uh making a well written game that's not like a prerequisite I mean you could just people could just they could write shit and shit and then that shit would like be good and shit I don't know people used to do that before this whole Internet thing find a book my point is find a book and if it isn't that good find another one keep uh keep looking and then you get the idea
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>you only get the fire resistance gear AFTER beating the fire dungeon when fire enemies are no longer a problem

Nice fucking game design.
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Do you actually hate Final Fantasy VIII or did you get your opinion from a YouTuber?
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All zoomers should be forced to play Mother 1 before they make their indie earthbound inspired RPGs about depression. It has a lot of SOVL.

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What would happen if someone in the Final Fantasy universe figured out that there are ways to use spears that don't involve jumping into the sky?
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The lore of this world is bananas. Why do so many Japanese rpgs have this weird gnostic esoteric occultism influence? I like it.
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Weapon durability systems.

Yay or nay?
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Dungeon Siege

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Worth playing? Do anons here rike it?

Its on sale on GOG and I was considering getting it
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Rogue Trader

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>RT sold half a million in a month
>For comparison it took WotR over a year to reach a million
What went so right?
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It's Monday yet again. What monster collecting and monster raising games have you been playing?
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Dungeon travelers series

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Whats the best/funnest of the joinable factions to you?
>my take
1 imperial cult
2 morag tong
3 mages guild
4 thieves guild
5 house telvanni
6 house hualu
7 fighters guild
8 house redoran
9 imperial gaurd
10 temple
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Choose Your Own Adventure Games

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How come no one has made a buddhist game yet?
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Never played any jrpg beside Pokemans when i was a kid. What brought me to this game is really interesting lore and specific feeling of diving deeper and deeper into madness. Any fans of Fear and Hunger here? Im yet to play Termina
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More RPGs like this? MUA took out too many RPG elements for my taste

I especially like the team dynamics
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