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Did you try the Ys IX Demo on Steam yet, anon?
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I just started DQ11. I was ready for a comfy adventure after SMT 3 and then this bitch started talking. My ears are bleeding. Why do Japanese developers think we want to hear disgusting britbong accents? Fuckers can’t speak their own language right.
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What's the best party size /vrpg/ ?

3, 4, 5, 6, more?
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PC demo is out. Just press the install button on the SteamDB page, only 2GB.
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Enough with the gay shit, there is only one wife and one love.
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Rune Factory 5 (JP)

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Last thread was slow but overall high quality. lets keep it up.

New information not tested:
relationship level beyond 15 will give you new dialog,same for 30-50
50~99 not tested yet,nobody legit go that high by now

Info needed to be tested:
If both male and female married all the Bachelorettes and Bachelors,does the video gallery get filled?
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Altina fig

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does /vrpg/ like lolis?
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Final Fantasy XIV

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I have been on the fence about paying for a subscription for this. how much of this is pay to play? is playing solo enjoyable? Im enjoying doing fetch quests on the trial version so far but im not sure..
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Skyrim mods

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I don't own a PC anymore and I've been trying to get mods from the nexus to my ps4. The nexus has a tab specifically for ps4 mods but I cant download them through the playstation. Does anyone know how?

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Are Immersive sims RPGs? If not, what are they then?
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>"The End of Saga"
>has six million more games after it
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What game was better, /vrpg/?
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Pathfinder Kingmaker

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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

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Overlord edition
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Black Souls thread

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