Final Fantasy XIV

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Show me your Dragoon glamours RIGHT NOW.
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The Age of Decadence

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Have played around 100+ hours of this game and beat it half a dozen times. Now that I've become familiar enough with the game, I can say with certainty I really like it. But also can identify two flagrant shortcomings.
The first is actually a plethora of them compressed into one aspect that is self-evident: the game is fucking jank. This is both a good thing, and a bad thing. A good thing because it derives a lot of its charm from it, the game clearly didn't have a big budget and was made more as an experiment for the love of art than anything else. A bad thing because the list of wonky shit this game has is pretty long: lots of grammatical errors, fucked camera angles and animations, unclear quest log, unfinished content, overall unintuitive gameplay, etc.
The second is the one with which I have the biggest issue, and it's the fact that this game is a grinder, a painfully dour one. Since the amount of total skill points is limited, you have to carefully plan ahead where and when you allocate them since making a mistake could cost you access to other events, and thus, bar you from getting more of those much needed skill points. All of this becomes a real issue when taking into consideration that this game is meant to be played many, many times (this is a short game, you can complete it by doing five quests and two of those are just talking to people), which means that you'll have to take the same handful of sidequests you don't want to do again to get enough skill points to access the content you actually want to play, which translates into every playthough after the first one becoming more and more of a repetitive slog.
As I said, I like the game, and there is more stuff I have yet to see. But after finishing it so many times I had to park it indefinitely until I can push myself into completing Dellar's quests one more time.


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Did anyone play this? If so, how was it.

Fallout: The Frontier- Out tomorrow

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Anyone else hyped? I'm probably gonna give it a try this weekend, fingers crossed its not a buggy mess with nothing but donut steels. Is there any word on what the recommended level is? I don't want to try it and not be able to interact with any of the content.
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Fallout: New Vegas

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It’s really as good as people say it is or is it overrated?
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Pathfinder Kingmaker

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what were they thinking?
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How will Bethesda fuck Hammerfell up?
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Imperial,Stormcloak,or Neutral ?
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Play Dragon Age: Origins
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Which one is best?
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Establishing secure connection.
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Why west rpg's are better than jrpg's

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>Manage to revolutionize rpg's with each title release pushing the technology
>memorable gameplay to this day
>Influencial stories that only a few rpg's could capture like betrayal of krondor
>Very creative world and lore
>Was technically elder scrolls before the elder scrolls.

>Final fantasy and dragon shit quest
>Streamlined rpg elements for console babies, because they are to retarded and low iq to know how dungeon and dragon stats work and are adhd fags that are lazy to read manuals and take their time
>Popularized rpg trends
>is all about muh storiez, muh generic rpg settings is like MUH ANIMEZ
>Turned it into an anime shit fest
>No interesting and fully developed characters you make on a blank slate or convincing characters, tifa is not an interesting character or aerith people like them because they are attractive and tifa has boobas and filled with pretty boys instead of men that are on a mission
>Casulized the rpg genre that think wizardy or might and magicka or the gold box games, baulder gate, dragon wars, and magic candle are to complex and are for high iq hardcore gamers only
>Jrpgs are just gay in general and people pretending to be women and made them full blown trannies as far as I am concerned
>Made rpg's way to fucking easy and are guilty for the current states of rpg
Bitch please nearly almost every other dungeon crawler I played as a kid was harder and cryptic than the so called "hardest game" called dark souls get that pussy shit outta here I bet half of you niggers would give up at the 3rd level of the 1st dungeon master game, dark souls had a sense of directiong increasing stats hardly did shit it was hard for the shake of being hard and only redditfags love that kind of garbage and produce more psuedo rpg's
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Why nobody have played Witcher 2007 ?

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Beautiful and deeply human story that convey melancholy, loneliness..
The dialogues are punchy and screaming realism with plenty of choices that have consequences within each act.
And the unique atmosphere of the game, Wyzima, Murky Waters/Lakeside.

Eventually, this is a great porn game with each cheek that can be fuckable.
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I like the atmosphere and aesthetics.
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Sidekicks and Best Friends thread

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Post best friends and sidekicks, regardless of how good or bad a friend they were.
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