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DnD based magic systems are retarded and have zero rhyme and reason in their progression. In Kingmaker and WOTR, your caster character can somehow learn the level 7 firestorm spell even if they don't know the level 3 fireball spell. How can a magician cast a higher level spell when they don't even know a much more basic spell? This can also be seen in different schools of magic. Once you reach the level requirement, you can choose advanced illusion spells like Weird even if the only spells you have are evocation spells. It doesn't make any sense. It gets even stupider when you characters can learn spells like Greater Dispel Magic despite not learning the much more basic Dispel Magic.

What is the best magic system in fantasy rpgs?
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Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Remastered

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Come talk and share your tales with us, Child of Elore.
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I've played FF12 over a decade ago and put it down because it was so fucking BORING. Same thing with FF13
Convince me to play them again now
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You HAVE worked on your RPG maker game today, right /vrpg/?
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Chained Echoes bread

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Anyone playan? Thoughts?
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So you're telling me that a woman dressed like this (best cold resistant armor in the game btw) can make it to the coldest fucking place in Underrail and defeat the ice jew? I'm not buying it.
All other armors in the game are normal, why did styg turn coomer with this one?
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I really dig Black Souls' combat system. Not having to rely on levels/grinding, but only on your gearing, strategy, and skills feels very refreshing in a JRPG
Any other JRPGs that allow this level of pure strategy? Would FFXII NG- or Crystal Project give me a similar feeling?
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>DA day on December 4th
>The Game Awards on December 8th

DA Bros... it's time...
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thesis - antithesis - synthesis isnt hegelian dialectics you fucking midwits. pseud game
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Fear and Hunger Termina has a Steam page now and is coming out this year.

Who will you be playing, btw? I'll be the Yellow Priest on my first run.
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Shiren/Mystery Dungeon Thread

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If you're interested in roguelikes, try out the mystery dungeon series. Mystery dungeon games specialize in porting the gameplay of roguelikes to consoles.

>Shiren Pasta

>Shiren 1
SNES Original -
DS Remake -

>Shiren 2 (N64)

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I noticed that JRPGs tend to have cartoony anime art style while WRPGs tend to have realistic art style. What is the reason for this phenomenon?
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RPGMaker Jam Bread

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>Play games from the latest jam and give feedback.

>Join the 6-month jam if you're itching for bigger projects

>Or just play games from the previous jams.

Meanwhile, discuss the theme for the next jam!
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How do you mod oblivion? Seriously every mod hasn't been updated for a decade or something and LOOT and the community don't have anything to say about compatibility issues.

sm1 pls explain kotor 2 story

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the wound in the force shit and all that was rlly mindfucky can vrpg try explaining it well to me just drop an analysis of kotor 2 desu