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>another survival colony building game
>"b-but this one's different anon!"
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Now that the soundtrack is out, what do you think about it?
Personally I don't think it's bad but I like Victoria 2 soundtrack more.
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Project Moon/Limbus/Ruina/LobCorp

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our granny is up soon
discuss her
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Football Manager

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Did /vst/ ever have a favourite Football Manager game?

What was your favourite run?

I got Dumbarton FC to Europa League in 2020, pic not related.
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CK2 Game of Thrones

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Merged A Game of Thrones mod project

Currently broken after the "merged Targaryen Islands", rebase to the commit before that.


Merged mods:
Currently in progress of fixing my fuck-up of the Targ Island mods. I think I found out where it broke, now to find WHY it breaks.

A Game of Thrones
Pre-Doom bookmarks -- No history (yet)

Larger overhauls:
More Bloodlines
Congenital Overhaul
Trait Softcap Exterminated
Faces Improvement AND Better Faces -- Frankish Andals Jonothor version, as backup
Valyrian Mixed Ethnicities -- needs to be overhauled
Thousand Islander Overhaul*

Events and systems:
Naughty AGOT (events only)
Seize Sword From Traitor
Dragon Tamer Laws*
Old Gods Reorganized*
Storm God Rekindled*
Winter Soldier
Dueling Duelists

Improved Borders*
In heaven's map modifications*
Trade Routes Revisisted
YiTi Expanded*
High Lordship of Bear Island*
Isle of Faces
Targaryen Islands

New Dragon Symbol + New Religion Icons + Valyrian Interface
Fixed the religious reformations

*Edited (probably heavily), reimplemented, or only integrated to an extend that it actually works with newer/other submods. Most mods have had some bugfixes.

Reformable Storm God, Old Gods of the Mountain, Thenn
Renamed Old God faiths for consistency: Old Gods Below the Wall, Old Gods Beyond the Wall, Old Gods of the Mountain
Daenarys is pregnant in the months up to Drogo's death.
Seduction without Seduction focus if you have the Seducer traits
Removed the requirement of Charlemagne DLC needing to be disabled for most titles
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What's the best and the most interesting starting date in CK2 and what's the worst? What's your favorite?
Usually I go for the earliest possible date, but Europe and Christianity seem to fall apart way too quickly there.
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Battle brothers thread

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Its been 2 years since BD release and people are still confounded by this perk
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Kiss me goodbye and write me while I'm gone.
Goodbye Jangala, Hello [REDACTED].

Keep your modder drama elsewhere, post some good faction mods instead.
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Mods keep deleting all the Attila threads

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Ah, /Total War Attila Thread/.

The eternal bump hitter.

I have seen the end of days. And years from now jannies will say: this is where began the fall of /vst/.

The power of the posters was taken from the many and given to the few. Those who were the unpaid wreath grew wicked with every kind of malice. They were filled with envy and deceit. They pruned and banned.

They betrayed hundreds of posters and deleted the threads they loved.

They did all this and called it just.
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X-Piratez and other OldCom

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Also getting bitten through the window of an airbus by a dog and dying in one hit.
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Shut the fuck up please
Talk about the game like a normal person
Keep your faggotry where it belongs
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heroes of might and magic 5

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lets discuss the best game in the series
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Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri / SMAC

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Previous thread died sooner than expected
Have you given the game a try anons?
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Name a worse strategy developer
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King of Dragon Pass

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So am I just superstitious or does having lots of unspent magic in the bank seem to lead to better events and outcomes? And having low and negative magic seems to do the exact opposite.
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