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>it's been delayed AGAIN
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Apparently someone finally fixed the interest bug in Victoria 2
interest from loans stop vanishing into thin air and instead actually gets paid out to pops
allegedly works with every mod as it's some weird plugin
the late game mass debt fags will love this

copy pasted from le plebbit post How I Fixed The Interest Bug - V2UP

>Fixing the bug w/ Smedley & V2UP
>I've fixed the interest bug as a part of my experimental mod V2UP. V2UP is a plugin for Smedley, an in-development SDK for Victoria 2 mods. Both projects can be found here: (and requires the launcher

>V2UP uses Smedley to attach a hook on the game's internal Country Update function and inject its own game logic. In this case a procedure which distributes interest payments from state-level accounts to pop-level accounts.

>Smedley and V2UP are both in development, and aren't really ready for a supported release. If there is interest here I may be willing to provide a pre-release for those unable to compile the source code but eager to experiment. I haven't had much time to do measurements on how this fix impacts the economy, but I would be interested to know. Updates on the project are posted in the following discord:
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EU4 thread

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Post your painting and talk with other paint enthusiast
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Jagged Alliance 3

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German magazine gamestar says, sfter having extensively played it, that it has masterpiece-potential
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Open X-COM (X-Piratez and X-Com Files)

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Punch a sectoid.
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Shadow Empire

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What's the worst ideology and why is it Autocracy?
>drop PBEM discord again plz SEros
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Company of Heroes 3

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patch soon
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Total War Pharaoh

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Will be good or not?

Because right now, I don't feel so good, Pharaohbros.
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Age of Mythology

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What differences are there between Age of Mythology (and Titans) and the new Extended Edition? Usually when a game gets remade people try to fix things that aren't broken, or add things nobody asked for. It seems like the original release isn't on Steam or GOG, was it pulled because of EE or was EE made due to some rights issue?
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