Redpill me on all the wokeshit in the Elder Kings 2 mod

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And how lore compatible it is and how hard/easy it is to mod it out.
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Are you able to cuck your son's wife in CK3?

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In Crusader Kings III, can you cuck your son's wife, force him to divorce her, and then take her as one of your Concubines? For Roleplaying reasons or more practical reasons like her having really good congenital traits like Beautiful or Genius while your son has some negative congenital traits you don't want passed on.

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Cossacks series is on sale, which ones are worth buying? Which one is the best?
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Is Dwarf Fortress a strategy game?
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The unseated king of 4X
No, I will not respond to 4cels and their bait
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New DLC is out.
What do you think of the Crimson Crow so far?
Do you have expectations of the story and gameplay going forward?
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I like dominions a lot
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Anbennar Thread

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Anything you'd like to see in a future update?
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>Strategy of the Year award
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So, how much did the turkoslavs who made that game fuck it up?

Should I bother pirating it or nah? It's already on rutracker and it's not too popular there either
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Hidden strategy games only you've played
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Bombs away in the Pacific! Only took the last Koei thread 5 months to hit bump limit this time. How many jobs will Anon have gone through before this one hits limit? Which Romance game is the best? Is Liu Bei all hype? Find out within.
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Please just recommend me a comfy indie strategy game, which I can play while listening to youtube videos or podcasts in the background. I am begging you. Please! It needs to stimulate the strategic side of my brain. That's very important.
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So this is out, has anyone played it yet? is it frostpunk in space?
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