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Library of Runia UPDATE today, shit thread is dead.
Also technically Lobotomy Corporation thread.
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After the End Thread

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Thoughts on After the End?
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Amazing Cultivation Simulator thread

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Chad is having sects all day with hot Yin users. And then there's you.
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let's talk about the best written mod on the hearts of iron 4 workshop
pic related
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Into the Breach

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it's been a few years since release, what's your high score?
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Battle Brothers: Ranged Edition

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Post your best named items
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HOI4 - Red Flood

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Instead of arguing about the plotholes in TNO or Kaiserreich removing anything fun for the umpteenth time, let's talk about the most based alternative history mod in existence.
Futurists and councilists, national anarchists and Finno-Egyptians, cults and new age beliefs ahoy!
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Whats your favorite faction /vst/?
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Aurora 4x Thread

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Best space 4x game ever made, no contest.
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Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. The forgotten homeworld game.
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What are some /vst/-core games? What are some /vst/-core memes? Are you a fan of soccer?
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is this game worth it?
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Pharaoh Thread

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Will the remaster be any good? Cutscene animations seem well done, but seem to fit the tone of the game worse than the shitty 90s CGI did.
One thing I'm glad of is that the soundtrack composers are planning to re-do the original soundtrack, rather than change it. Pretty sure if they had, nobody would fucking play it LOL. Part of me hopes they HAVEN'T fixed the shitty AI, who need to walk to a very specific point to deliver gold to the palace, rather than the one that's closest to the mine, or emergency services walking 8 hours up the kingdom road, letting your settlement burn, then telling you they'd do things differently if they were running the city.
Hopefully they put a toggle between old and new graphics/OST, Grim Fandango style. I'm really wary of isometric remasters, especially one as kino as Pharaoh. The art-style might be completely lost. Honestly, if it's a flop, I'll just find some way to get GOG's version to run consistently in borderless windowed mode, as that's the only problem I have with that release.
How much of the original will be left over, do you think? How much code would they have copy-pasted over to the remaster? And, importantly, how many Triskell-fags are lurking here right now?

You guys gonna buy it?
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