Combat Mission

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Just started getting into this series. it's a little clunky and weird with CQB, but otherwise a solid experience. Is this the most realistic RTS sim out there?
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>heavy infantry is countered by light infantry

what did they mean by this?
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Only fun nations are Soviet Union and England and maybe sometimes when you create random empires from small nations
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WARNO just got released into Early Access, what do we think about it?
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Aight, don't mind me, I'm trying the last update to Hyrule Conquest.
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Age of Dubs: Westeros-edition part 2

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The previous iterations of AoD have utilized randomness and demanded complete elimination of other nations, however, this version makes few changes. Firstly, there is no randomness, but all conquest is absolute, secondly, there are different win conditions.

>victory conditions
The first faction to get 7 victory points wins, victory points can be earned two ways:

Firstly, by controlling "victory sites". Of which there are 12, those being Winterfell, Pyke, The Eyrie, Riverrun, Harrenhall, Casterly Rock, Dragon Stone, King's Landing, Storm's End, High Garden, Oldtown, and Sunspear. Victory sites are displayed on the map with crowns icons.

The second way to earn victory points is by eliminating factions, when the faction conquers another faction's last province, they earn 1 victory point. However victory points aren't uninheritable, e.g. if Starks conquer Boltons, and Greyjoys conquer Starks, Greyjoys only get an elimination point from the Stark and do not inherit the elimination point Starks got from eliminating the Boltons.

The turn order is the following:

1. Stark (dark green)
2. Baratheon (yellow)
3. Tully (blue)
4. Bolton (pink)
5. Martell (orange)
6. Arryn (cyan)

Fallen factions:

Lannister, eliminated by Arryn
Greyjoy, eliminated by Stark
Joffrey, eliminated by Baratheon
Tyrell, eliminated by Lannister

Cross icons on the map have no game relevancy, but are merely memorial sites for the fallen factions.

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Which nation would you fight for during the Second American Civil War?
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Fire Emblem

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let's have a fire emblem thread
what are you strategies when you play? your fav units?

For me i love myrmidon girls, and village archer girls. they're always my strongest units by end game
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TNO Thread

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Get in here and discuss the mod, any submods you're looking forward to?
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Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children

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Martial Artist Irene is canon
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I want to like this game but the fucking focus trees make it feel like a railroaded visual novel. So I cum to ask you anons, how would you make hoi4 play more dynamically? Something more akin to Vicky and ck where there is very little railroading and more player oriented goals. What are some ideas to apply that to hoi4?
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Where the FUCK are the escape pods on this thing I want to remove them
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Gookclick Killed Strategy

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Can we all finally agree?

Firstly, gookclick isn't even "strategy" it is tactics at absolute best but really it is action. Starcraft is an action game, there is no strategy. The people who enjoy real strategic experiences come but are turned off because of this and the people who would enjoy the action do not come because they do not want strategy.

Even if you had the best strategic mind ever you would not beat a gookclicker with 400 APM because strategy is not important when You have gookclick.
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What are the best coop /vst/ games?
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Expeditions Rome thread

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This just came out yesterday, anyone here tried it yet?
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