TNO Thread: Toolbox Theory edition

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How's the update anons, get in here and talk about the mod
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Humankind is tanking

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Less than 2000 active players from 17000 at launch, what the fuck happened?
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when will we get a paradox game set in feudal japan?
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i am forgotten...
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Anbennar EU4

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What happens here?
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Should I buy it? Has anyone finished the campaign? The combat seems fun and I love the logistics system. The in UI seems kind of hard to get into. Does it get better soon after you get into it? The radar, ECM and IRST system seems to be overwhelming.
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CoH3 MP Test

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Hey Anti-Relic incel/slav! AoE4 was a huge success and the COH test is today. Are you ready to cry again as the company you loathe delivers another hit?
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Tech is evil

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RTS has long been a difficult genre to get into, and Tech is one reason. Powerful tech at early/mid game result in strong timings that translates to unfun, short games more more like poker that wastes too much time than a fun fight.

On a game design level, it is not like 10 minute no rush rule result in the lower skill player winning like ever, but it does result in them actually having fun controlling cool units with proper combined arms. A good game means that low elos manage to get to the fun units and fun fights instead of rushing each other to death 90% of the time with really dull units and builds. This is why Age is popular despite the core unit interactions is so plain compare to SC: at least you get to basic core units interactions before the match ends.

Secret, game changing tech should be left at mid/late game as a dramatic comeback mechanic. Early game, might as well make it no fog of war since nothing good comes out of that after the first 50 games.
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Does anyone play Conquest of Elysium? Trying out CoE5 and it's pretty fun for such a random game. Music is okay as well but kind of repetitive.

What's a good class to choose when just starting out with the game?
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Decivilization sweeping the core.
Oh crap, oh fuck, oh no.
>>starsector virgin
>>be vagrant
>>no colonies
>>stockpile of over 50 salvaged ships crammed into an abandoned station
>>piles of weapons and commodities
>>every time I leave the core I stop at a pirate base or two and raid them for supplies and fuel for my survey and salvage runs
>>finally drop my first colony
>> news keeps popping up about pirate bases in the core losing their shit
>> get back to core
>> pirate bases all grey and empty
Did I do this anons?
Can it be undone?
Am I going to have to start paying for fuel and suppplies like a bitch?
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Wargame Red Dragon

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>No Wargame thread
I'm disappointed. Consensus on the South Africa DLC?
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What is strategy?

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When does a game become a strategy game instead of just being a game that has strategies?
This comes up a lot in different conversations on this board, so I thought it would be a valuable meta discussion to have.
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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

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There is no better rts for newcomers/nor is there a better rts than this one and I’m tired of acting like that’s not the case.
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Victoria 3

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