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Diplomacy is fun. Also modding community are fags
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Mount & Blade

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Our general keeps dying on /vg/

/vst/ is our new home

All hail the King

Long may he reign
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Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children

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Is Beyond Eart a "good enough" SMAC?

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I know I'll never get a true SMAC remake but is Civ Beyond Earth + expansion decent?
It doesn't have to be perfect, just good enough.

Or I may just replay SMAC but I don't think it will work very well on Win10.
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TNO thread

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talk about TNO here

reminder zhdanov is the best soviet unifier by far
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First EU:V DD released

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Disciples 1 & 2

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Let us not allow the legacy of 6 niggas in a row (a logical advancement of 4 niggas in a row) be sullied by mobile gacha trash. Let us revisit times when dark fantasy was depressing yet colourful, when the music was captivating, upgrading units was fun and refreshing and taking down your enemies' capitals actually took work (or you just cheesed it with broken builds lmao)

The contemporaries may have won the fantasy TBS race, but this series will always live on in our hearts. Disciples thread.
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Broken Arrow

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beta's over, i miss it already bros
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Patrician III

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Digital adaptations of board games

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What are your favorite vidya adaptations of tabletop games?
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OpenXcom/XPiratez/Files thread

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Reminder to ignore Cat Pathers.
Report Cat Pathers to the FBI.

Doggo supremacy is coming.
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Anbennar EU4

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Laskaris or Erankar, whose side are you on?
Discuss the best political rivalries in Anbennar.
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Victoria 3 bread

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Evening boys
>three buttonan
>jamman out with your Vicky 3 bros
How fares your empire?
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New Starcraft killer.

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Hoi4 Modding Thread

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New KRG progress report if anyone still gives a shit
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