Amazing Cultivation Simulator

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Real fun game, if you like raising Chinese wizards as if you were running a Pokemon daycare centre for them.

If you're stuck on any part of the game feel free to ask, answering questions about enjoyable games is fun.
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Lands of Lords

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Insider here, I got some pretty chilling info I will share with you guys. Nessos will be split up soon. Roma won't do shit and agreed to this since they will get to control Drakaris and other islands near Kaldor. Tilea,Istar and Hyperion made a plan on splitting Nessos. Here is how it goes:

Istar gets the entire souf Nessos island for themselves.
Tilea will get the 2 eastern islands in Nessos along with Arnor and Orange
Nordboar (vassalized by Hyperion) will get Everything else in the North.

These are the new agreed world borders by Tilea,Roma,Istar and Hyperion

the plan will start on September 26th 18:00 ET

Lets see if any of you notice some strange symbolism in the next ticket Hawkwood posts.
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I’ll say it. We’re all thinking it, but I’ll say it.
Age of Empires 2 is the Smash Bros. Melee of RTS’s.
A bunch of competitive oldfags hanging onto a relic because its what was new when they were young and able to invest the limitless hours into getting gud at. They absolutely refuse to acknowledge new games in the series, or even give them a smidgen of respect because “NEW BAD OLD GOOD” without any further justification, or harping on trite/arbitrary changes that almost always ultimately are upgrades or even sidegrades. At this point, even if a better game does come out, they’re too committed to the old game to ever admit it, and will conjure up a reason to not go to it.
AOE2fags would love to see AOE4 do poorly on pure principal.
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RIP BRDY. Let's have a thread for the best mod Starsector ever got.

Is this why RTS is dead?

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>make new game

>copy old game mechanics & style
>"Its shit because old game is better"

>make game with new mechanics & style
>"its shit because old game is still better"
I feel like RTS is dead because no one can figure out this riddle.
How do we get out of this cycle?
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move your shiplet, cruisechad is going to leave
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PM LoR/LC thread

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fuck taxes
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Do you like when turn based games have RNG or not? Is it better if there is some randomness in combat, or when everything you do has set and unchanging results, no misses, no crits, no damage spread etc.?
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>"Slavery is, obviously, a horrific crime against humanity and precisely for this reason, many games that have a slavery-related setting or mechanics will either leave it out of the game or abstract it into something that’s less ‘on the nose’ (for example by simply applying some form of economic bonus at the expense of decreased stability),"

Why do devs even bother makinh games set in the past if they're going to ignore something as ubiquitous as slavery? Why not just make a fantasy game?
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Strategy games with anime waifus? (No FE)

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I know about VC, FE and trouble shooter. What are some good games with some anime waifus?
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battle brothers

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>dodge-relentless is ba...
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Graviteam Tactics: It just keeps on getting better and better

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How do they do it bro's? Imagine a Total War game where each stab of a sword or spear impaling was fully simulated at the level of internal organ damage, I know, despite their billions and decades at work it's completely unthinkable, and yet a small band of part time autists are doing this and more on a shoestring budget.
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3.1 patch notes just got released, so I think it's a perfect time to start a new thread.
3.1 goes live on september 14th.

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Anyone still playing this?
I know everyone has a boner for Cities Skylines but I just can't get into it
I like the region mechanic too much here
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Songs of syx

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Anyone else playing this City builder / 4x / dwarf fortress like game with combat and stuff

>minority races commit most of the crime
>one townsfolk gets murded a few days in
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