Battle Brothers thread

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Southern cities edition

Previous thread >>1176466

What's the relationship, lore-wise, between the cities, the noble houses, and the old empire?
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Project Moon Thread - (Lobotomy Corp/Ruina/Limbus)

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Winter 2022 soon.
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Terra Invicta

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Patch is out!
How are you liking the game so far?
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CK3 modcon

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The Crusaders Kings 3 Modcon begins in about 30 minutes. Are you going to watch it?
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What mods do you use? Post your list so I may steal it.
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Incubation: Time is running out. I'm thinking of playing this shit again.

But before i do it, can someone explain, how did the skill system actually work in this game? I remember the equipment points, but i'm still kind of confused about the skill points and how they are consumed, or how the specific skills are raised.

Besides, what's the best way to get this one nowadays? Do i just get Battle Isle Platinum?
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Closed beta is out, anyone have the files to pass around?
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CK2 Game of Thrones

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Hello, I was unable to archive the last CK2 GoT thread and I am hoping somebody can provide critical links to the patches provided in the thread.
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>new big DLC just drop
>adds new mechanics, reforms, and content for a bunch of nations
>literally no one is talking about it
I bet you didn't notice the new CK3 DLC either
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Noone told me this game was hard

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I just began playing through WC3's campaign after having played a load of SC1 and 2 over the past couple years and this game is BRUTAL, I mean I can barely scrape by missions and I'm just now at the culling of stratholme.

The previous mission where you defend the city is also insanely hard if you try and get the bonus objective, I must've restarted like 5 times and even on my final attempt where I think I had a pretty solid strategy, I just barely and I mean barely beat the mission with a handful of burning buildings left when the timer ran out. Pretty rad I must say.

It kinda sucks that none of my skills carry over from the other games though, seriously, units are pretty much impossible to micro, doesn't matter what you do, they're so slow and they get stuck on each other constantly. The spellcasting is ridiculous as well because you can't fucking see the healthbars on anything unless you hold Alt but if you hold Alt - guess what - your skills don't fucking work and instead you're toggling minimap options. I also can't see what's going on at all, all of the human units look way too similar, I feel like I'm completely fucking up the way I approach the game.

Emperor of the Fading Suns

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So the new patch for this glorious game is going to be out soon. What house are you going to play, /vst/izen?

Hearts of Iron IV: By Blood Alone

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Build a new empire, resist foreign aggression or explore the limits of neutrality in Hearts of Iron IV: By Blood Alone. This new expansion for Paradox Interactive’s World War II grand strategy wargame adds new alternate history options and gameplay variety for three nations, as well as other significant changes.

Features of Hearts of Iron IV: By Blood Alone include:
New Italian Focus Tree:
Follow the historical path of Mussolini's Italy or rewrite history by restoring power to the monarchy, leading a Communist revolution or replacing Mussolini with one of a variety of new contenders.

New Ethiopian Focus Tree:
Defy the odds to defeat the Italian invader or resist the conqueror from abroad using unique Government in Exile abilities.

New Swiss Focus Tree:
Surrounded by France, Germany and Italy, the mountain nation of Switzerland finds strength in its neutrality, balancing competing factions and overtures from the great powers.

New Peace Conference Options:
Demilitarize zones of the map or entire nations, bid on the capital ships of defeated powers, or claim control of enemy resources or factories as reparations.

Aircraft Designer:
Design and build your own planes, from nimble interceptors that prioritize speed to durable bombers crafted to unload tons of destruction from high above.

Unit Medals:
A log of each division’s accomplishments lets you track their performance, and even allows you to award unique medals to division commanders for their actions in the field.

Embargo Interaction:
Embargo your enemies with a new diplomatic interaction, preventing them from trading with you if they have generated enough world tension.

New Unit Models:
Over 20 new unit models for Italy, Ethiopia, and Switzerland

New Plane Models:
67 new plane models

12 New Music Tracks

Pre-order now at only USD19,99
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Lands of Lords

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>do you like ck2 blah blah blah
admins did godson wrong...
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Age of Empires 2 thread

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New anime
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