4X Races

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>be a 4x game
>have grey aliens
>scary aliens
>furry aliens
>scaley aliens
>human federation

At least Endless Space 2 and Sword of the Stars had some original ideas unlike 90% of 4X

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The Riftbreaker is out
Are you man enough to conquer an alien planet with a mecha?
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What do you think about nukes? Should toss and zerg have something similar?
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Dank Strategy Unit Quotes

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MEIOU & Taxes

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MEIOU 3.0 discussion boys.
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Virtual Divegrass

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Hello a/vst/ists,

It's been a hot minute so the last thread, but this weekend we find out who our opponents will be going into the Autumn Babby Cup. The War Room has been hard at work ensuring the troops are ready to take the field and we hope to see you all there.

Things still to do however;

Metal Boxes Aesthetics overhaul
Pitch texture change

I'm working through the backlog and will hopefully be ready for the babby cup, but we'll see.

Hope you're all looking forward to it as well, lads.
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Shadow Empire: The Post

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Tell me your experience getting into and mastering this game. What did you think you were getting into — and what did you realize you were actually getting into after playing it a while? What was the time investment to git gud, and looking back was it worth it? What’s the main roadblock that would cause you to lose or bang your head against the wall until you figured it out? Shit like that.
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What are ya buildan anon?

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Post cities you're building. Simple as.
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Discuss EU4’s best mod or it’s variation for CK2 or Victoria 3.

Bros what happened to Jaddar’s daughter?

Also what is your favourite country to play?
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Thoughts? It's on sale rn.

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>want to get into brood war after hearing about its reputation
>amazing atmosphere
>great ost
>interesting art style
>i just cannot get into the gameplay
How do I make Brood War click? It seems like it could be fun but it just feels so janky.
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I have to get this off my chest. I'm literally so fucking bad.

I have been playing games for as long as I can remember on Gamecube, Xbox, PC, you name it. I'd play for as long as I could during my spare time. Growing up, I had no friends, played no sports, etc. Hell, I would avoid family gatherings, including my birthday, and not step foot outside unless I was forced to. After more than 20 years of doing this you would think I have accumulated enough experience to be decent gamer in general to make it all worth it. No, you couldn't be any more wrong.

I have hundreds of games. All I have ever done and continue to do in every strategy game is turtle up even if it is clearly the wrong strategy simply due to the reason of being both too scared and too incompetent to employ any other tactic. Most of the time I lose, even on the easiest difficulty, and once I do lose, I just launch another game and repeat this cycle.
Don't even get me started on multiplayer. I tried it like 3 times and got destroyed every time. C&C, SC, CoH, TW, you name it. I haven't even been able to finish a campaign in any of these games.

I have realized I am a full-fledged alcoholic after reaching the conclusion that I will forever be helplessly dogshit at the ONE THING I have ever tried to be good at if I don't get help. Please, I just found this board and have just
typed this up after reading threads on here for about 40 minutes. You guys all seem pretty good and knowledgeable about these games. How can I not be terrible anymore, please, for ONCE in my 28 years. (Yes, I am a NEET.)
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What was wrong with it?

And no, decks don't count. If you had a problem with the decks, it means your simple mind couldn't handle the fact the devs had to do something different
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Meiou and Taxes

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Forums: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/forums/m-e-i-o-u-and-taxes.839/
Wiki: https://meiouandtaxes.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page
In Progress How-To Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTLH5xzGKAon-Ko4aIusxSjZM0JirZdsZ

3.0 Open Alpha 2 out now.
Post games, ask questions. Remember to read the wiki!

Aoe2 Villager

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Jägere. Was ich soll? Des wahre!
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