Library of Ruina/Lobotomy Corp

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It's Friday. Need update on height chart.
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good research dev

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...when civilians argue about weapons with soldiers.
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Hoi4 TNO Lore Discussion

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Here we discuss how tranny devs are shoving globohomo propaganda down your throat. Also
>US can't collapse/have coups
>Krylov has a husband
>Every nazi in the mod is literally a cartoon villain
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Stellaris race rating thread
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Are Paradox games really that hard to replicate? There are many (Risk/map-based) grand strategy games, but I don't know any real-time one, let alone decent one.

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How autistic do you have to be to go home after work and go like "yes, I'm going to be playing some Gary Grisby's War in the East now"?
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>using superweapons
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OpenXcom Thread

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Watcha playing anon ?
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Endless space thread

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Let's have another one, because why not?

I am a newfag to the game, joined after sseth's video and I have a few questions.

Is it just me, or are the energy weapons plain worse than the physical ones? Flak cannons have higher damage and are good for shooting down missiles, while missiles have significantly higher damage than anything energy weapons can output. I often get slapped around by the ai in the early game if I try to go with them instead of the physical ones. How do I use them optimally?

How do I play tall as the Hissho? I am not sure what trick is there to it, how do I even make my systems super tall if when playing wide I can usually afford to get all the best buildings, wouldn't limiting your expansion just handicap your capabilities?
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Old World thread

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Started playing this again.
Have you guys tried it?
Has the mem leaks been fixed?
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What genre is this?

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What is the name of this genre and do games like X3 and Starpoint Gemini:Warlords belong to it?
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She did nothing wrong.
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>hey, you know all that stuff that people like and have fun with about strategy games?
>yeah let's take it all out lmao
How the fuck do you even make a game this boring? Jesus Christ. I can't believe someone actually sat down, thought, "yeah this is good enough to sell to the general public", and are continuing to "add" to it to this day. Fucking bird watching is more fun than this.
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Company of heroes Thread
discuss strategies
discuss meta
discuss that x faction it's op and must be nerfed
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