Age of Empires II thread

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Hype for the upcoming giant patch
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Hoi4 Modding

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Anything interesting?
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Rimworld Thread

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The Cargo pods with milk is to compensate for the horrors coming your way in the following months. I assure you, fallout of that level isn't a laughing matter. wait what do you mean you haven't unlocked gasmasks yet? Doesn't matter, itll be a lot funnier this way
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Victoria III

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So Paradox were generous enough to add hair to the Tsar, but it still have zero resembles with an actual person
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What are some good strategy games where I can play 19th+ century Greece?
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Victoria 2

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From a gameplay perspetive, is there actually any good reason why Yankee and Dixie need to be separate cultures?
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Crusader Kings II

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arguably the best paradox game imo

how's your campaign going so far?

and is it over for ck3?
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rate my coalition war
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Open XCom/Piratez

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Get in here
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Warlords Battlecry

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>felt the urge to play some WBC after a good long time
>no thread up
U wot m8? Anyone else playing? How goes your campaign?
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They really need to add a Royal Bedchamber DLC for CK3. I can't believe people downvoted the Love and Lust vote. A sex mini-game will get me interested again.
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BAR thread

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Why not play an RTS, good sir?

This is a shameless advertisement targeted at those who ever enjoyed Total Annihilation.
I guess you could use some heads up about a soon-to-be-hit, anons. BAR is a fanmade thing that is on its best way to be produced by Relic Entertainment.
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Post some cool shit
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Stellaris Bread

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Post empires, recomend mods, share stories.
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Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri / SMAC Thread

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Get in here and discuss!
Favorite faction?
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