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The unseated king of 4X
No, I will not respond to 4cels and their bait
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>waaah waaah paradox is no longer appealing to hardcore fans, they have sold out after going public
No you retards, this game was exactly an attempt to appeal to their hardcore fans - specifically those fans who were talking about how they how they want a GSG that is "not a map painter" and in which they can just play tall and focus on their internal affairs. Those are the autists Paradox tried to appeal to after they were hounding them on the forums and 4chan for years.
Turns out that play-style is boring as shit and there is zero depth to it. The lesson from Victoria 3 should be: "Never listen to fans."
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>new SpellForce game announced
Okay cool.
>it's a HoMM-style turn-based game
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Favorite region to play in lads?
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>can't play old disk version due to DRM
>see GoG has it on sale
>wow it's not as hard as child me found it to be
>get 100 years in
>relaying the city is tedious
>muh rails are congested
>muh poor access to other zones because I refuse to use a road
>muh taxes are too high, I want the city to be funded by NIMBY buildings that I HATE
>muh parade
>muh not enough chocolate sprinkles
>start a new city but lay it out right this time
>get bored due to zero tax income and swap back to the developed city
Still my favourite SimCity for the flavour and how there's no autistic puzzle piece mod.
Could you ever overtake your neighbours' population or is the game hardcoded to force them to be 4-to-10 times your size?
Is there a site that has actual knowledge about what ordinances and reward buildings do? Half of them aren't particularly obvious, it's unstated if pop cap is raised (in a meaningful amount) by rewards and I can't tell if certain ordinances discourage all or specific types of industry/commercial.
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Age of Empires 2 thread
archers are... LE BAD edition
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Obscure RTS Games

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post obscure rts games that you like

I'll start with pic related, the War of the Worlds RTS, too bad it's a pain in the ass getting it running on modern hardware
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Project moon/Limbus company/Lobcorp/Library of ruina

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Get in here and discuss!
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Anno thread

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Discuss the Anno game series, show us pictures of your cities and tell the other anons about your current playthrough.

Who are your favourite NPC characters to share a game world with from across all games?
Which portraits do you like to use?
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Guys what should I do? RTW

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I'm trapped on Kydonia and Rhodes, 79542 in debt. Any advice? Can I still recover?
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TNO Thread

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Get in here and discuss the mod!
Realism or wackiness? Panzerism or Reformism? Discuss!
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Age of Wonders

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AoW4 announcement soon, fantasybros!

Let's hope Paradox doesn't mess with the development and just lets Triumph do its thing.
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Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri / SMAC Thread

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Get in here and discuss!
Favorite faction?
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What do you guys think of Kenshi?
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Against The Storm

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Come embark on a new settlement. Blightrot rework part 2 just dropped featuring all new water mechanics, more events, and balance changes.
>not rolling a blueprint for a building that makes planks
>harpies leaving your settlement in the first fucking year
>living matter
>running out of wood
>running out of food
>taking the +2 to reed production cornerstone and then never finding a reed field for the entire rest of the game
>can't afford to buy that thing you really need from the trader
>where the fuck is the fertile soil I've opened two glades already
>Fungal Guide cornerstone in the mushroom biome
>lazy workers immediately take a break instead of working on the glade event that will kill your entire settlement
>double food consumption
>goods worth 50% less
>double luxuries consumption
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