based Climb Mount Narodnaya

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Wasn't a big fan of Red Dragon compared to Airland Battle, but this campaign was a trve 9/10 RTS experience. Pure fun
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Hoi4 Modding thread

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TFR Trump toozer pt 2 is out.
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OpenVic/Project Alice discussion

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Easily the best homm like experience since homm 3. Definitely worth a buy
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What do we think about Valkyria Chronicles?
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XCOM EW and XCOM 2 thread, how are your campaigns going anons?
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Vanilla HOI4

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Discuss the news about the upcoming DLC: Arms Against T'ranny or any other stuff you want from the vanilla game.
>to be released on 2023-10-10

Previous thread: >>1534304
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Starsector thread

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Any mods you like?
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Open X-Com and its many mods:

>X-Com Files
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All hail the Holy Loli! (Damn these threads are reaching the bump limit quick...!)
Thread Theme:
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Lobotomy corp/ Project Ruina thread

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>Worship: Moloch
lol hail Satan I guess
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Macroing Marine, Medic, Science Vessel is the hardest mechanical thing to do in Starcraft, in any e-sport in fact, is just unbelievable how fast Marines make and to keep that money down to spread those out you have to be so fast.
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