Library of Ruina/Lobotomy Corporation

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Less than 12 hours till the day of the magnet
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>see mention of Fallout Tactics
>post about how much I love that game
>get told that I have shit taste
>ask why the game is shit
>"Because it's a crappy twin stick shooter and blah blah..."
Lul wut?
>type out a lengthy reply correcting their mistake
>refresh before posting
>several anons mindlessly agreeing with him
>erase reply
Why are zoomers like this?
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Get ready for some Age of Empires anouncements.
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Step aside Hoi4fags, daddy’s back home.
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Sudden Strike

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Does /vst/ play sudden strike 1/2?

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AoE bros its over

Now that AoE 4 is confirmed a disappointment what should we look for next?
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OpenTTD 1.11.0 released

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Who is the true successor to The Domain of Man and why in Ludd's name are Tri-Tachyon permitted to exist!
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Crusader Kings II

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How do you play it?
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I'm ready for AOE4

How about you?

W&R thread #3 - Mr. Gorbachev, give us the update!

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Good to see the community slowly growingafter the prev thread.




The new open beta will hopefully arrive in this week (SOON™)
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What's Next For Them?

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What do you think Paradox will make next?

HoI4 still has a lot of life left in it and CK3 is brand new. I think EU4 could still get a few DLCs before a new game and Imperator needs them. So what is on the table for Paradox?

Personally I hope it is a new game set in the Cold War like East VS West but with the modern engine.
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Fire Emblem thread

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What are your thoughts on the FE game that has the most FE rom hacks?
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Putting aside that no company would actually do it, would you play a coop only combo rts+arcade shooter? Was thinking something like Ace Combat meets Command and Conquer Generals.
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Interesting CK3 starts?

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Currently playing as the viking count right under Brittany in the 867 start date. I'm still in the starting character and already I'm really strong
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