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Where do I get the best China-experience?
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Mount & Blade mod thread

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What is your favorite mod for this game and why? Right now ive been having loads of fun with deeds of arms & chivalry, a 100 years war mod that takes place in france. It has some very nice attention to detail and is very historically accurate. I might check out a crusader mod soon.
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Amazing Cultivation Simulator thread, anybody want to discuss it?

I just started playing recently, barely done the tutorials and fumbling my way through a default setting classic game, tips very welcome.
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Will Tlatoani be good?
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RTS games peaked with homeworld. It's been downhill from there.
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Is TNO for HoI4 any good?

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man. This shit making tear up

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Best strategy rpg?

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I've been searching for a good blend but other than CK2 which has gotten way old, everything else feels like a poor man's HoMM clone where you spam max tier units and have a hero who is a somewhat better unit.
AoW 3
Endless Legend
Fun games but it feels like they're missing something.
Any suggestions?
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>year of our lord 2021
>still no real attempt at a spiritual sequel to stronghold by anyone
Why? I thought They Are Billions would try to play with the same strengths, but it sorta doesn't really do that.
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Any strategy games set in Africa? Seems to be an underutilised continent.
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Whenever she is in one of my games I always simp for her by giving her gifts, declaring war on her enemies, allying her, and etc.
Why is Celo so sexy, bros?
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>browse gog for any decent strategy games
>80 bucks for a fucking decade old map game that looks like it was made in paint
>check google to see if anyone is talking about this
>steam forum thread where OP is complaining about the price
>everyone calls him a retard and says it should be 80 bucks because it's unique and complex
holy shit, this is a level beyond even paradrones
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Why do Polish games have so much soul? I am seriously wondering.
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HOI4: The New Order thread.
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HOI4 mod thread

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let's discuss mods that aren't Kaiserreich and TNO.
This is a mod related to Kaiserreich, but it's what if Germany lost the second WK2.
Here is Jacques Doriot's France. Cult of Speed.
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