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Why do people hate Nu-XCom exactly?
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New Patch while we wait for Misty DLC and/or costume DLC:
>Added new fields on the Joint Drill: Metrodium Residence Area & Magenta Street Night Market
>Added Sion's costume illustration on the DLC art book.
>Changed the Friendly Joint Drill menu to be displayed when the other opponent company meets the condition.
>Changed the duration of 'Vindictive Spirit', 'Immortality' and 'Berserk' to 1 turn.
>Changed 'Keen Sense' not to be activated when an unit cannot act.
>Changed 'Dreams Come True' gives random mental buff only but not gives random buff.
>Changed the 'increase Overcharge duration' effect of 'Circle of Moonlight', 'Circle of fire', 'Circle of ice', 'Circle of lightning', Circle of water', and 'Circle of wind' to the 'increase attack damage' corresponding to each attribute.
>Changed the masteries 'Perfect Ego' and 'Noble Ego' to be immuned against 'Vindictive Spirit'.
>Changed the 'Character info' function to allow players can check detailed enemy information without the information score about enemies in Troublemaker List when the enemy is in 'Detected' state.
>Unified the colors of chat bubble.
>Fixed a bug that the speed related effect of some mastery set including the mastery 'An opportunity not be lost' doesn't work as expected.
>Fixed a bug that damage reduction effect of 'Frosty Fortress' didn't work.
>Fixed a bug that the mission related to the Joint Drill had not been advanced when you tried to quest again.
>Fixed a bug that the option 'Show Directions' didn't work.

Discuss if/how the nerfing of Vindictive Spirit, Immortality and Berserk affects your Bianca and Alisa builds.

Also has anyone even tried PvP yet or is it as dead on arrival as everyone expected?
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Does preferring turn-based games to real time games make me a brainlet?
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Anno 1800 new dlc

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Let's share your thoughts about this flc and the future of this franchise
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What the fuck happened? They went from making decent, addictive strategy games to pozzed trannie diarrhea for redditors
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TNO Thread

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Talk about the mod, post your favorite wacky historical figures, bitch about the devs, y'all know the drill by now.
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National borders in Civilization: Was it a good idea?

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I understand it's better for roleplaying and aesthetics (because we put national borders on our map), and I understand that the later civs have a more developed diplomacy system, but still.

Borders are a fluid thing, especially frontier cities. It should be that the tiles you can use are the tiles you can defend, which is what Civ 2 does in effect. What do you guys think?
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will it be good?
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Hyrule Conquest

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Off to post some opinions about the few factions I tried so far in that new update.
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Yeah I'm thinking based
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Hello. I am 20 hours into this game and despite finding much enjoyment, am awful. How the fuck do I win ground battles? Also, general Endless thread.

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Didn't see anyone talking about this after I searched the archive for an instance of this dev diary so posting here. Holy Horde lmao
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By Ludds blood the sector shall not fall to corruption of the demon cores.
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ITT: Fuck you, I liked it

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Stealth infiltration done well (not perfectly but well), amusing discover the links’ mini game, balancing tactical needs with scarce resources on the world map, real life scenarios linked into the game. I really liked this and I don’t care who knows it.
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