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What are some good 4x/turn based strategy games that have a separate tactical layer that is also good?
I'm talking about stuff like age of wonders where you have this grand map where you build cities, colonize, move armies, but when the fight starts you zoom in and control the fight.

I know of
>Age of wonders
>total war
>endless space/endless legend but the combat in these are kinda shit
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thoughts on StarC?
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Battle brothers

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FH gear looks the coolest, change my mind
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Anno Thread

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Why is there no fucking flat land edition
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Will it be good?
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Behold, the ultimate Onslaught.
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Thought about the new age of empire
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So I decided to try the evil campaign out of either completionitism or not having anything better to play among the things I want right now.

How do I Lurtz? My Saruman's army has 8 fully kitted crossbow hordes (as well as some warg ballast now) that deal with rohirrim easy enough with War Chant + The Eye. But this poor fucker gets steamrolled due to only having Amon Hen's leftovers.
Isengard is so fucking shit overall for the campaign, trolls and haradrim can't come soon enough.
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Strategy game ideas

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Every strategy video game idea you have in the back of your mind, or you daydream about.
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WRD - Wargame Red Dragon

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always use smoke
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DF2 styled city builders that actually go off

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Ive fallen in love with this recently
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Stellaris "Custodian Initative"

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Library of ruina

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Bit early for a thread but I wanted to post some news. PM hired two new artists for future comic projects, one of them is the artist for pic related, who for some reason went either full paranoid, or has some weird contractual obligations that made him vanish his twitter acc that had the art for the game, and seemingly anything on pixiv related to it too, and a second one who goes by the handle of @koug99.

Here's the tweets announcing it.

Not sure why kankan is such a paranoid fucker about his artwork. Didn't he already delete everything about it in his main acc, and put it on a side one beforehand?
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I'm developing a browser game for /vst/

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The idea is that all players are statesmen (not rulers or generals) of a nation, and they vote on what action to perform every turn (which will take 10 seconds) and compete against other player-led nations.

I intend this game to be complex with a low low-learning curve so it is easy to get into but hard to master, with this complexity I mean it has:
>closed economy (each province has private and public wealth)
>pops with ethnicity and religion, who migrate and revolt
>knights who duel and commands
>governments that function differently
>rulers whose stats impact everything
>forts that protect nations
>barbarians that destroy everything
>it has pie charts.
So, the goal is to make it much more than just a map painter.

Because one setting/map will get tiresome after a while, I intend to make several maps on which players will able to vote every round.

Possible actions include:

>invade a province
>colonize a province
>plunder a province
>fortify a province
>recruit a knight
>assassinate a knight
>collect taxes
>raise taxes
>purge dissidents
>hunt outlaws

Because this game will be for /vst/ (even if nobody ends up playing it), I might as well ask for any suggestions.
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