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Anyway to get this sites search results onto google?

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Google has the option to search within a site through the operator "site:" then find threads from google instead of on the site itself. Fireden supported this feature thus making the search very proficient since google is handling the search. Are you planning to allow this feature to come in the future or does it involve much more work to be done?

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API sends incorrect links: "remote_media_link":"\/\/arch-img.b4k.co\/vg\/1590050994043.jpg" (There is no http/https schema)

Example - https://arch.b4k.co/_/api/chan/thread/?board=vg&num=292765779

Is this a known issue and will it be fixed?

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Is there a limit to the /vg/ search? I can't go back farther then a few months

Potential for search operators and sorting functions??

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Could you do what rbt.asia did and implement search operators of sort? Like excluding threads/posts that include a certain word such as that? Or even the ability to sort threads when searching from most replies to least similar to how it is able sorts the oldest from newest? I think it would be a good addition but I am not one to judge how hard it would be to implement.

Deleted threads not fully getting archived

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A thread from an hour ago was deleted and won't appear on arch.b4k with it saying it doesn't exist
Is this happening with any other threads?

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Hey admin, did you know that archived.moe has /v/ database from 2012? Maybe you can ask him and add it here too? It would be cool because search on moe doesn't work.

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Howdy, any plans to expand search functionality to include searching for image unix timestamps? I have a timestamp for an image from 2018 and I want to find the post that uses it but it seems like the server only shows the first 3000 results for a specific date, so I can't reach it by just going to the date and time on the timestamp.

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Search has been expanded and now covers the entire database (for /v/, this means everything since 2015)

Search functionality still somewhat iffy

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I've noticed sometimes, when searching for threads made recently as in the past 15 hours sometimes they don't show up
i.e. attempting to looking up http://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/475783621
using the search system either by entering in "what's the /v/erdict" + opening threads or just entering in Control in the subject line and it still doesn't show up
This has happened several dozen times but that's one specific example, like there's a delay in which threads can be searched up, but other times I can immediately search up posts made just a few seconds ago on /v/
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Any plans to extend the search to more then just a year?

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You really do have it all in the palm of your hand. With fireden basically dead at this point. Do you have any plans to extend the function of the /v/ archive with images and search?

Deleted threads not fully getting archived

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I was in this thread and I know for sure this thread is missing a few posts
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Hey, did something serious happen? b4k was down for few hours yesterday and today.
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Why does any word shorter than three characters get omitted from search? Even if you use quotation marks for a phrase containing a word less than three letters, it will act as if the word wasn't there at all.

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fireden doesn't have /v/ anymore
better prepare yourselves
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this archive is useless

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what's the point if this place doesn't have search nor support from any extension forks/other archives to hold off traffic?

i hoped for an archive that could carry /v/ for everyone and save public backups in case it goes kaput for what fuck ever

even the Archived.moe guy promised to open up searches for super-active boards if he gets another giant hard drive to implement

just go back into hiding if you will.

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>search some old /v/ post
>"Sorry, this board does not have search enabled."
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