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Is there going to be an uptick in storage costs because of the mass of AI pics that now get posted on a regular basis?

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Sorry if it's a dumb question, I don't 100% know how archiving works, but is there any way the /vg/ archive could be updated to include all the posts from archived.moe? That one has basically every single post all the way up to the first one archived (rather than only up to mid-2019 like this one), but searching is disabled. Is it possible to include all the posts from that in this one and make them searchable? Would that take up way too much storage?

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Can you search exclusively for posts with the name field filled (i.e. any name EXCEPT FOR Anonymous)?

Search Syntax

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I apologize if this is listed or mentioned somewhere, but I've searched for a few hours and haven't found any info yet. Is there a page, wiki, help article or something about search syntax on b4k? Like if I wanted to search for posts that didn't contain a certain word, what would I use? On Google you'd just put a minus '-' before the term but that doesn't seem to be the same here.
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Is there a way to search for a post containing exclusively the word(s) youre searching for.

Did the images just get purged?

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I'm collecting images from dalle threads to archive them and intend to upload them after theyve been sorted properly for a public archive at some point.

It seems now that all images are now 404, many threads that Ive archived are now reporting every image is 404.

Did they get purged or is something else happening?

Example thread from nov , everything 404


But very recent threads, such as this from mid-december on seem ok


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i haven't checked this archive in ages, what happened to everything before 2019?
trying to find some old /vp/ posts

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Can an option to filter out certain words and phrases be implemented? I'm tired of sifting through tons of shitty copypastas like this.

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There's been a recurring bug where using certain parameters, such as wildcard asterisks (*) or pipes (|) while searching can result in the search to load indefinitely. What gives?

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When I go through old threads some of the pictures and videos son't work anymore. Instead I get a 404. Is there any way to fix this or are they gone for good?

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>Open a few images up too quickly
>Temporarily(permanently) blocked without warning
Fuck you

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>The search backend returned an error.

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Searches on /v/ archive isn't working

Error! The search backend returned an error.
>Error! The search backend returned an error.

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it's over
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