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>Your IP address has been temporarily blocked for sending too many requests for full images.
>If you're using an extension that aggressively loads images, such as PNGExtraEmbed, disable it.
what the fuck, i don't have this shit installed
unblock me please

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what the fuck is with the thumbnails being broken for some of the pics
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well shit. Fireden disabled the search.

any other archive that has search enabled?
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What's up with /v/'s search backend lately? Some days the same search term will either return the expected results, other days it will return nothing, and some days it'll only return results going up to like February but no later.

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something weird is going on with the indexing

results are way, way older than https://archive.wakarimasen.moe/v/search/text/souls%20servers/page/2/
and going back to page 1 sometimes gives 'no results found' or a completely different amount of results (6000 -> 25)

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I can't seem to search for deleted image posts from the past week or so. Most recent instances only date up to March 28th and back. Why is this? Also I asked this question earlier but my thread seems to have disappeared? Really fires up the neurons.

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Is there a way to search by reply count or something? I want to see what the longest ever thread on /v/ was.

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as of writing this, the image database seems to be fucked. pls fix

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Hello admin-san, /g/, /vp/ and some other boards still don't have search enabled
Please enable and thank you :>

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Are images from somewhat before search backend error missing? Like late january.

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hey, would you be willing to share pics with the https://archive.alice.al dude?
mainly the ones lost from that server slip-up by the nyafuu dude

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Where to donate? The search backend is ass and I have bux to spare

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Archived.moe /v/ goes all the back to atleast early 2014 while this only goes back to late 2015.

But that archive does not have search enabled and is an ad-ridden unusable shithole.

Is it possible to transfer the older posts from there to here?


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Just wanted to say thanks admins. favorite archive for /v/ and really like the dark mode. Keep up the great work

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Why do the mobile layouts need to be selected from their own slots that take up space in the theme dropdown when literally every other FoolFuuka-based archive automatically applies the mobile layout?

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Does arch.b4k have jannies or is it just the one admin?

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Thanks for the maintenance, admin.