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Search Syntax

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I apologize if this is listed or mentioned somewhere, but I've searched for a few hours and haven't found any info yet. Is there a page, wiki, help article or something about search syntax on b4k? Like if I wanted to search for posts that didn't contain a certain word, what would I use? On Google you'd just put a minus '-' before the term but that doesn't seem to be the same here.

image erros

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Has there been a change relating to how b4k saves images or am I getting a bug? I click on images but it always returns back "Error!The image was never in our databases."

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Is there a reason why images from a few years ago are 404'd? Is there some kind of auto removal for old images to save up space?


Can you add more boards to your archives?

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Fireden has been dead/frozen for months, and because of it /cm/, /y/, /ic/ and /sci/ (and /xs/, which was archived by the now defunct Wakarimasen) were left without an external archive that saves full images (archived.moe continues to save their threads, but it only saves thumbnails). This is specially a problem for the first 3 boards since images play a large part in them. It would be great for these boards if you started archiving them.

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>the mods will 404 threads like these but leave embedded cuckold and interracial porn to fester until people start complaining about it

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Why do I still get blocked when I've excluded b4k from my spookyx script and my PEE extension?
There's absolutely no functionality atm for either of them but I still get random blocks every now and then.
Also what changed recently for SpookyX to suddenly be frowned upon?

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first of all thank you admin for the work you put into this archive
second, are there plans to import /vg/ yuki.la data from before 2019?
the other archive unfortunately doesn't have search enabled

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I keep getting a 403 but I don't have PNGExtraEmbed, does anyone know what the problem is? I tried disabling every script that I thought could be affecting it but they've been disabled for about a week (except 4chan X) and I'm still blocked. It used to be intermittent but now it's permanent.
I have 4chan X, 4chan sounds player, GhostPostMixer, SpookyX and Image Max URL.

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Does anyone else feel like b4k has been having a lot of errors lately? It used to run so well.

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>4chan is down

It's over.

Amerishooting /pol/fags ruined everything.

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what the fuck is with the thumbnails being broken for some of the pics
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well shit. Fireden disabled the search.

any other archive that has search enabled?
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What's up with /v/'s search backend lately? Some days the same search term will either return the expected results, other days it will return nothing, and some days it'll only return results going up to like February but no later.

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something weird is going on with the indexing

results are way, way older than https://archive.wakarimasen.moe/v/search/text/souls%20servers/page/2/
and going back to page 1 sometimes gives 'no results found' or a completely different amount of results (6000 -> 25)