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When will there be posts from before 2015 put in the archive? And why are images from 2015-2017 gone?

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is it possible to search for part of a longer string?
eg. Hello in HelloWorld / HelloX

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Is it possible to read threads with no deleted posts?
God damn, I'm sick of that gore and scat poster in the Fire Emblem threads.

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Is there a plugin/user script that can allow threading for archived threads, just like 4chanX?
I follow a slower general, and they just recently got a big patch, so it's harder for me to catch up usually. I got used to threading having everything nicely organized, so it would be nice to have.

API access

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Is there any API access or dumps that I can grab? I'm making an app and I want to use data from /v/. Dumps could work as well.

Images have different hashes on 4chan vs archive

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For whatever reason, all of the images on the archive now seem to have a slightly different filesize and a slightly different image hash from what the actual images on 4chan do/did

You can download an image off of a current /v/ thread (say this the OP image here: https://boards.4channel.org/v/thread/640320202 / https://is2.4chan.org/v/1686513022851627.png / hash: ceb6T3DlA6WH9lxxp6ImLA) and it will have a different filesize, a different hash (and as a result no results will show up here on arch.b4k.co if you search by hash) vs the same image arch.b4k.co: (https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/640320202/ / https://arch-img.b4k.co/v/1686513022851.png / hash: 95IXBfWOf-YJavsGwZnkew)

This even seems to be retroactive: I can't search a file I have on my computer i've posted to /v/ in the past via the file hash search now, because now the hashes of those images is different from what I have saved locally, even though the file should be the same and I could get results via searching that file by hash before (and if I search by filename instead, it works fine)


arch.b4k.co seems to have changed the all of the images in the archives which now breaks searching by hash using the original 4chan uploads.

What's going on here? Can this be reversed? Do images on the archive have extra lossy compression now?
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March 19 - April 05 archives disappeared?

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It seems like archives between this time period have completely vanished
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So it looks like every once in awhile, they change the way images are stripped/optimized, and that means a whole new set of MD5s to worry about.
It'll be, you saved an image awhile back, drag it to the MD5 window to search for it, and it'll only show you old results, or sometimes no results at all.
The only way to get the new MD5 would be to post it and re-save it, which is stupid.
This really messes with image search, and there ought to be a way to deal with this.

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Is searching dead or is it coming back at a later time?
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Is there going to be an uptick in storage costs because of the mass of AI pics that now get posted on a regular basis?
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Is there a way to search for a post containing exclusively the word(s) youre searching for.