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just want to say admin adding the reply counter is the best thing you have ever done since archiving /v/. Makes it so much easier to navigate and not go on empty threads.

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Is it just me or is search on /vg/ and /v/ broken? I try to find /twg/ by subject on /vg/ and it shows me nothing.

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archived.moe's archives of /v/, /vg/, and /vp/ go back to 2012 - is it possible to merge their archives with yours? Their search function is disabled.

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Any chance of getting an inline extension for this site similar to how the main site has one? In particular I'm talking about loading images in a thread without opening them in a new tab to save them, and image hover, both of which would be extremely convenient.

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The search backend returned an error.
not sure what's causing this all of a sudden, the archive was working fine an hour or two ago

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So with all those /v/ sub boards, any interest on archiving /asp/ while we're at it?

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Enable mobile layout like on rbt asia pls I'm tired of this
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Feature Request

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Show how many replies a post got, or if it's an OP post show the post count of the thread. I hate having to click view just to find out it was a thread that died after 3 posts. It doesn't seem that thread post count is calculated on the spot.

Pic related is a mock up of what I'm asking for.

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am i retarded or there was really an archive on this site for vrpg a few weeks back? i cant remember

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With the new server are you considering enabling search on /jp/ and /vg/?
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New 4chan Board!

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There is a new board on 4chan today, and no one is archiving it yet. /vrpg/ still has most of its threads availiable!
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The search backend is currently unavailable.
So what happened this time?
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>admin deletes the archive of the only /v/ board that had some value because there wasn't enough space for /v/ - Random
/vrpg/ has more on topic discussion than /v/ and /vg/ combined. Even the other /v/ spin-offs are worth more than /v/.

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Hey, what happened to /vrpg/?
Did you stopped archiving it?