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Old Fireden archive.

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Why don't you have Fireden's old /vg/ posts? If it dies, they're gone forever.
Is the owner unreachable? Wouldn't surprise me.

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Please add a way to filter out certain results in the search. Typing a certain keyword would omit all results with that word.

I want to read mod posts on /v/ without the 'thread was moved to x board' posts.

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>it's another episode of the search backend being unavailable

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is there any /pol/ archive?
havent been there since today but apparently it got taken down or something. im looking for post 327340501 but the google search for "pol archive" is fucked.

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is 4chan(nel) fucking down or is it just me???
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Why no ghost posting?

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>No. It's not a /v/ board.


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I liked being able to hover my mouse of an image to see its number, but now it's always the number of the image's first post, was this changed intentionally?

The search backend returned an error!

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Tried to search for anything in /v/, title.

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How come /g/ and /mlp/ are now archived? Wouldn't that contradict >>552?