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can you make functions of hide and filter posts here? thank you

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the kiriko brought you donuts

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faggot mods range banned my ass wtf i was only shitposting on average two times a day and with very reserved ban evading
that yellow nigger hiromoot is this his idea of apt moderation because cuckchan has so much more problems than little old me, reminder that they deleted /qa/ because they wanted to silence any and all criticism addressed towards site management, some free speech platform it is, lmao

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>go to literally any other foolfuuka archive like 4plebs, desuarchive, archived.moe, etc. on mobile
>automatically loads the mobile layout
>go to arch.b4k on mobile
>get dropped into the desktop layout and have to scroll all the way down and zoom in on the dropdown on the bottom right to select the mobile layout
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Fireden is hosting the /v/ archives, too. Just wanted to let you know.


/vg/ archive is down?

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been getting nothing but backend errors the last hour but only in the /vg/ archives

Search Syntax

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I apologize if this is listed or mentioned somewhere, but I've searched for a few hours and haven't found any info yet. Is there a page, wiki, help article or something about search syntax on b4k? Like if I wanted to search for posts that didn't contain a certain word, what would I use? On Google you'd just put a minus '-' before the term but that doesn't seem to be the same here.

image erros

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Has there been a change relating to how b4k saves images or am I getting a bug? I click on images but it always returns back "Error!The image was never in our databases."