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Thanks for hosting an archive.

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What is it with the irregular /v/ search backend errors and now the drug spam on /meta/?

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Is there a way to search only in the threads matching a specific subject search? I'm only getting the OPs now.
For example find all posts with keyword "bread" in threads that have a subject starting with "/KKK/"

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Why are files just from 3 years ago already 404?
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>get banned because badmin
>finally ban lifts
>range banned
I hate the new mod team, they constantly ban regular posters but not the shits who spam porn
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>Gateway time-out Error code 504
>Visit cloudflare.com for more information.
oy rabbi why can't i open none of the images? whoever you're for these servers are fucking cunts

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Alright /v/ and /v/light anons, what vidya are you playing this newyear? And what ya coomin too?

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Is it just me or does the Image Hash search not work half the time? When I try to search pic rel by image hash I get no results, but searching the filename still shows all the times I used it. Pressing View Same on those images doesn't work either

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why does the search function always end up breaking when I'm using it?
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