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is 4chan(nel) fucking down or is it just me???
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Why no ghost posting?

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>No. It's not a /v/ board.


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I liked being able to hover my mouse of an image to see its number, but now it's always the number of the image's first post, was this changed intentionally?

The search backend returned an error!

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Tried to search for anything in /v/, title.

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How come /g/ and /mlp/ are now archived? Wouldn't that contradict >>552?

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the search index not working?
it seems to be hit or miss sometimes will it happen to be fixed at some point?

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Any plans to improve this? Currently, the only way that you can actually do this is if the word only has one '*' in it(a search for "c nsored" brings up relevant results), but a word with multiple asterisks or other symbols in a row cannot specifically be searched for since the site reads multiple spaces in a row as just one space(for example, the word apple, when searched for as "a e", brings up results for "a e".)


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Hey Admin, thanks for running the site.
I try to limit myself to only a little bit of time on the chan before I go to work, and lets me see the shitposting threads anytime I want.
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Now that Warosu got /vt/, any interest on /pw/?
>inb4 not /v/
Well, there's /g/ and /mlp/ here too.

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Will you be archiving the new /v/ board /vt/?

The search engine on /v/ and many other threads isn't working

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What happen? I'm unable to search on the engine of /v/. Its says it unavailable. Did something happen?

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I am assuming there is also no functionality for searching self censored words with *?