FAQ & Information

FAQ & Information


arch.b4k.co is an unofficial 4chan archive where content from certain boards is archived indefinitely in a read-only format.
This archive is not affiliated with 4chan itself in any way. All content archived here is stored as it was publicly available on 4chan. Private information for archived posts, such as poster IP addresses, is not and cannot be saved here.

Note: This archive was started after the death of archive.moe as a temporary archive for /v/ (one of the boards that was not immediately picked up by any other archive) and some of the boards I visit regularly. It was never meant to be a permanent archive, mostly because my resources are very limited. Don't expect it to still be alive tomorrow.


We can be reached at admin@b4k.co or on the /meta/ board.

Reporting & Content Removal

All posts can be reported to request the removal of the post or the attached file, either by using the "Report" button on the top right of each post or sending us an email containing a direct link to the post in question. Keep in mind that this is not 4chan, so most of 4chan's rules for content removal do not apply here.

Valid reasons for post/media removal:

  • Illegal content (yes, that means CP)
  • Sensitive personal information (read below)
  • Copyrighted content not permitted under fair use

In the case of obvious illegal content, a simple report is enough. The file in question will be removed from the archive as soon as possible and blacklisted to prevent it from appearing again in the future. For personal information or copyrighted content, please provide as many details as possible about why the content should be removed, preferably via email so that we may contact you with questions if needed.

Note that "sensitive personal information" only covers private information that is not publicly available online, such as your real name, address, identification numbers, photos, etc. (see NIST definition). Information that you willingly share online and is available to the public on other websites (such as an online username) does not count and may not be removed. If someone has posted something that is not private information but may still put you at risk or lead to private information due to circumstances beyond your control, please explain this via e-mail and we will consider it on a case-by-case basis.

Full Image Storage

Full image storage is currently enabled on /v/ and /vg/.

Archiving More Boards

If there's a board that you think should be added to this archive, you can try requesting it on the /meta/ board.
Please avoid requesting new boards without a good reason (such as it not being archived anywhere else).
High-traffic (such as /b/) and file-focused (such as /gif/) boards are very unlikely to be added.

Ghost Posting

Ghost posting is not enabled and will not be enabled in the future.

Data Dumps

The latest archive data dump can be downloaded here.
It contains all posts and thumbnails up to 2019-07-28.

Software Used

The following software is used to power this archive: