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You're in the club and this guy bites your GF's ass, what do you do?
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You wake up to turn on the news to see that pokemon are now real would you become a trainer or what?
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>Digimon has multiple unique attack, defend and special attack animations for all its monsters, all of them can follow you in the overworld and the overworld is rich and detailed. PS Vita, 300+ monsters
>Dragon Quest Monsters 3 has multiple attack animations for each monster, EVERY monster is rideable, the game has a fleshed out overworld and ecosystem where monsters prey on other monsters, they interact and change the environment and even change forms depending on the environment. All of this on the 3DS, 500+ monsters
>Yokai Watch has multiple attack animations for all its monsters and they all follow you in the overworld. 3DS game, 700+ monsters

But it's too much to ask for the biggest franchise in the world, on a Nintendo Switch home console, after it has cut down the number of Pokemon to 400 or 500, to have higher quality animations, let your Pokémon follow you and let you ride your Pokémon to traverse the environment and to actually put some effort into the """"open world area"""" to make it feel like a live ecosystem with its own dynamics
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Sword and Shield news:

> 97 new Pokemon; 7 of those are legendaries/mythicals
> Over 500 older Pokemon are in the Galar Dex
> Only Kanto, Johto and Sinnoh starters are back
> Eevee doesn't get a new evolution

> Some legendary Pokemon are in:
>> Johto main two
>> Hoenn weather trio
>> Unova main three
>> Alola main three

> Galarian forms:
>> Farfetch'd becomes pure fighting and is exclusive to Sword, evolves into Sirfetch'd
>> Chatot, becomes Ghost/Flying and is exclusive to Shield, evolves into a bigger parrot Chataunt
>> Luxio line, becomes Dark/Ground
>> Ponyta line, becomes pure Fairy, Rapidash evolves into an alicorn
>> Pawniard line, becomes Psychic/Fighting
>> Girafarig, becomes Dark/Psychic
>> And more
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Show me your creativity, /vp/
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Which ship is your favorite?

Is there actually any fan ship that was confirmed canon?
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