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>Lock makes it through Vanguard's hell
>EO Anon finishes Eternal Order, after much autism with EV training
>White Man nearly kills himself over Radomus' Trick Room autism in Yang, but he makes it through
>Another anon plays H and gets the canon ending
>Bunken and I play Legends of the Arena
>The main story is pretty boring, but there's hope for schizokino


>Fangame Bingo

>Download Links for Games Being Played
Legends of the Arena

Reborn Yang
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You wake up as your past self as a 4 year old.

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Pokémon for whatever reason doesn't exist in this new timeline. Do you recreate it? What would you change about it?
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>still no bara water starter of healthy meta
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/pmdg/: Ferret edition

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Come here for talk about all things Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Previous thread: https://arch.b4k.co/vp/thread/55965394

PMD Catalog: https://mega.nz/folder/tr8i1aiQ#AWzqkesoNSeSUGjHSug5dw

PMD Fangames Catalog (Update soon, still lazy): https://mega.nz/folder/QuYRBJAL#JhfXAuBdsZhQ_7jeIslqHQ
Romhacks Overview/Reviews: https://rentry.org/pmdglph

PMD Guides: https://pastebin.com/Dbq61R5u
Explorers of Sky Romhacking Guide: https://rentry.org/skytempleguide

Everything about the Clover Guild: https://cloverguild.com
Drawing Board: https://magma.com/d/nq8evzcc1q
Drawing Request: https://rentry.org/DrawReqPublic

>Did you reset your quiz starter the first time playing?
>Think of yourself in the partner's perspective, clueless on the human stuff and then a random pokemon suddenly calls themselves a human and has amnesia. Would you believe them?
>If you were to rewrite a certain story part, what will it be and how will you rewrite it?
>On your partner's birthday, how would you celebrate? What gift(s) would you give them?
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Cute bellymons
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There are some Pokemon that are semi-officially retired, such as the Elemental Monkeys, who are barred from appearing in new games. Jynx is in an in-between point but she also seems banned.

With that in mind, do you think they should permanently retire other Pokemon? Which ones do you believe are worth permanent removal?
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When did you realise ORAS was good?

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Should trading as an evolution mechanic be permanently retired?
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Generation 10

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I'm a gamefreak employee and work mainly on character designs. Currently, our team is divided into two projects: Pokémon Legends ZA and the 10th generation games. Generation 10 (so far named Pokémon Olive and Sage), the project to which I'm assined, is far into development and all new Pokémon have already been designed, with most missing few details like names and pokédex descriptions (most are missing those). I've compelled a list of all new pokémon planned for generation 10 with all the information I could add from the sourcecode and creative teams:


> Gen 10 is based on Brazil
> Late 2026 release
> I have very little information on what Legends ZA is gonna look like since I'm assigned to the secondary development team focused on gen 10. I do, however, know over 20 new megas and forms are planned for its release - a few of which will be shown at worlds 2024.
> all info is definitely not final and is more or less subjected to change.
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Fanfic/Fanwork Thread

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A thread for the creation and discussion of fan fiction and other fanworks - anything that involves a story and/or reading. Watcha readin'? Whatcha writin'? What've you been workin' on?

Old thread:

>Thread Question:
Who is your personal "I want to read more stuff with this character but what little I can find is crap" character? For me, it's Clair.
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What's the source of the twitter troon that makes these? I want more
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Pokemon kommunite = Zoophilianc Paedophilic Nigger - IQ'd subhuman

Agreed ?

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Fakemon thread

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Fakemon thread anyone?
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