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What killed the hype?
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What the fuq? Why this guy very popular with his redesigns and is obviously showboating his muscular girl fetish into a majority of these? These are gross and how the fuq you shit on cynthia's design so badly what is this shit?
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Why is it when you look at old Pokémon artwork they feel vibrant and cool.

But modern artwork of the SAME Pokémon looks dull and bland?

What happened to SOUL?
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ITT: Pointless battle system interactions
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I started with Sapphire and I've always thought Roxanne was awesome, even as like, a six/seven year old kid. What was it?
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>magma room
>for a fighting type trainer
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What the fuck was her problem?
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Previous Thread
>Tumblr Tag:
>DA Group:

This thread is for the growth of artists and those who draw for fun. If you're going to give critique, please do it constructively. Rude or blunt critiques wont help anybody. Artists please feel free to post anything you have created and want to share, even it is isn't requested, we love to see what you are all working on!

Requesters are free to request what they wish, but avoid bumping your request every half hour as its only going to put people off; try giving it a few hours or more. Please provide references in ONE image, especially when requesting something outside of the Pokémon universe. If you request something from the old Drawthread or a separate thread, COPY & PASTE the actual request instead of posting a link.

New artists are welcome to join in the fun! If you need any help, some artists are very keen to help, so don't be afraid to ask! Finally, all artists are urged to upload their art onto the booru after delivering for archival purposes, ease of style identification and to aid in locating older pieces. If you are unfamiliar with how to go about uploading to a booru type website or merely need help with tagging, simply ask in the thread below!
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This is literally paedophilia and no one cares because..?
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How do we convince these cultists that the game isn't balanced around this format?
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Imagine a world controlled by Pokémon...
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whats even the point of having two attack stats when they just give pokemon all the best moves of its preferred attack type
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Select a type, now take all its specialists and give them a sub-theme derivated from that type. Example:

Brock - Sturdy
Roxanne - Fossil
Roark - Mineral
Grant - Mountain
Olivia - Gem
Gordie - Magnetism
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Most uninteresting "whatever" Type by far.