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>at least two leakers have the game
>they don't post screenshots of the new Pokemon
What's the fucking point?

/pug/ - Pokémon Unite General

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Pokémon Unite is a 5v5 MOBA where your objective is to score more points than your opponent It's focused on quick matches w/ minimal downtime. For Switch, Android, & iOS.


>Information (right side for links)

- Tyranitar (August 16th)

- Minor events:
- Patch notes:

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Showderp Noot Edition

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Welcome to Showderp, here somebody will claim the title of Champ, you then suggest Champ 6 Pokemon. If champ gets bored of his team he will call for 6 new suggestions in the thread, when he gets bored of champing he will call for a new Champ.
Rinse and repeat.

>Client so you can actually talk to fellow men

>dank pre made memes for cool men

>previous thread
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We're all in agreement that this is the worst mainline pokemon game, right?
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/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread

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Battle of a lifetime Edition

>Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55 AM UTC):

>Latest episode: (1080p) (720p)

Next episode:
>PM2019 121 - The Climax Begins: Satoshi's Masters Tournament Experience!! (August 12th)

Future episodes:
>PM2019 122 - The Semifinals I: Sweep (August 26th)
>PM2019 123 - The Semifinals II: Dazzle (September 2nd)
>PM2019 124 - The Semifinals III: Valor (September 9th)
> PM2019 125 - The Semifinals IV: Battle (September 16th)

>Upcoming episodes previews:

>Summaries, voice cast, etc.:

>Previous episodes:

>Pokémon Twilight Wings, PokéToons, Pokémon Evolutions, and Hisuian Snow subs:


>M23: Coco (1080p) (720p)

>Specials and Audio Dramas:

>Music, manga, and more:

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What kind of girls play Pokémon?
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Digimon has better monsters
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/rheg/ ROM Hacking, Pokémon Essentials and Fan Game Development General

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Bejitabro btw

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Bejitabro btw
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An ode to arms

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This board has been SHIT since 2015. Literally the only thing worth it now are the /ppg/ leaks and there is not going to be anymore. As POTUS Trump once said, "Sad!" I enjoyed my time with /ppg/. We'll never get anything fun like this in history again.
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Upscaled Paldea map

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Some dude on twitter who works for IGN upscaled the Paldea map and posted a bunch of pics online. He was mostly jerking himself off over how pretty it all is and seemed to accidentally capture interesting shit. He posted the software he used in the replies on twitter. I had a look but its Mac only and I am not a mac user, nor will I ever be. Anyway, I'll dump what I grabbed, starting with pic related.

Main city doesn't seem to have a gym, but its got 2 arenas
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/TCC/ - Trading Card Collectors General

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You didn't get a Delivery Zard edition

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Has this been refuted yet?
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