Misty Monday, End of No Nut November

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NNN is nearly over. You didn't break the rules & nutted to Misty at any point during the month, did you?
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ITT: we joke as if pokemon are real and commonly fuck up things during people’s day
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Is BDSP really as glitchy and buggy and broken as people say? Or are people exaggerating as usual? How likely am I, as a normal Pokemon player, to run into those glitches without actively trying to trigger them?

I really want to enjoy BDSP, but you guys have made me worried about finding bugs everywhere.
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/tcc/ - Trading card collectors

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tfw will never complete the Toshinao Aoki collection
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Clair thread

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Post her
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BDSP graphics

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Let's be honest: was it laziness? I think so. It feels like GF wanted to do try something new in Sinnoh, i.e. PLA, and couldn't be arsed to make a traditional remake. So they outsourced the remakes to inexperienced game developers, asked them to lazily recreate the original games, and gave them a short deadline.
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Showderp: Schizo Edition

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Welcome to Schizowderp. Here we give one person diagnosed as a schizophrenic aka "champ" prescriptions for 6 different types of Pokepills, which they use to combat their inner demons on Showdown. When they realize the pills aren't helping, they may ask for a different set of prescriptions or give up and commit suicide, after which another schizo steps in to take their place and do the same. Don't understand? Cope.

>Local clinic
>Current schizo
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/wfg/- Wifi General

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Not a thread for hacks, please make your own
The above line isn't true.

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How common do you think Pokephilia is in the Pokemon world?
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>still no sequel meanwhile Sonic gets one in April
What went wrong?
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What’s your favorite game system to play pokemon on?
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They ruined her. AND THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT.
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/dg/ - Dawn General

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The general for all things Dawn/Hikari/Akari/Platinum.

>Dawn Visual Novel by Anon (1.0 OUT NOW!)

>Dawn Screencaps and Scans

>Lewd Dawn arts and edits by /dg/ Anons

>/dg/ News Archive

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