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/akg/ Arknights general

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Bind to a Yostar, Twitter, or Facebook account after rerolling.

Mannsfield Break Starting 6/22

[6/11 - 6/25][Standard] 5* Caster Nightmare, 5* Supporter Shamare, 5* Supporter Pramanix (Shop), 6* Defender Saria(Shop), 6* Defender Eunectes
[6/22 - 7/6] [Jail Tiger Unchained] 4* Sniper Pinecone, 5* Specialist Kafka, 6* Guard Mountain
[6/17 - 7/01]ToW Re-run & Folinic skin

>Arknights Database (CHECK RECRUITMENT TAGS and remember to set every Top Operator tag to 9 hours):
>Wikis, guides, chibi viewer, OST, material drop rates, fan projects and more:
>Map Simulator/Planner:
>Material drop rates:
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wowg general

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/tesog/ - The Elder Scrolls Online General

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Stalhrim Frostguard Edition

>ESO+ free trial 6/14 to 6/21/21

>Blackwood/Update 30 now live on all platforms

>Crown Store Showcase, June 2021

>Elder Thread

>Latest ESO Live

>Places to Buy/Rec Addons/Asstd Links/Tweaks
- Buying through Steam is risky. See pastebin.
- There are occasionally Free Play Events for prospective new players.

>New Player Guide

>UI Addons

>/tesog/ Guilds
[PC NA] mail: @Foskl, @taeralis, @zsj
[PC EU] mail: @Hatebr33d3r, @zsj
[PS4 NA] message PSN: kibukj
[PS4 EU] message PSN: RumpRustler
Or post your @username/platform/location here.

>Platform Poll:

>Do I need to subscribe?
Optional, with largest benefits being access to all DLC (but NOT Blackwood), cash shop currency on sub start/renewal, and the Craft Bag (can save your characters a ton of space).

>Which faction should I choose?
Want to PVP in Cyrodiil with friends? Make sure you're in the same faction. Otherwise, doesn't matter.

>I started with a Chapter. How do I access the OG main quest?
Open your map (or visit a Wayshrine for free TPs) and go to either Daggerfall, Vulkhel Guard, or Davon's Watch. Walk around. "Soul Shriven in Coldharbour" should start soon.

>Where should I begin normal questing?
Check out the OG beginner stuff, first: go to Port Hunding, Khenarthi's Roost, or Bleakrock.

>Emperor guide

>Pledge/Trial Calendar

>The More You Know
- Level Rewards give you tons of stuff along the way, including a free mount at level 10.
- Riften for world RP. Good luck.
- You need to be at least CP300 to queue for vet DLC dungeons.
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/xivg/ - Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers General

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>FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker (November 23rd):
Full trailer:
Male Viera:

>Patch Notes - Currently [5.55]

>Event, Weekly & Daily Timers
>Resources, Free Companies, Linkshells

>Upcoming Meetups
Aether Videogame Movie Night - Sat June 19 5PM EDT @ Cactuar, Lavander Beds, W17 P50 - Final Fantasy: Advent Children and Resident Evil: Vendetta
Crystal Space Dandy English Watchalong - Sat June 19 4PM EDT @ Mateus, Goblet, W22 P19
Primal Weeb Movie Meet - Sat June 26 9PM EDT @ Excalibur Goblet, W19 P35 - Summer Wars (2009) and Redline (2009)
Crystal /xivg/ Mentor Matchup - Date undetermined - Signups until 6/18/21 - Zalera Goblet W24 P36 -

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/ggg/ - Guilty Gear General

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Waifufags are taking over this general. Dizzy is best wife!
Spaghetti tournament edition

>Beginner's Guide:
GG Crash Course:
Airdash Academy ep.01 - Starting Points:

>Match Videos <- GGST VODs <-- GGXrd VODs <-- GGXrd VODs <-- Joniosan Archives <-- AC+R nicovideo VODs <-- More +R VODs

>Etc/Matchups and Character Info:
>Character Discords

>Guilty Gear Soundtracks:!dNhhlajB!qAD4pE9gEBdArEBW0d6B_A

Make lobbies, host for a while and close if no one joins, it's essentially the same thing.

When making a lobby, state your region, platform, and announce when you close your room (optionally, how long you intend to keep it open). Don't play on WiFi.
Remember to have fun and keep on rockin'!

Pastebin of OP:
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/gig/ - Genshin Impact General

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>"Midsummer Island Adventure" is live until June 28
>Kazuha story leak:
[JP] [Streamable] output (embed)
[CN] [Streamable] Cs_200211_WanYeXianVideo (embed)
>Version 1.6 trailer
[JP] [YouTube] 【原神】Ver.1.6公式PV「真夏!島?大冒険!」 (embed)
[EN] [YouTube] Version 1.6 "Midsummer Island Adventure" Trailer | Genshin Impact (embed)
>Sea Breeze Dandelion | Jean's New Outfit available in shop
>"Appreciation of Serenitea" - Serenitea Pot Submission Contest is live until June 30 (embed)
>Redeemable Codes (all regions):
GENSHINGIFT - Primogems x50, x3 Wits (only if you haven't used before)
>Useful Links (Wiki, BannerSim, Maps, Guides, etc.) (embed)
/gig/ OP pastebin (use this if making new thread): (embed)
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/fgoalter/ - Fate/Grand Order NA General

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>All-Out Nobunaga Assault GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji 2021
2021-06-20 01:00 - 07-03 10:59 PDT

>GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji 2021 Pickup Summon
2021-06-20 01:00 - 07-03 10:59 PDT

>14 Million Downloads Campaign
2021-06-16 21:00 - 06-23 20:59 PDT

>14 Million Downloads Pickup Summon
2021-06-16 21:00 - 06-30 20:59 PDT

>Yugakshetra Pickup 2 Summon (Daily)
2021-06-09 21:00 - 06-23 20:59 PDT


>[Servant Info]
Servant Planner:
Servant Strengthening and Interlude Timeline:
Damage Calculator:
Command Card Statistics:

>[Mats/Summoning Info]
Rateups in FGO JP:
Upcoming event items:
Drop rates:
Quartz in 2021 and 2022:
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/gfg/ - Girls' Frontline General

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Bind your account to a Sunborn ID instead of logging in from Facebook/Google.

Beginner's FAQ *READ THIS AND CHECK THE RESOURCES PASTEBIN before asking questions* -
Emulator Options -
Manual patch if you get stuck downloading -
.obb decompression guide to maybe make your game run a bit faster -

Resources -
Build Timers -
Basic Tips -


Use 522/320/404/137 in doll construction then restart the game.

[Current] June 1 - 21 (Gacha) "Garden of Childhood Curios"
[Current] June 18 - July 8 (Bingo) "Summer Night Mania"
[Current] June 19 - 20 | New T-Doll Batch Prod. Rate-Up
[Upcoming] June 22 (Gacha) "Childhood Fantasies"
[Upcoming] June | "Protocol Assimilation" Feature

[Current] June 17 (Gacha) "Wandering Fantasies"
[Upcoming] July | "Dropkick on My Devil!! Dash" Collab


Reminder to bully retards & degenerates, and to lurk 2 months before posting.
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/lolg/ - League of Legends General

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