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>uhhhh.......yeah, I.. human space flight was always (stares at camera) the goal, the fundamental goal of spaceX.
>Well, like I said...to..uh..... create the technologies necessary to make life sustenaibly multi planetary.
>I cannot emphasize.... I cannot emphasize this enough (stares at camera). This is the thing that we need to do (keeps staring).
>We must make life sustenaibly multi planetary. It's not one planet to the exclusion of another but to...extend life beyond earth we're life's agent in this regard
>uhmm...all the creatures...the plants...everyone that exist here in earth we can bring them to other planets and it's very important that we do so
>as soon as possible I think
>while the window of opportunity is open (stares back at camera)
>uhmm.....(thinks) I...I call upon....I call upon the public to support this goal and to think about this goal and think about how important it is and how
>fundamental it is to the future
>we're gonna get it done

larper or real time traveller?
what the fuck does he know that we don't?
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oh no /g/ents. Look what you made him do you made him question himself.
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meme or not?
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AIM Is Back

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AIM is back from the dead anons.

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List of reasons shitdows is shit:
>When you download something, then search for it, shitdows doesn't even sort downloads by date by default. You literally have to search for it in a pile of other downloads
2. Display brightness
>When you go to settings to change display brightness, it opens a BING search in your browser, with a giant paragraph and wrong info (hint: you cant change display brightness unless youre on a shitdows laptop)
3. Shitdows "screen recorder":
>Shitdowns has a built in screen recorder. Great right? No... it's shit. It can ONLY record the current window. That means if you're trying to record anything outside of that ONE app/window you have open you can't. Shitdows!

WebP support

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So why are 4chan developers such niggers they don't support WebP? Isn't the 50k/month for bandwidth wasted on fuckhuge PNGs? I could implement WebP support in a day for you nigger scum and save you hundreds of thousands moving forward.
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Why can't someone make a processor out of a material that can withstand being hot as fucking shit so that we don't have to use fans in PCs
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What's the point of these?
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