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Soku/PoFV/TPDP/Every other shitty 2hu game with netplay
>Download Soku here!ashhnZza!cWdD2mqnQSfpzow5h_LDABQzHOnAiHDL62ceAOF6z9k
>Download Autopunch here
>PoFV Netplay guide
>Touhou Puppet Dance Performance: Shard of Dreams
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Risk of Rain

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new friend edition
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Just downloaded this game, and have 2 hours in it so far
Is the only reason no one plays this game because no one plays it? The gunplay is so fun and the movement is so satisfying that I have fun even when I'm losing.
If anyone wants to party up and play together or something too that'd be cool.
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Sup TF2 bros

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Any Medic mains in this board? If so, what is thie best medi-gun? And what is the most superior primary: Blutsauger or Crossbow?
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Honest opinion on
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Ragnarok Travels

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If you're a North American, and feel like playing oldschool Ragnarok Online again but this time with no multi-clienting, no cash shop/donation rewards, and only English speakers, I recommend giving Ragnarok Travels a go.

It is still in beta, however there won't be any wipes going forward.
It just went live yesterday.

Registration site:

Temporary website with server info:

(Client download is in the discord)
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Has anyone else played this? It's actually a really fun co-op investigative horror game. But damn does it need an option to make proximity chat toggleable though
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Planetside 2

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too slow for even /vg/ edition
previous thread: >>93894
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>The Last Stand campaign
>30 brand new achievements
>26 new survival maps
>4 new scavenge maps
>2 brand new melee weapons
>L4D1 infected
>New and previously unused voicelines for survivors
>New, improved and overhauled animations
>Reworked gun models and animations
>PvP enhancements and balance changes
>Official implementation of CSS weapons
>Brand new mutations Rocketdude and Tank run
>Improved UI options
>Hundreds of bug and exploit fixes
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What the fuck happened to this game?

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Every server is just some boring RP these days. Why is no one playing jailbreak, basewars, kart racing, sledbuild etc etc? And speaking of RP, where are all the easygoing servers with roles anyone could join instantly? Why are they all so serious now and with all the interesting roles behind a time or pay wall? And why does every fucking server need 5-10GB of bullshit custom content that rarely adds anything to the game?

Please someone out there tell me if there are some decent severs left and
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Among us lobby thread

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the general thread is confusing and gay
post lobbies
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Ankama games

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Dofus retro and other Ankama games discussion.
Who else is hype for the Single account servers? What class/build you going for?
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Damage cap lowered to 96.0 fucking WHEN

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Genshin Impact

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GI is multiplayer. Anybody else try it out?
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>release unoptimized laggy mess with barely half the features of the original mod
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