ROBLOX Thread - Heliwars Edition

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Couldn't find a finished version of the thumbnail and haven't seen any other thumbnails, so here we go. I cropped it and shopped in the /vm/ emblem. Sorry if the guy who made the thumbnail envisioned something slightly different, but we're nearing bump limit on the other thread.

Discuss heli wars and other games on Roblox. I, for one, loved heli wars back in the day and would always sneak attack the enemy by flying underneath the map.
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Multiplayer Survival Games

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Last multiplayer survival thread hit bump limit >>252764

ITT: MP Survival Games appreciation and discussion

/vm/ servers:

/vm/ Dino Fun
NY based
Mods: Structures Plus

>NY Based /vm/ Conan Exiles server
>Struggle & Survival

Some examples of survival games to discuss:
Ark, conan exiles, 7 days to die, rust, empyrion, green hell, the forest, terraria, starbound, raft, valheim, craftopia, scum and the like
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BallisticNG Race Day

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>What the fuck is this?
BallisticNG is a PC antigravity racing game that is a love letter to the classic wipeout games
You go fast as fuck, blast people, and win or get ELIMINATED trying
>How do I join?
Everything you need will be here: (soundtracks added)
Make sure you get the Trackpack (updated today)
>How do I play?
Anon guide will be posted
Try to practice airbraking and things before jumping right in otherwise you're gonna have a hard time
We can answer any questions you have
>I'm bad
Theres always multiple newfriends to play against, not instantly winning is nothing to be ashamed of

Main thread on /v/ but one here too because it will last longer
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Hunt Showdown

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>playing with Euros

New event + map coming soon™. What we know so far:
>new map is somewhere called "Desalle"
>it's somewhere in the north but judging by the plantation house it's still in Louisiana
>much less swampy from what we've seen (rip gator legs)
>they're finally adding native american hunters
>potentially a bow weapon (could've been just a trailer thing)
>event seems to be themed around the supernatural abilities of the hunters and death
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Hey /vm/, we're playing Terraria until my vps contract ends! Come hop in and kill some bosses with us!
Port: 7777
Password: no password

Server will be up until at least 06/16.

>How do I connect to the server?
Multiplayer > Join via IP
Now make a character (Classic is recommended) and select that character.
Finally, paste in under 'Enter Server IP Address' and 7777 under 'Enter Server Port'.

>Why can't I move after joining
If this is your first time joining, you need to register with '/register {PASSWORD}'
If you are returning to the the server, you can login with '/login {PASSWORD}'

>I don't have a copy of Terraria
Get it here for free:
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/csgog/ - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Gambit era edition

Now that the dust has settled, how the fuck did they do it in such a short time span bros?
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how hard would it be to become a semi-proffesional LoL player?

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i'm currently diamond 2 100ish games 62% WR, been playing adc since 2014. There are inscriptions for a new team here in my region (LAS), how hard would it be to be selected? This region is a meme btw
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Ascension WoW

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>my 1st 3 days on the server
>literally the BEST private TBC i ever played
>classless server/build your own class
>chose PvE vs PvP at 20
>easy leveling

anyone here play there? i heard about it but never thought it'd be this much fun... coming from Turtle WoW which is complete shit in comparison with 10x less pop. i have very little time to play games, so this server fits into my schedule perfectly
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COD 2022 leak

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I’m in contact with several early play testers and focus group members for next year’s CoD. Infinity Ward wants to capture the same sort of cultural phenomenon that the original MW2 was.
>title is probably going to be Modern Warfare Part II
>set in 2022 and 2023
>game has a focus on “crossing the line” and operators acting as criminals
>noted to have a Sicario type vibe
>set mainly in South America and Mexico
>setting deals with the cartel and human/drug trafficking
>updated version of MW19 engine with swimming and water vehicles
>Warzone will be revamped for this iteration with a new launcher and base game
>Gunsmith will be expanded upon, with all attachment slots being able to be used at once instead of having a limitation
>Instead of spec ops, they want to have a heist mode similar to GTA and are prototyping it
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mmos, passive skills vs combat

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take any of the popular mmos out there and you will usually find that crafting and mat farming is a arduous task where you spend hours getting good at producing goods, usually to sell. That's all well and good, but it seems industry standard is that day one characters with just as much skill, time and information on their hands, can earn as much money, if not more, in less time, killing trash mobs.

take old school runescape for an example. the top five ways to make gold are combat. crafting in runescape usually results in a net loss and is not a form of income, but a money sink.

gathering mats is made even worse by the volume of bots endlessly mining shit and selling at the lowest price, undercutting everyone and making it worthless.

/vt/craft server discussion

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/vt/craft yubi server
Previous thread: >>307347
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/hax/ - Haxball general

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Yeah, I'm thinking we're back edition

Haxball is a top-down 2D football game that's played entirely in your web browser.

You can join the /hax/ room at
pass: shaw

Room link, stats, chat logs and replays available at

Room is usually active around these hours:
21:00 to 02:00 GMT
16:00 to 21:00 EST
13:00 to 19:00 PST
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Granblue Fantasy Versus

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Soon we will wrap up the season and look to the future.

Lets get some lobbies going together!
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/vm/ is the best board

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/vm/ is genuinely the best board to discuss vidya.

No normalfags.
No porn.
Small size gives it a nice sense of community
Less oversensitive douchebags.
No /pol/tards

Why would anyone choose another board over this?
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