CS2 Esports Discussion

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/drg/ - Deep Rock Galactic

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City of Heroes

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Anyone playing on any of the private servers, Homecoming, Thunderspy, Rebirth, etc.? Made any meme characters or cool OCs you want to share?

Please no server feud autism.
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Star Citizen Thread

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>What's new?
3.23 is LIVE,
3.23.2 to enter testing soon with the rest of 3.23's features
4.0 is back on the roadmap for Q3
Alien Week is Live 6/12
Citizencon is scheduled for Oct.19-20 in Manchester

>New to Star Citizen?

>General info and useful links

>Citizencon 2023, features CIG intends to release "within next 12 months" (5 months remaining)

Previous thread >>1306454
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Tabletop Simulator

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>What is Tabletop Sim
TTS is a physics sandbox game meant to be used to play board games online, you can find almost any board game for free in the Steam Workshop, or even create your own!

Hosting is as easy as just opening a lobby and getting the game's workshop item. Post your favorite board games, discuss and play with other anons. Find games in the Workshop (https://steamcommunity.com/app/286160/workshop/) and discuss/host your favorite games!

Of course, if you prefer to play board games through other platforms, like Tabletop Playground, Board Game Arena, or game's digital editions, feel free to talk about and find other players here.

Previous thread: >>1267948
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>New map just released, it has death pits

>Valorant is launching on PS5 and Xbox in a couple of days, starting with a beta period you can sign up for
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SMITE - Battleground of the Godtoons

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The Third Person, Third Biggest MOBA, based on various World Mythologies.

FACT: The 4chan clan is [SmGen]: Smite Gen Plus! All new players are welcome!
Most members are on around 10pm-4am UTC+0. Party up with anyone you can find.
Regulars usually talk / LFG in-thread, don't mind them.


>>NDA Closed Alpha is NOT ongoing, DO NOT ask questions about it, it WAS NOT leaked here
>>New Magetoon Goddess, Hecate with Open Alpha, May 2nd
>>Closed Beta at 30th July at 23 Godtoons
>>Five total new Godtoons before the formal release at 50 in early 2025
>>Roadmap planned for 100 by late 2026
>>Finishing catchup of 135+ by ~2027
>>Basically, we're fucked

>New Player Guide + Splash Art Gallery



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Risk of Rain

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Risk of Worms
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Welcome to Anoncraft, A Vanilla Minecraft SMP server for anons.

>SERVER IP: Anon.Minecraft.Best
>LIVE MAP: http://anon.minecraft.best:8123/

>Rules: Dont be a cunt: no griefing, no stealing, be respectful to other anons, etc.

The server also features things like the ability to lock doors/chests and individualized loot from world-generated structures like nether bastions and End Cities so everyone has a chance to get loot from there.

All anons are welcome, feel free to ask questions in the thread, post builds, and talk to other anons who play here.

-The Mothership Nightclub will be celebrating its grand opening this weekend
-Development in Cave Town 2 is sill making progress, come see the many new builds!
-more new hats added, wandering traders will sell them (very rare!)

>Previous Thread:
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Welcome to /vm/abinogi. Mabinogi is a fun, once popular little old school Korean MMO from 2004 based around Celtic mythology with many different features. Your character can age, rebirth, eat food and gain weight, play and custom make music, and so much more. You can be anything and do anything all at once with no downsides. From non-combat related skills like cooking, tailoring, blacksmithing, trading goods in a commerce, carpentry, etc. to different styles of combat like melee, magic, ninja, archery, puppetry, etc. all on 1 character.

Although graphics and gameplay is still a bit dated, even after 14 years the game is still rich in content such as fashion contests, cooking contest, jousting, playing in or viewing large concerts, training pets, and so on and continues to be Nexon's most generous game.

News and Events

List of all patches chronologically

We currently have a guild called Mabigen. Our guild stone is located by the Taillteann graveyard. Apply by mentioning you're from /vm/.

[Helpful links - These links contain useful guides and other stuff.]
Beginners guide and outline to just some of mabinogi's features.

wiki for Mabinogi

Skill Training Guide

Best In Slot Gear guide and gear progression
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>Horizon. Single box, custom 'era+ content' private server.

>Eden. Multibox (2 in field), ToAU era accurate private server, minor QoL changes.

>Catseye. Extremely solo friendly private server, very custom.


Level down: >>1283932
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/doko/ - Games with Lobbies General

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It's better
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Post your ROBLOX avatar(s)

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Just dont make it ugly
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Dungeon Fighter Online

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Now that the dust has settled... what do we think of Seon and the Anniversary? New expansions are always great since that means more toys to play with but I don't agree with them pushing a stronger emphasis on custom epics and bringing back hell mode to facilitate (lol) the process. The Anniversary did help give out two (2) guaranteed 4/4 pieces but if you didn't have enough 3/4s already the results won't be significant enough to warrant a switch from a fixed build. Maybe it's because I'm a lucklet and call it cope but I'll stick with Archon so I can turn my brain off and unga bunga through dungeons, thanks.

The other Anniversary rewards were helpful too and just as you expected from every year. Geared an alt with the free rare clone avatar and emblems, topped off with the fabled +13 weapon ticket which boosted their fame rather quickly. Now I can larp as a chink whale with that sweet sweet sweet pink glow.
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