/csgog/ antwerp major legends edition

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legends pick'ems are out, matches start in 2 days
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Deep Rock Galactic

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You shouldn't eat precious minerals...
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planetside 2 thread for planetside "enjoyers"

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Would Auraxis be worth fighting over if it didn't have all those big purple crystals?
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Sea Of Thieves Season 6

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Season 6 is up. It's still shit and it killed the game, how are you guys enjoying it? Are you excited season 7?

Friendly reminder to fly pic related to let everyone know you're part of the secret club.
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Risk of Rain

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Risk of fuck the image limit
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Multiplayer jigsaws

Old: >>595446

Some sites to create your own puzzles:
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DDO DINOs incomming

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Are you MAN enough for some real D&D?
Ever wondered what happens when you throw a bag of murderous cats at some fucking DINOs?

Then I got the game for YOU!
Actual expansion launch incoming this summer,
but there's a hook.
>The following races and classes from the core D&D Player's >Handbook are now permanently free for everyone in DDO:

, the F2P here is a bit atrocious.
Honestly, after you run out of the free content your best bet is to get a 3 months sub for 30 bucks.

[/spoiler:lit]many cats were harmed during the making of this post
(no catgirl booba included)[/spoiler:lit]
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Chan Co-op

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Missing cat edition

This thread is for discussions, feedback and anything related to 4chan's (un)official Sven Co-op server - Chan Co-op

Open 24/7 -
By and for fellow anons.
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City of Heroes

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It's been three years since the secret got out. The dust has settled, can we please have a civil thread?
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I've seen a couple people post their Minecraft servers here, so I thought I'd post mine here too.
It's Towny on an Earth map, with dynmap and updating borders. The main goal of the server is to make a town/join one, expand, make/join a nation, make shops for people to buy at and eventually go to war/defend yourself or you can pay a fee to be neutral and avoid war. Shops are physical and player made, and the economy is player made. The currency is gold ingots, which is also physical and is mined. Your borders are displayed on the dynmap
IP: play.vmcraft.me
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New MMO: V Rising

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From the acclaimed developed Stunlock Studios who made games you know and love such as....uh...Battlerite...

Well anyway. This game looks pretty cool. Top down Gothic themed, Vampire Lord MMO. Lets talk about it
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It seems like wanting "good" PvP in a PvX MMORPG is a pipe dream/not going to happen. I've been shopping around different RPGs and a common trait I'm finding is that their PvP is all in a horrible state.

> WoW
Balance is a joke and has been since SL launched. To the point its a meme in the PvP community. Gearing difficulties and disparages is so huge it is killing the scene and any new players that try to start the PvP. 1800+ rank brackets are the most deflated they've been in years
Cyrodiil is mainly empty except for one campaign. That one campaign is only active for a few hours a day and fills up fast. PvP in general is plagued with macro and botting issues. Balance issues are also galore with major differences in performance of certain skills. And some classless abilities dominating the scene. Nevermind the combat doesn't really play well in PvP
WvW is unplayable for a lot of servers without a guild. Attempting to go in solo you're either met with major population differences or guild groups on the other teams dominating. You can PUG, but you lose most of your fights. sPvP is actually playable. I'm personally not a huge fan of the combat in this game, but this game's PvP is probably in the least worse state out of all these PvX MMOs
>New World
Haven't played this in about 4 months, but when I did it had major balance issues + gearing issues. Participation in the PvP side of the game was significantly lower than other games. One faciton dominating most of the map was common place.
Never tried this, but I've never seen someone speak of FF14's PvP in a fond light

EvE and Albion seem to be the only PvP focused MMOs that have large populations. Mortal Online 2 is kicking, but it only sports like 1-2k players. Not dead dead, but is dwarfed compared to other MMOs in the market. Seems like PVP and PvX just does not meld together well.
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Welcome to /vm/abinogi. Mabinogi is a fun, once popular little old school Korean MMO from 2004 based around Celtic mythology with many different features. Your character can age, rebirth, eat food and gain weight, play and custom make music, and so much more. You can be anything and do anything all at once with no downsides. From non combat related skills like cooking, tailoring, blacksmithing, trading goods in a commerce, carpentry, etc. to different styles of combat like melee, magic, ninja, archery, puppetry, etc. all on 1 character.

Although graphics and gameplay is still a bit dated, even after 14 years the game is still rich in content such as fashion contests, cooking contest, jousting, playing in or viewing large concerts, training pets, and so on and continues to be Nexon's most generous game.

>News and Events

>Major News
Alexina and Nao servers have merged together into a new server, Erinn. The population is much bigger now!

We current have a guild called Mabigen

>[Up and coming changes in the near future]
Puppetry(part 2), Ninja, and Duel Guns talent revamps.
Commerce revamp, Iria Commerce. Summer Master Plan.
More Commerce content, air trades.

>[Helpful links - These links contain useful guides and other stuff.]
>Beginners guide and outline to just some of mabinogi's features

>Skill Training Guild

>Best In Slot Gear guide and gear progression

>Mabinogi Guide to Guides
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Worms Armageddon

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>What is Worms?
Worms is a classic turn-based strategy game with astounding gameplay customization. Armageddon despite being released in 1999 still is getting support, with the 3.8 update releasing just last year.

Game goes on sale fairly often but you can also download the game for free here (all versions work with each other): https://drive.google.com/file/d/18dAXkqtQNjb_T5E5MSqXqZk0xzQdPdjY/

>Collected Custom maps, sounds, fanfares, flags and graves from past threads

Check what lobbies are currently open with https://snoop.wormnet.net/snooper/, or if you'd like to be notified when when a /v/ lobby opens up, get https://worms2d.info/Great_Snooper

Lobbies and threads will be often be notified here and will usually be present at
Channel: #anythinggoes
Room: /v/
Pass: rage

Previous thread: >>479903
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i hate this shitty game so much. why do i keep playing it? i miss episode 1

recommend me some non shitty games to play
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