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Multiplayer Survival Games

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ITT: MP Survival Games appreciation and discussion continued from >>188881

>UK Based /vm/ Ark Server
>Password: fuckjannies

>NY Based /vm/ Conan Exiles server
>Struggle & Survival
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Risk of Rain

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Risk of Rain
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No excuses.

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Could've been the best MMO ever if it wasn't run by the biggest kikes in the industry.
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Eve Online

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Tell me about the best GUI addon for Microsoft Excel.
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PlanetSide 2 development team acquired by EG7

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bad news for fellow planetmans
commentary and general planetmans discussion welcome
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Warhammer Return of Reckoning (MMO)

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Anyone playing Return of Reckoning?
>the fuck is this shit
A private server resurrection of AoR, see below. Also I'm >phoneposting if this ends up looking like reddit formatting

>what the fuck is AoR
Warhammer Age of Reckoning was an MMO released 12 years ago (my brain still can't believe it's over 12) and while I'm not sure if it's dead, it's a cash shop ridden mess. EA published it which makes sense. AoR was primarily focused around large scale sieges, open world pvp and the equivelant of WoW battlegrounds (scenarios); most classes are reasonably fun and most are more or less well designed by MMO standards. You level, get many abilities and can jump into pvp fast. Lastly you get bolstered stats when below a certain threshold, however it's based on worn gear so you still need to keep up with it. Don't expect much pve

Most classes have mirrored counterparts across factions which play 80-90% the same but are visually different. A notable exception is a four way where white lion is melee+pet, marauder which like WL is med armor but no pet, squig herder which is squishy bow class+pet and shadow warrior, your typical legolawls ranger class with no pet. Due to current (RoR) balance the latter two are mostly played melee currently; SH melee is basically running around in a giant testicle chomping people. Seriously.

Return of Reckoning is a revival of the game with tons of fixes, quality of life improvements (e.g. free slow starting mount, free respecs etc), touched up graphics and framerate, balance etc. hosted on a reasonably not dead private server by devs who give a shit about the game. It's free and there's no cash shop bullshit. I know I sound like a shill

Lastly I will offer a warning, there's a 90 minute faction lockout beginning when pvp flagged to prevent griefing, zergs etc. Since you get flagged by playing SCs or wandering into pvp areas the system is a little borked. Some people use two accounts to play alts without being fucked by the lockout
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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey soon, relative mouse toggle NEVER

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I hope you're having loads of fun in the AXCZ zones while they last, they actually pay good

previous vision
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Blazblue Centralfiction / BBCF

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The Wheel of Fate is Turning
Rebel 1
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Sea of Thieves

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Haven't seen a thread in a while so figured I would start one. What is everyone working on? Any good steals lately?
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I once dismissed this game, but now I realize it is a better "game" than csgo at the moment. 128 tick servers, quick matchmaking, the games aren't excruciatingly long, surrender option, and decent gunplay make for a pretty fun experience. I hope you all can also enjoy Valorant. In fact, it'd be great if we could make friends together to play ^_^
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have you caught any archmonsters?
You want that Ochre Dofus, don't you?
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I just quit LoL. I've been playing that shit for 10 years. I don't like that game. I tried to never return to it before but they were all unsuccesful attempts as I always went back to play that shit.

Reasons why I always play League of Legends again and again:
-OP is a fag.
-I can't play offline games. They are all boring or ends too fast, like 10 hours and shit. I am playing games everyday for 10+ hours already. Yes, there are some games like tetris but they are all dogshit. So, no offline allowed.
-Fps/shooter type of games are not for me. I have bad eyesight. I have shit reflexes. I can't play that fast and accurate. Lol is also a fast-paced game but you don't need to react that fast below the challenger(highest rank) level.
-I hate sports and fighting games in general.
-There isn't any "still" playable (as a newbie) mmorpg or similar game out there.
-Weird games such as "fall guys" or "buriedbornes" either shit tier or becomes boring after a certain period.
-I have no life.

Please tell me anons. What should I play? I don't think I have another option besides gaming. Really, I don't have a life.
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