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Play NeoTokyo, play it now.
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PlanetSide 2 Outfit Wars have begun!

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Are you competing for your FREE shitty knife cosmetic and title, /vm/? Because I sure am :) not.

Other News:
Campaign Ch. 3 starts early March.
Oshur (new continent) soon?
NSO "empire" revamp later this year.
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Anyone Play EverQuest?

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Does anyone play EverQuest here by any chance? We used to have a few guilds from /vr/ back when on P99's Green, namely <Leaf Quartet>, <Fallen Leaves> and <Clover>. I came back and figured I might as well re-post the old thread we had forever ago from here. If you play, how are you feeling about Kunark's release? I just came back and it's still quite fun.

For those curious, EverQuest is an old-school MMORPG that has both populated private servers and continuing retail server.

Previous Thread: >

How to get p99 running:
Starting guide for how the game works and helps with deciding class/race:
Guides for every aspect of p99:
Graphical and music restoration:
Helpful map for manuevering the world:

Guide for choosing race/class and how the game works:
Retail game available both on Steam and the EverQuest website.

Project 1999: Leaf Quartet on Green. Type /who all leaf to get a list of current online members and ask one if you can get an invite if you'd like to join.

November 6th, 2020: Ruins of Kunark launches on Green!
December 8th, 2020: Claws of Veeshan, EverQuest's 27th expansion, is available now!
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When will we see true combat?

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I want 10,000 player multiplayer NOW!

/vm/ fighting game thread

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>what are you currently playing
>whats your peripheral of choice
>what are you looking to improve
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crush promises "combat 2.0", without CFTP and animations that are NOT from him, a bright future lies ahead.
but knowing triternion, all we'll get is flat circle maps and removing actual ones from skirmish.
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>semi-new to aoe2
>go into NOOB 4x4 lobby
>3 afk's
>2 people hitting castle before the rest hit feudal
>they have an eco and army triple the size of everyone else
>absolute stomp every game
why are people like this?
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Vintage Story

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Feels like every Minecraft thread has at least a couple people mentioning Vintage Story, so maybe it should get it's own thread.

/vm/ Vintage Story server:
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Are there ANY multiplayer games that are even worth getting into as a beginner right now? Literally any, of any genre? It feels like everything is either completely dead or not good for new players.
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Hello /vm/

I come to you in a time of great need.

Just started LOL and i have a competition coming up.
2 weeks.

I keep dying no matter how hard i spam Q, W, E and R.
Tips, tricks and exploits very welcome.

MurderMiners Thread

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MurderMiners is an incredibly underrated game that deserves more players. What do you say we revive it, /vm/?

Risk of Rain

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Risk of Rain
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Dofus General

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Who plays this game?

I only play it for fashion gaming and because I can't get enough of female Iops and Srams