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>What is Wakfu?
Wakfu is a free to play MMO made by Ankama studio.

>What is Dofus then?
Dofus is a predecessor MMO, set 200 years before Wakfu though in the same universe. In universe, a Dofus is essentially a dragon egg and a tremendous source of power. This thread isn't about either.

>How do I play?
Go to the Ankama website, make an account and download the launcher and download wakfu.

>That's a lot of classes, QRD?
There's a QRD on the creation screen, you can sort based on what style of play you'd like and it'll tell you what classes match that.

Ok so I used to play Wakfu nearly a decade ago, I've been feeling nostalgic recently and wanted to check it out. I haven't been able to find a lot of groups to play with people though. Maybe some of you are interested in trying it out and we could explore at least some of the early game together.

I'll be honest, as a f2p MMO it has a bunch of issues. It's got a very large non-english speaking user base, mainly spanish speaking I think. A lot of people seem to multibox instead of finding people to play with. There are benefits to paying for the game though from what I understand it isnt p2w and it's pretty cheap.
The benefits are that it plays as a neat turn based strategy game, it's got a superb visual style, lots of professions and shit to learn/grind and very unique classes.
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EVE Online - Crucifier Edition

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>what is eve
mmo space sandbox
>what is eve really?
dead game
>ingame channel
>should I start playing EVE?
probably not
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/els/ - Elsword

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What is Elsword?
Elsword is a free-to-play hack and slash online action MMORPG. A pretty unique game in today's market.


>Is the game alive?
Absolutely! The game has a very dedicated, playerbase. Early game may be a bit lonely, but later you'll have no trouble finding people in the meta dungeons.

>Important events
Absolutely fucking nothing. Morpheus in 3 weeks.

Twins Picaro / Harlequina Release

The private Elsword server.
QoL's incoming, alongside Twins Picaro, Ran Raid and OverMind releases this week.
Feel free to discuss the game, ask questions, coom, etc.
Remember: The MAGE always watches.
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Vintage Story Thread

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Last one died >>824343
>What is Vintage story
Minecraft that is more hardcore and realistic but also autistic
>Should I play?
If you have no life and wanna larp with 4chan people
>do I have to play a server to post here?
No, single players are welcome same with other servers
>What's new
The 1.19 update will release in the lifespan of this thread. It adds oceans, continents, dungeons, books, and story stuff.
OG is not being reset but getting a new gen tele
A new server will open for modded stuff when stable releases.
Original vm server. Mostly vanilla. Over 2 years of history. Longest running world in multiplayer. Got a little more popular with hype and death of autism sbr.

Autism server: Ded

“Nu” : https://sys.4channel.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmega.nz%2Ffile%2FeBRjXDZS%23Vpr_SF7s0bGBEQQwPbEqCu-dIoRlYKoxxPAZ5Y3wnyE

New 1.19 ip: TBA watch bread
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Project Zomboid

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How would NPCs work online?
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Tabletop Simulator

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Tabletop Simulator is a physics sandbox game meant to be used to play board games online, you can find almost any board game for free in the Steam Workshop, or even create your own!

Hosting is as easy as just opening a lobby and getting the game's workshop item. Post your favorite board games, discuss and play with other anons. Find games in the Workshop (https://steamcommunity.com/app/286160/workshop/) and discuss/host your favorite games!

Previous thread: >>826743
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/smt/ - Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE

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VR Training Edition

Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE is a 2007 MMO published by ATLUS and co-jointly developped with CAVE, that officially shutdown in 2016, and was brought back a few years later by the COMP_HACK team. It's a fully fledged SMT game with pretty much all the bells and whistles (demon fusion, law/neutral/chaos alignment, etc) that you can expect of a Shin Megami Tensei title, but in an MMORPG format. Chronologically, the game is happening between SMT and SMT2.

>How do I play?
Get yourself an account and the gamefiles at http://megatenonline.ru/

>inb4 muh russian website
The server itself is international, and is hosted by the russian SMT community. The devs of the software used to run said server are also playing there and are regularly seen on the server's Discord. It's also pretty much the only server available left beside the P2W chinese one after the end of 2022 debacle.

A bunch of tools originally meant for the ReImagine server, like a golden apple calculator, expertise planifier, etc. Should work for other servers: https://reimagine.kuenaimaku.com/

The server's Discord also has a bunch of guides for all kinds of builds, although some are a bit outdated, they're still good for what they are. If needed maybe I'll do a pastebin or google doc that links to them.

>4chan clan?
No clan yet as we speak, but if there's enough interested people we can make one.

The retro mmo thread from the other day had a few people interested in the game, so I think we can try to make a thread for it. What are you anons doing? Demons training? Progressing in the story acts? Farming something specific? Let's talk about anything IMAGINE.
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PS2 PlanetSide 2 Planetmans thread for mans

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Here's your new content for 2023, anon. You rike it, yes??

How would you fix Planetmans, anyway? This game is really fucked, I don't think you can fix it when the core is so rotten. It needs the Battlebit treatment imo.

some links:
Image source: https://www.planetside2.com/news/construction-in-2023
February patch: https://www.planetside2.com/patch-notes/love-letter-update
/vm/ outfit: lol, no.

Go click on some heads.
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As expected

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So....... when will they just stop making diablo games?
Diablo 3 immortal is shit as anticipated
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100% Orange Juice!
what is 100% oj you ask? it's basically anime mario party except you can beat each other up on the spot to steal steals, once you have enough stars or wins(provided you murder enough people), you perform norma checks to rank up in order to use higher level cards, all players can chose a deck of 10 cards, but the deck is global so anyone can get any card, hypers are cards that can turn around games if used right
Remember, if you don't kill the soon to be winner, i will find you
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Bombergirl 「ボンバーガール」

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Everybody loves Gray edition

Website: https://p.eagate.573.jp/game/bombergirl/bg/p/index.html
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bombergirl573 (Any news on the PC version will be followed with 【コナステ】)
Current banners, maps, and upcoming banners and maps (PC): https://p.eagate.573.jp/game/eacbg/bg/info/schedule.html#sche_map

>Installation Guides:
Image guide: https://imgur.com/a/G2fK1Z0
Registration: https://p.eagate.573.jp/gate/k/newcomer.html
Download: https://p.eagate.573.jp/game/eacbg/bg/download/installer.html
Old client: https://files.catbox.moe/ckyq5t.7z (Download and swap out your modules folder and you can queue with /v/. Remember to back up your previous module.)

>Technical errors:
If you can't get past the bench test screen, change your computer's region to Japanese in the control panel
If your NAT type is below C, try forwarding port 5291 on your router.
If you encounter error 1012, download the newest Microsoft update or rollback to your previous Windows update.

>Wtf is the point of my role?:
Bombers destroy buildings and dig for items.
Attackers make space by separating enemies either by distracting or killing them.
Shooters make it to mid as soon as possible for the first team fights before going back to base to defend.
Blockers delay any inevitable attacks for as long as possible by denying area and stalling with heals, buffs, and blocks.

All characters have i-frames on their ults. Attackers will have i-frames on any of their skills that will do damage.
This means something like Oren's riceball will not have i-frames.

>In-depth resources:
JPN wiki
Map Guides
Match replays

>Top JP players:
ぽろぴ (Any role)
だいげんしさん (Attacker)
OSHYN (Blocker)
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/g/ minecraft server

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bored of current minecraft, missed when you were playing in 2011? try out b1.7.3

>aren't older minecraft versions vulnerable to some exploits?
playing on the newest lts version of java 8 is highly suggested, if you're thinking of log4j then that only affected versions above release 1.7 (https://adoptium.net/ & https://help.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/4416199399693-Security-Vulnerability-in-Minecraft-Java-Edition)
>how do i install a version of minecraft this old
pollymc. fuck microsoft
>this version isn't as refined as i remember!
try out some of the suggested mods in the link below

>the actual server
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Ragnarok Online Thread

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Ragnarok Online Thread

Current Clique Server:
Deviruchi Club
>warper, job changer, platinum skills, healer, reset, multiclienting, p2w, have to have discord/youtube account to dick suck the GM for the p2w shit, botting, expoit abuse is allowed, trans rights!
Most of /rog/ will be multiclienting for woe

Other notable servers to check out:
>Payon Stories(1x rates)
>uaRO(5x rates, PK mode)
>ccRO(for grinding autism)
>Return to Morocc(completely custom)
There may or may not be people in this general playing on these servers. check RMS for more.

/vm/ is making a shit server called HataRO (name in progress, will likely be final), currently has healer, stylist, platinum skills, WOE planned for sunday@14:00, significant mob changes, @at in alberta; currently making changes to skills and skill trees, will have a write up on it soon, need to work on item changes next
cliquecord: https://discord.gg/zxvfyS7N
cliquegram: https://t.me/+r14HhKJ3jEVhMjJh
Beta: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BP1xDsVYzahGWtTQIfd32WAPLLnL8ZSM/view?usp=sharing
Note the server is not in a stable status and can change and go down at any moment, don't plan on long term characters/builds, just play around and test the latest changes and customization.
pre-trans plans: https://pastebin.com/ewqSG3c7
trans ideas, mainly rebalances: https://pastebin.com/Ye6h4yYC
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Why pirate games disapeared?

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We can't play online pirate games anymore

We can't find any game to play online at this point

No minecraft dungeons online cracked
No the division 2 cracked
etc etc

I am not willing to pay for games, they are all overpriced and full of bugs and have predatory practices

Why nobody is trying to overcome this shitshow that the gme industry has became?