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ITT: autistic things you do while playing multiplayer

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I screenshot funny or interesting usernames.
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Have you heard about space station 13?
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>A worse pick class than Sniper in every single way
>A worse Sentry destroyer than Demo in every single way
>Has to constantly put himself in the line of fire to get any actual work done
>Has to get within breath-smelling range in a game where the vast majority of guns available can instagib him at point blank
>Majority of weapons are extremely cheesy and only a few (Amby, Kunai) take actual skill to use
>Countered by the enemy team just fucking shooting each other
>Loses 1v1 every single time to an intelligent player who just doesn't get within his melee range
>Exclusively mained by overly pretentious losers who base their entire personality around hentai
>Literally anything he does, Sniper does better

Is there any hope for Spy?
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Ground War Sucks

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>Name a worse mode.
You can't. This Battlefield knockoff is the worst. Holy fuck they should have just copy and pasted BF mechanics so tanks aren't glorified snipers and so campers couldn't hide as easily. You can't even knock over a goddamn stop sign for god's sake, like...really.
It wouldn't be so bad if there weren't so many bad maps. And if some killstreaks weren't enabled like white phosphorous. Hell, actually white phosphorous shouldn't even be in the game, morally or otherwise. It's shit for both sides and the fact that they decided to boost visibility on the friendly side as a "buff" is such shit design. I honestly hate the fact that white phosphorous is basically a crutch for Ground War since it's the only mode I see it in...and about 8 or more times in every match. Which then rounds back to the shit map design and spawns whereby you get spawn-locked if you're on the bad side of the map.
>inb4 lole cod

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>New game comes out
>Redditors get wind of it

How do companies get these people to fuck off? Can't they post stats on how little singleplayer gets used, and how it is a.massive timesuck for devs who could be working on parts of the game people actually use (multiplayer)?

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Is it good now?
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Hunt Thread?

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Hunt Thread
Post your favorite:
>Primary weapon
>Secondary weapon
>Map location
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Remnant: From the Ashes

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Anyone still playing this shit?
I just started it since it was shilled as "dark souls with guns" and its fun so far but the online seems fucking dead and I'm kinda lost, I needed like 300+ shots to kill the second boss
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Worms Armageddon

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Worm Thread! Come, let's play some Worms!

Thanks to a fellow anon, we have an updated noCD version for poorfags.

It includes:
-Wine compatibility
-High quality lossless music (the one that comes with GOG and steam is so compressed, it will seriously blow your mind)
-Most of the schemes you could possibly find
-A shitload of shopper, fly shopper and other game mode maps
-Censored voice packs and flags are patched back in

If you'd rather have the vanilla version you can get the game here:
After installing you can update your game to 3.8 with this:[GOG]_Installer.exe (backup your team folder just in case (User\Teams\WG.backup-current.WGT))

For bigger menus get SuperFrontEndHD:

>Collected Custom maps, sounds, fanfares, flags and graves from past threads

Check what lobbies are currently open with

Current room is up at

Channel: #anythinggoes
Room: /v/
Pass: rage
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When you got the "Impostor" role while playing Among Us and you lose cause you suck and then you rage and break your girlfriend's pc.
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Arrogant Asshole Warframe Player

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>Be me
>Put my forth forma into my Necramech
>Go to Deimos
>Click Necralisk
>Go to Mother
>Click vault dive bounty
>Join up with MR29 Khora and MR15 Ivara
>Go to part where we kill bugs for 2 mins
>Ivara is downed
>Ask her why bring squishy frame to vaults
>Khora ask why I bring an useless frame
>Told Khora to tank damage
>Told me they here loot
>I told them bring Nerkos
>Khora told me I'm still useless
>mfw Khora is arrogant asshole

I have two more screenshots of this guy
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What are your opinions on the new Epic Games Battle Royale but with spells?
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The next ww2 shooter developed by dark flow and Published by gaijin same as warthunder.

It features battles with npcs squad fill the battlefield.
It will feature the battle of moscow , tunisia , berlin and normandy. On release it has real kino uniforms and ambience.

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So how long is it gonna take for some indie dev to make a good competitive arena fighter?
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