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vote mare for mayor
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Lend me your memes and image reactions

My folder needs your power!
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But...but I poop from there!
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take me ouuut
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My Massive Pony

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Welcome to the My Massive Pony Thread!
Forever Ded Edition

Check out our slowly growing pastebin:

Place for fan art, fan fics, stories, and even canon content, for ponies of all sizes, from the smallest spark to the largest monolith of friendship!

Previous thread: >>34329057
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>be Star Swirl the Bearded
>hailed as one of the most famous and powerful Unicorns in the history of Equestria
>Father of the Amniomorphic Spell
>the most important conjurer of the pre-classical era
>created more than 200 spells by himself
>expert at everything from transfiguration, dimensional calibration, and teleportation
>has the title of "Element of Sorcery" in the Pillars of Equestria

>didn't become an Alicorn
>jobbed along with the other Pillars to Tirek in his big moment
Do you think he's bitter? I can't imagine that he's not bitter about it.
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His adult design just looks so weird, did pia-sama join the team at the very end?
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You guys know what this board could need? Some new oc general, starting from scratch. Since all the existing ones have been thoroughly used to the point of boredom of the subject and characters. Why not something new instead of same thread 144 three people bump together for weeks

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Thanks for coming, to see our show
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This poor bastard.

>Mummified in bandages
>Suspended in traction
>Can't move or even speak
>No television to watch, can't move to read books, likely only gets to listen to the doctors speak to him
>No one ever comes to visit him
>He is utterly alone
>Been in the hospital for untold days before the episode starts

Meanwhile, his roommate:

>complains constantly
>bitches at the friends who brought her to the hospital
>geeks out over some book despite having complained about it earlier
>constantly spurns her friends who come to visit her
>only ever acknowledges his existence when she's desperate for attention

This guy lives in hell.

Pour one out for our friend Rough Tumble. Celestia knows he can't drink it.
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