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MLP General

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Rare Owl edition

Rainbow Roadtrip special
Written by Kim Beyer-Johnson

924-25: The Ending of the End - Part 1 & 2
Written by Nicole Dubuc (part 1) & Michael Vogel (part 2)

926:The Last Problem
Written by Josh Haber

YouTube Playlist of pony shorts

My Little Pony: The Manga - A Day in the Life of Equestria, Vol. 1 storytime! right here
Download link
Get a physical copy

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Why is Luna so perfect?
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Draw Thread

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Request, draw, submit. Mark requests with ‘/r/’ in the name field or comment field, ‘/d/’ for deliveries, ‘/ic/’ for critiques.
Also, when /r/equesting, try to provide a reference image, to make it easier for drawfags to fulfill your request.
- Don't spam or bump your requests.
- Don't respond to the spam. Just report and hide it and move on.
- Consider making NSFW requests on /trash/

Previous Thread: >>34953523

The OP header image and all other images from the previous Draw Threads can be found in the

A list of some drawfags can be found in the

>Draw Thread Information -
>/mlp/ drawfag improvement -

>Pony -
>Human -
>Inking and Coloring in Photoshop -
>/ic/ Drawing Guide -
>/ic/ Resources -

>GIMP (open source image editor) -
>Krita (open source painting program) -
>FireAlpaca & MediBang (Paint Tool SAI alternatives) -
>ArtRage (realistic painting tools) -
>PaintsChainer (AI-powered automatic colorization) -
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Satyr Abomination Thread #271 Wild Satyrs Edition

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Previous Bread >>34780706

>What is a 'Satyr Abomination' thread about?
A satyr is what happens when a human and a pony decide to get freaky and end up having a child. The top half is mostly human, the bottom is from pony mom (or pony dad). This thread is dedicated to the art and written works about these lovable creatures.
>What about other species?
The show had quite a few different intelligent species by season 8, 'everycreature' and all. Pick your poison, but /mlp/ is mainly into ponies.
>What is the world/characters/personalities & attributes?
The most common setting is one or multiple Anons in Equestria. Most of the established characters are in the list below, the personalities mostly vary from green to green. Just ask the thread about common headcanons.

Satyrs by Parent:
Story by Parent:
Author List:

Searchable Archive:



Kid Icarus ROM Hack: An alpha hack for the NES Kid Icarus game.
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/mlp/ Secret Santa 2019 Thread #30

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Previous Thread >>34869125


Shit's still happening so we're doing one more thread, big ol' number 30.

If you've been visiting with us, stick around and check out the board. It's quite the ride, but we'd love to see you all year long!

>What is this?
Secret Santa is a holiday gift and card exchange where you shop for and send cheer to another Anon! Once a year we all act just a little less horrible to each other. It's about friendship, fun, and faggotry.

I find that offensive to other creatures. In this society, surely we can have the grace to say "Blood Pumper and Appendage Day." Shame.

>Still confused?
Please be sure to give the FAQ a look if you are new or have any questions! It covers a fair bit. Also consider looking at previous threads through Desuarchive to see gifts and cards from years past!

>Am I getting Grinched?
At this point you should probably know if you’re officially grinched or not. Rescues are being coordinated and completed at this very moment. You might get a late present but you will be taken care of my one of many generous Anons or Santa Pone will send you a replacement gift herself to make your new year extra happy if your Santa was a humbug this year. Last I heard the squad was out in force and fighting the good fight.

>General info and FAQ (SIGNUPS ARE OVER)
>Latecomers updates from Kiwifag expected SOONᵀᴹ

Coordinator email for comments/concerns/general inquiries:
Event assistant and Cards coordinator:
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Pony's Quest X (yet another uninspired pixel art CYOA)

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This is the tale of a young colt who has chosen to be a hero, and is now fighting to save his loved ones - and the world - from a grim destiny.... [Embed]

Previous threads:

Last time, after helping the Answer to eliminate the N.I.G.H.T.M.A.R.E. and convincing them to join Cookie's cause, the young hero turned his attention skyward, towards Plejj's approaching flagship. With some timely help from Prince Pupa and the changeling army, Cookie was able to breach the Père de Cendre's defending armada, but not before making a horrific discovery: Plejj's soldiers had infiltrated Canterlot and taken a hostage: Cookie's own baby sister, Choco Drop.

Driven by a mix of HYPE and rage, Cookie tore his way through the Père de Cendre's hull and charged the bridge, where Plejj was supposedly waiting. But upon punching through the bulkheads and incinerating all of the turrets in his way, Cookie found a different Ejjling at the end of the line: Drejj, who had returned to demand a rematch.
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Plane Pony #125

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Equestrian Wrestling Entertainment - 'Big Event' Edition

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>What is this?
EWE is the next form of Waifu Wars. Instead of doing 4 leagues a year, we do a (mostly) weekly show with titles, feuds, and more characters involved. For those that don't know what WW is, we do simulated wrestling matches of MLP Characters on a wrestling game called Fire Pro World.

Yes really, I enjoy having fun with it and doing it more often and actually doing more things sounded like a plus, so that's why the format has changed.

>What replaces the League winners?
Formerly the WW crowned 4 league winners, two elites and two babbies. Now the EWE employs several titles that the characters can fight for. Right now we have the Best Waifu Title, which is our top title, and is currently being determined in a 16 character tournament, consisting of all that would've been in the next Elites League.

>When/Where do you do shows?
Sundays at around 2PM Central is our Preshow(Which is currently making Yona the best Junior Heavyweight in New Japan Pro Wrestling), then at 3, we do the league at Twitch, at

>Why did you make a thread?
To keep people informed, I guess. I got asked why there wasn't one, and I thought it wasn't needed, but if someone wants one, sure. Though I feel like we do things on too regular a basis now for it, so if it does get canned by mods and such, we'll not make another one.
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Why, it's just an honest day's work, sugarcube.
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