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Good morning ponies! What are your plans for today?

Cherry Berry

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Can she get a thread? She's cute.
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/tfhg/ — Them's Fightin' Herds General

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I have killed the embeds edition.

Previous thread: >>38000453
/ourlobby/: Leaf
Status page:

========= Events =========

Steam page:
Patch Notes:
Most recent dev update:
Notation and Input Primer:
Fighting Game Beginner's Guide:
Mizuumi Wiki:'s_Fightin'_Herds

>1.0 trailer:
>Shanty trailer:

Also known as I NEED THE SPACE EDITION. We're changing things up /tfgh/ and in a big way. It is the start of a new year and henceforth the QT will go from 2 tournaments a week to 1. That's right, the MANE will become the sole tournament for TFH each month.

HOWEVER, this does not mean the QT will only be hosting 1 tournament a month. The NEET bracket will be replaced with a random flavor of the month game that will take place on either Saturday or Sunday. We are taking the one off tournaments like Starcraft and Skullgirls and making them a semi regular thing with a different game each month (it'll never be Skullgirls). The games can repeat down the line so a DOTA tournament doesnt mean there will never be another DOTA tournament.

The newest poll is a question to see which day you Anon's would prefer to have the MANE. Every day is open, although most likely it will be a Saturday or Sunday. Maybe ti will even change every few months to give different people a chance to play. We're still hammering out the details.

Besides all that the QT MANEIVERSARY is only 2 months away. As always I am asking for people to send in their funny little videos for the BIG COMMERCIAL which is the real reason anyone shows up, and here is your advanced notice. If you have any idea, ANY AT ALL, get working and let us see those memes! There's even new Source Filmmaker assets available made by the lovely 3D Anon. SemiHomo.

So that's everything. MORE TO COME!

New Actually Relevant Poll:
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We are playing TF2! #78

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Skill issue edition
OLD THREAD: >>38103681

Pony maps, sprays, and micspam!
Reskinned vanilla maps (with mares) by our very own anons!
Come relive the days of 2011-2013 pony TF2 with your friends from /mlp/!

Server IP: OR
Password: check filename
SourceTV IP (to spectate without taking a player slot):
Map downloads for fags with slow internet:
Check the server status in your browser:
Check player stats:
Download demos from matches (request demos in thread):
Site for easily making sprays:

Weekday hours: 7-9pm EDT to 12-4am EDT (24-32 players)
Saturday/Sunday hours: 8-9pm EDT to 12-4am EDT (28-32 players)
Custom MvM also available for slower days (10 player limit) and Deathrun/Versus Saxton Hale/Zombie Fortress for after hours.

This server uses a plugin that changes the stats of some weapons. See and for info.

Consider installing mastercomfig if you have frequent frame drops, bad hitreg, poor network connectivity, or are new to the game. See for easy installation. It is STRONGLY recommended that all players install some preset of mastercomfig since TF2's default netcode settings have not been changed since 2007.

Check out this pony mod collection compiled by Anonymous:

THERE IS NO DISCORD SERVER OR EXTERNAL CHATROOM ASSOCIATED WITH THIS THREAD. All information regarding the TF2 general is – and will always be – contained in these threads. Any post mentioning "the /mlp/ TF2 Discord" is a troll and should be ignored.

/mlptf2/ intro:
/mlp/ makes Equestria virtually real (4/27):
/mlp/ tf2: crashing the server (8/29):
/mlp/ tf2: admin abuse (8/29):
TF2 with /mlp/ Karaoke Night (10/16):
Tf2 With /mlp/ Karaoke Night And Anon Friday (10/29):
Tf2 With /mlp/ Open Mic Night (11/11):
Beginning To Look Alot Like Dustbowl (12/25):

No one is judged for being new to the game, and skill level across the playerbase varies.
Join the fun!
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The transition from pony to human must have been strange for Sunset Shimmer
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Seriously though, was she a spy?
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Sunset Shimmer Thread

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Previous Thread: >>37975569
Post pics and love Sunset.

Sunset Sunday Ponepaste -
GreentextSavant’s Pastebin -
BG9's Pastebin -
Gritsaw’s Pastebin -
Zharkaer's Pastebin -
Tstar231's Pastebin -
HolytntDiver's Pastebin

Sunset Greentexts
Sunset x Anon by XMRWRITEFAGX -
Burning Sensation (NSFW, Mutant Sunset x Anon) by SUPERKEATON -

Sunset EQG Shorts -
Good Vibes -
Sunset Shimmer sings
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Stop what you are doing Anon we need to take our guns for the sake of Allah

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>Hi anon. Don't mind me just paying *sniff* Shiny a visit.
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Reversed Gender Roles Equestria: Not Too Early Edition

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Previous Thread: >>38074424

Google Doc Archive:

Fauster's Story Archive:

Uh-hmmm's Prompt Archives:

Remember not to save anything of value on pastebin.
Have a broken pastebin link? Replace with
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Pixel canvas thread - You're a FAGGOT edition

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Pixel canvas thread - You're a FAGGOT edition

- Border is complete (Kind of)
- Ponyville project slow but still growing and cute as hell
- Canvas mostly back to dead ( <50 IPs )
- Nasapone Celebration of James Webb Space Telescope OnGoing...

Vandalism Detector:
Offline version:
Spriting Guide:
Minimap Script:

>Quick FAQ
Are we using bots? : There is no "we" here. Just a group of headless hen drawing cute pones and working together from time to time.
Can I use a bot? : Whatever m8. Just keep in mind that it will be reverted on day or an other.
Can I use proxy? : Same answer.
Where is the discord channel? : Kek

Ponyville Project,10629
Lewd Rarity Project,2958

>Previous Thread

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filly thread

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if you dont post fillies i will tie you up and pour cement down your throat
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/bug/ - The Changeling Thread

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Home of all your chitinous needs and the center for all FiM changeling artwork, discussion, stories and more.
Previous Thread: >>37886961
Alternative Thread:

==Active Stories==
BuggyCYOA: A simple adventure involving an Anon who is trying to care for a changeling that he found starving in the Everfree Forest.
Read at: OR (Recommended)

==Recent Short Greens==
Aftermath of Failure:
Expedited Shipping:
The Melon War of 805:

For older stories and other changeling related material, check out The Hive Directory:

This threads question is...
>Why do changelings have fangs?
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Are you guys ready to apologize to her