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Veronica ~wins~ again!
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Guilty Gear Thread

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Remember to always DP after blocking Fuujin.
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>pic releated is a screenshot from the official konosuba videogame
who was in the wrong here?
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>Some people on twitter might receive a DM from Blue Box
>Geoff supposed to be getting the pics from Blue Box today (Saturday)
>Game Boss channel name drops Kojima in a new video (5:28)

Let's crack the case anons.
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Does /v/ play league anymore?
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>/v/ can't talk about your indie game
this will happen to your game too if we find out that you're committing crimes against humanity
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Ninja Gaiden Bread

Looks like PC modding is finally starting to get interesting. NG+ WIP for NG1
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Dumb question, is the Prime Trilogy canon?
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Hey big boy, want to eat my rice???
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>GRRM completed work on Elden Ring YEARS ago

Thank god, they probably changed all his shitty writing already and only used him to generate some hype. Elden Ring is safe from his fat fingers.
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SMTV Demon #3

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The third demon is up

And holy shit he looks amazing, and holy shit that cutscene
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Are you enjoying the FPS RE trilogy so far?
You excited for 9?
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Your turn to die thread

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Have YOU played the best VN this decade yet, /v/?
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You can't actually make an argument for why this is supposedly bad.
You're just jaded, bitter and jealous that you can't enjoy games like this anymore.