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>Have you heard of this game called New Vegas??
>It's so hecking amazing dude.
>There's like this robot guy and he's a cowboy.
>And you can shoot racists with your lesbian friend!
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>Pure action games that dont have any kind of loot and stat systems are unironically a niche genre now

What the fuck went wrong?
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Last thread got 404'd

Trials of Mana, World of Illusion, Professor Layton and BotW
Animaniacs, Mickey Mouse shorts, Game Grumps, Scott the Woz and Vinesauce
Also watchan Piglet's Big Movie tonight
Bleach, Watchmen and 4chan
Tuna and tomato penne for my movie dinner tonight
Coca-Cola with my movie dinner tonight
Comfy and good
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what is /v/ opinion on the Warhammer series
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>turns N-word filter off
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You will never be good at fighting games.
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this is your age of empires 4
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what the fuck happened?
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Sea of Thieves

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opinions? it's on sale. What should I expect if I buy this shit?
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>fuckhuge monster covers all the screen
>walks towards you and trips you comboing you into a tail slam
>try to move around him but get stuck between his front legs
>tail is a weakspot but keeps changing sides constantly
>does a tail spin and you back away and wirebug towards him to close the gap but you end up eating the mud wave
>luring him to land doesn't avoid his diving animation or the mud waves
>casually throws a shit rock at you
>fakes out a spin attack only to delay it 3 seconds and fuck up your counter
>his tail acts as a second head but basically has no tells
>cutting his tail doesn't avoid the wrecking ball thing
>weird ass hipcheck that sometimes will hit you sometimes won't but don't worry, the follow up attack will
>slams you into an acid puddle killing you with DoT while you stand up

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How would you deal with this guy in real life?
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Is Sony running out of ideas? Why would you remake a fairly recent game?

This is pretty fucking silly.
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What is the handheld game you've put the most time into?
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I’d like to explain what’s happening with Garrys mod.
There is no censorship going on, and this entire thing is overblown
I’m the one that contacted Garry Newman on April 6th about the server that caused this issue
I’ll be making a video tonight will all my conversations with Garry Newman and the server in question that caused this controversy
He isn’t censoring content, he isn’t coming after you, he made this announcement based off a particular server with child torture, sexual violence, and a loading screen of a man disemboweling himself
Read here for full explanation
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This is fun. Why was this game panned so bad.
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