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So now the dust has settled, were they good additions?
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>Hunting with a pal in the desert
>Barroth starts chasing my friend, who is using bow
>Friend naturally starts running away
>Barroth keeps chasing friend
>I'm chasing Barroth
> is playing
>This goes on for fifteen minutes
>It's just another day
Monster Hunter thread. What are you hunting?
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How's that game going /v/? You didn't leave it in steam greenlight to rot did you?
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>Royalty above divinity

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What killed the RTS genre?
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Is pewdiepie based, and if so, has he always been based or what?
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If Alisaie isn't with us for the entire 5.0 MSQ I'm going to fucking kill myself
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What's your favorite pokemon?
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I think bikini armor sucks. What games have more realistic and/or subtle female knights? Bonus points if you can play as one.
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Looks like Kino is back on the menu boys

Which halo had your favorite artstyle?

For me it is halo 3. Reachfags get out with your shitty cartoony elites
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