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why can't japanese developers make male characters that look like, ya know, men? who is this catering towards? who is this marketed to? I get there designs for girls, sex sells but the men?

Kratos makes sense, men was to be him and women was to fuck him, so theres an equal badass and sex appeal quality to him but Cloud Strife? Link? why would anyone want to play as some skinny twink faggot? gay men are only a small portion of the population so why design him looking like this!?

it also pulls you out of the game. you're supposed to be this insane super soldier but your a limp wristed skinny gay boy with faggy hair and faggy eyes who's more likely to suck dick then kick ass? its unrealistic.
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In all seriousness, what went so wrong for this game? This game was hyped up for a decade and then it just fucking came and went. Nobody talks about it, nobody gives a fuck about Noctis, hell its almost like the game doesn’t even exist . It’s like Square themselves want to move on from Final Fantasy XV and never look back on it
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What ACTUALLY went right with this trash heap?

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DmC thread.
Did you actually like any parts of this game? Why? If you had free reign to fix it and make it a better game in terms of characters, plot, etc what changes would you personally make?
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Which one is going to be the best game?
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Which program did they use to create pc-98 art?

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>Join gaming discord for a series I'm a fan off
>The community is 99% farthuffing assholes who already made their own clique and treat any newcomer like shit
>If you stick around for more than an hour you realise how sexually charged every interaction is and how people are actively abusing mod privileges to grandstand

Jesus Christ, what a shit platform
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Good fucking job Blizzard

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Cyberpunk 2077 leaked gameplay

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Thoughts? Looks like shit, but there is 2 leaked video parts, can't find second one though.
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Reminder that nothing else in gaming has come close to being as kino as this
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