Fire Emblem

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There are no bad FE games, at worst you'll find an average one.
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It's over
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Rise of Ronin combat trailer and new info

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>Blends melee and gun combat.
>Switch between characters.
>AI companions have bond levels that unlock new abilities.
>Team Ninja wanted combat to feel as if it could be achieved with real training.
>Despite the trailer not making it clear, the game has character creator
>Co-op up to 4 players

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>Game uses constant swearing as a comedic effect
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How do you respond without sounding mad?
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Steam bans Visual Novel

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For having petite models. They were 18. It's officially over isn't it?
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Do you think HDR is overrated snake oil?
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who would have guessed that dumping almost $500 million into a singular game is a bad idea
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>Post your face when 1HP left
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Splatoon 3

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fresh season SOON, post your most anticipated gear
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Why are English dubs in JRPGs so bad?

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You did save Paul , right?
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any games that help me deal with porn addiction?
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