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Why do people harass developers online? The devs are literally the lowest tier corporate slaves.
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Here's what we know!
Location: Akavir
>Your character will be part of an expedition traveling from tamriel
>Your job is to either Conquer, make peace, or side with the Akavir.
>Akavir was chosen because it borrowes a lot of Asian themes which is meant to increase sales in china
>Bethesda is bringing the fallout 4 settlement system into the game with the purpose of making your own dungeons, military bases and players homes.
>Online play let's you invade other player dungeons
>New races are playable but details on how is unknown. Some are saying they're given a different starting sequence.

>Empire and Dominion are working together under an uneasy alliance.
> Dominion wants to conquer Akavir while the empire wants to establish a secret trade alliance so that Akavir forces will assist the empire in a war with the Dominion.
>If you side with the empire you will be fighting battles for Akavir and settling differences between the inhabitants
>Siding with the Dominion will be like a CIA stealth oriented playthrough where you sabotage all sides so they will be forced to trade with you.
>The Akavir storyline is still in the works since there are many factions

No confirmed release. They're not going to do a rush job like before. Fallout 76 was genuinely meant to make some side money to pay for engine improvements, but that didn't go as planned.
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Did they ever reveal this villain's secret identity?
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Honestly. I'm fucking mad.
I loved Warcraft 3, it was game of my childhood and i owned the copy with a code that is now fucked.
I lived in a shithole country in Europe so i could never experience the glory of early WoW too (too poorfag to pay for monthly subscription). Only played a bit in private servers.
How do i cope /v/ros? Blizzard killed all the hope for me for returning to that.
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How do we feel about League of Legends?
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post/share creations

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Friendly reminder that you COULD be playing video games right now.
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>Why yes I main Chadgoon, how could you tell
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Miku thread bitches
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What's the worst video game you've ever played?
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