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>6 years later it's still the best open world game ever made
How did Nintendo do that?
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30+ thread, what video games have you played this past weekend? Give it a quick rate too
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Here's your new Silent Hill protagonist

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Brazillian Lebanese
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>Servers work again
>Player count rising again
>Discount on Steam

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Back in my day if you didn't have this you weren't playing melee DPS, period
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>fat and ugly people are disgusting monsters with zero empathy towards others
And this is why Persona 4 is better than others smt games.
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Silent Hill confirmed now by model

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She said it herself lmao
Recent instagram stories
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>In the year 1380, this is what the average /v/ user looked like

What happened? What went wrong?
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Play Blue Archive
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Linux for vidya

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Should I install it Pop!_OS for gaming? I have enough of windows
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Just look at how huge Makoto's feet are compared to her head.
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