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Buckley has a point here
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Assassin's Creed

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Which game did you like more? Unity or Syndicate? If you hated both post your favorite
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Sony confirms that they are continuing the MCU partnership with Marvel

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Based, now we get more Spider-Man games
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>"What is a man?"
*shatters glass*
>"A miserable little pile of secrets."
>"But enough talk..."
>"Have at you!"
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The sexbot revolution is almost here women will be obsolete!
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Monster Hunter Thread.
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I just got finished with the MGS series, I played them all back to back, and I just finished MGSV.

You have to be fucking shitting me

That's how the metal gear series ends? Why is the reason Kaz hates big boss so stupid and ocelot decides to help liquid because they want revenge on big boss? So many fucking things didn't get answered, where was Paz? She was in the preview of chapter 2? Why did they say Eli wasn't bosses clone but in the end it says he is? Why does it say solid and liquid are born but not solidus? Why did quiet fall in love with the boss even though he literally lit her on fire? What happened to vulgan? What happened to Emmerich after he was set to sea? LITERALLY NOTHING GETS ANSWERED!

I feel fucking cheated. All those hours spent on this franchise and this is how it ends. I would have preferred the series died with revengeance. Fuck you Kojima.
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R/Askreddit's most overrated games ever (2018)

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> 1. NBA 2K18
> 2. The Witcher 3
> 3. FNAF
> 4. Super Mario Bros
> 5. PUBG
> 6. Flappy Bird
> 7. COD Franchise
> 8. Half-Life 2
> 9. Destiny Series
> 10. Fortnite
> 11. TES V: Skyrim
> 12. League of Legends
> 13. Halo 4
> 14. Settlers of Catan
> 15. Arma 3
> 16. Overwatch
> 17. Sonic The Hedgehog (1991)
> 18. Soulsborne Franchise
> 19. Final Fantasy VII
> 20. Pokemon Go
> 21. No Man's Sky
> 22. Pokemon R/B/Y
> 23. Assassin's Creed Franchise
> 24. Gone Home
> 25. Counter Strike: GO
> 26. Life is Strange
> 27. The Cones of Dunshire
> 28. Undertale
> 29. The Last of Us
> 30. Cuphead
> 31. Fallout: New Vegas
> 32. Bioshock Infinite
> 33. Hearthstone
> 34. TES IV: Oblivion
> 35. Halo: Combat Evolved
> 36. Halo 2
> 36. Halo 3
> 37. Horizon Zero Dawn
> 38. Half-Life
> 39. Breath of the Wild
> 40. Grand Theft Auto V
> 41. Doom (1993)
> 42. Kingdom Hearts
> 43. World of WarCraft
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Nergigante! Up there on the Monster Hunter thread!
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What job and playlist are you rocking /v/?
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>playing GTA 5 online
>dad walks in
>Anon dad: Why are you playing as a girl?
>Anon me: .... why not
>Anon dad: Anon, you don't have to hide what you feel
>Anon me: ... what, she just has cool outf-
>Anon dad: Anon, relax. Enjoy your life. Good night *closes door*
................. im not even gay
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Code Vein

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Will you be playing Io's demo, anon? It's on September 3!
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Are we going to ignore the fact that you guys got all hyped up for a gamescon announcement only to find out the big announcement was that DMC5 is already a free download 5 months into release?
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Jordan Peterson on gaming 2: Electric whatever

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Last thread was autosaging so here we are

>Go on
>Type a gaming opinion in 280 characters or less
>Deepfake AI bullshit generates Peterson saying what you typed.
>post here.

Remember, try to keep it vidya
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