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Why do they force romance subplots into vidya? They always come out worse than movies. Max Payne 2 is the only game that had a halfway decent romance subplot.
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>breath of the waifu
It's good
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What if the hero wielding the sword in the BotW tapestry is Ganondorf?
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>Difficulty: [Very Easy]

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What are some actually good, subtle vidya tattoos?
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> FF13/FF15 team not involved
> political kino
> medieval warfare kino
> more grounded, mature, with blood/gore
> Yoshi-P is a Ivalice/Vagrant Story fag
> Heavensward writer
> DMC/Dragon's Dogma/MvC2 battle director
> OST by Soken

Yep. FF is back fellas
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>all players can interact with the world map simultaneously
>the entire server could duke it out in pvp anywhere any time
>player based economy
>the only game to ever get player housing right
>open world with zero instancing
>cities and towns that are more than lifeless hubs

its fucking sad that the first MMO was also the best even two decades after
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It's Up

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>Temen-Ni-Gru didnt technically have any confirmed civilian deaths and Arkham was actually the one who raised the tower
>The Qliphoth grows every 1000 years naturally and you can't legally prove Urizen is Vergil since V exists

How could he be taken down in court? He's genuinely untouchable.
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How would you fix battle network?
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Name one exclusive.
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>power up to make each attack regenerate 1 health
>dash to recover health
>basically have infinite health
Who thought this shit was a good idea? Completely breaks the game.
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>this is supposed to be good level design
holy shit lmao
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What's the verdict?
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