EVO 2022

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Tekken top 8 edition

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>no irl friends
>5 steam friends that havent been online in at least 2 years
>never played games with me in the first place
>kicked or banned from every discord server I join for reasons I don't understand
>absolutely loathe randoms in multiplayer games
What am I supposed to do? How do I get a group of friends to play games with when seemingly everyone I encounter wants me to fucking die?
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LOL take me back bros
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boomers went insane after playing this LMAO
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In 30 years of being alive I've never once scratched a disc.

How the fuck does it happen? What the fuck is wrong with people?

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What's the deal with Blaidd Elden Ring? He's half-wolf-man, but he doesn't look half wolf nor half man.
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Should games show more interaction with background characters?
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any recommendations about VN's? :D
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Dark souls sucks
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is ZODIARK STANCE the best new meme of this game's retarded community?
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Why was it so forgettable?

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Well /v/? Is she right?
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