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Which game has the best teabagging mechanic?
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>go to gym
>smells like BO everywhere from people exerting energy

>go to gaymen tournament
>smells like BO everywhere from people exerting energy

What the hell do you expect? To smell like a department store? It's a mental workout playing games, and you ARE prone to sweating. So why is it okay when Chads fart and sweat profusely in their gym, but not a gaming tournament? When have you defeated a difficult boss without shedding a single drop of sweat?
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Genshin Impact

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What are we really waiting for anniversary rewards?
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beat em up games

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what are your favorites?

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>developers make the endgame villain TOO evil
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I love this little nigga like you would not believe.
>captcha YXDDD
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I enjoy Dragalia Lost despite it being a gacha, and while I wish it wasn't a gacha, I am happy it made it to 3 years and is as non-jew as a gacha can be

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Autumn is here and soon Halloween will be too. Do you have a game you play every year that reminds you of fall? What will you be playing on Halloween? And what is the spookiest game you've played?

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Ask a gaming journalist as a fairly well-known site anything.
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What would you do, if you had a 1 billion dollars?
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tales of arise

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>bamco: haha look we can do the seperioth as well

btw rinwell is a ugly and stupid piece of shit
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Diablo 2: Resurrected

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Will you play it?
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I can't beat them
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