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>He's a boring disappointment just like the rest of the DLC
Thanks for nothing Arcsys
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King /v/ 2021: (Round 1) Part 5

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Keep all tournament talk ITT.


Votes are editable this round due to a poll mistake. But still remember: Vote with your heart.



►OC Booru:



►The Tournament
>The 128 contestants are seeded based on their number of votes in the qualifier; the top voted get the top seeds, and vice versa. In the first round, matches are determined by seeding (1st vs. 128th, 2nd vs. 127th, etc.) and distributed across the bracket in a way so that the top two seeds can only meet in the final, top four can only meet in the semifinals, and so on. This is to prevent an anticlimactic finale with an obvious winner and loser.

>For Round 1 onwards, a character submitted with a sexual or low quality pic may have a different image on the poll, should he pass Qualifiers. Images might also be different for certain characters if the poll is taking too long to be posted.

>Anons vote for the winner of each match every round. Winners advance and fight other winners.

>In a tie, the win will go to the character with the higher seed. If said tie occurs in the finals, a runoff vote is held.

>The characters in the quarterfinals become the year's Elite 8, with 3rd to 8th places determined by a poll, and the winner of the finals is the champion of the tournament and the year's King of /v/alhalla.


►King Elite 8 2020
Dante (Devil May Cry)
Raiden (Metal Gear)
Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes)
Vergil (Devil May Cry)
Jetstream Sam (Metal Gear)
JC Denton (Deus Ex)
Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney)
Scout (Team Fortress 2)
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Is League a good game
I think it is
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This is at least in the top 5 FPS campaigns of the last decade

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All true my children but enough of that, enjoy your tea.
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DOA Thread

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Happy birthday, Kokoro!
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Recommend me some good puzzle games
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Halo Infinite is FIXED
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I fucking love the gameplay, exploration, and atmosphere, but I wish the story and characters were a bit more focused on. Cute waifus as well. I'd say it is an 8.5/10
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protip you cant

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Give me one good reason why this is considered bad?
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Finally a soulful remaster!
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Will it avoid crashing and burning like Nick All Star Brawl?
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Why were the other princesses so mean to Daisy?
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Is /v/ a Mayuri or Kurisu board?
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Honest thoughts on Pyra?
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