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I thought halo was good

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What happened? It's already below TF2 and it's peak hours on steam right now.
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ITT: Subtly annoying things in vidya
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Has a game ever made you cry literal tears?
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Hey I'm here! Hurry up! Pick me up, shithead!

Wolfenstein 2

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>Make game about Nazis
>Depict Nazi take over of America
>It's literally paradise
Why do bluepilled developers always end up dropping redpills?
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fuck RBG zoomer keyboards /v/
what are some proper gaming keyboards for adults?
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This game is geniunly a hidden masterpiece imo

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>8/10 story, only held back by being a pokemon spin-off
>10/10 music
>8/10 characters
>8/10 gameplay
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How did Bungie get away with this?

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