Sonic Amateur Game Expo 2020

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It's that time of the year again. See anything you like?
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How comes no decent Baki game has ever been released?
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This is surprisingly very good. Thoughts?
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This is awesome. Fortnite doing a parody of that old Apple commercial from the 80s, to throw shade on Apple.

I don't understand why people think Epic is going to lose this? They have won every single confrontation they have engaged in so far. They're breaking apart all the corporate monopolies one by one. And they have a skin of The Dude.
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Games when your teammates decides to execute you for no apparent reason.
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>Be Tim Sweeney
>Own one of the biggest media franchises in the world
>Decide that an owning one of the most widely used game engines on the planet isn't enough for you
>Make policy change that knowingly breaks Apple and Google's ToS
>Games predictably get pulled from both stores
>Tell intern to upload the propaganda video you made last week to YouTube less than an hour after this announcement complete with hashtag for PR
>Alert your playerbase (mainly children) that the reason their game is gone and the money they spent on it was stolen was because of something Apple did and not because you deliberately got it killed to go to war with tech companies
>Team of lawyers put out a prepared statement painting you as a martyr of the free market and reframing your jealousy as righteous anger
>Probably didn't even refund MTX purchases made before the game was pulled

This is actually the worst it's ever been. Bobby Kotick underpaying his employees and Andrew Wilson peddling low effort garbage to retards and the general nickel-and-diming of consumers has nothing on this. This is the big one. Tim Sweeney kamikazed his game and told you it was Apple's fault. Millions of people lost what they spent on this game. Millions of children are being used to peddle propaganda for a millionaire for free. It's not even close. This dude is actually a fucking sociopathic lunatic, even more than most millionaires. What the FUCK
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Risk of Rain 2

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Has anyone tried the new combo yet with captain? I assume it's a glitch that will be patched out eventually, because developers hate fun in their games and care more about "duh meta".
Visions of heresy adds 12 extra charges to your airstrike attack per stack, with command you can easily get multiple stacks and never stop spamming them, it's incredibly fun. Try it. I had 72 rockets with 6 VoH, each dealing a shitton damage.
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>Valve NEWS Network
>Partially responsible for the Team Fortress 2/ Counter Strike source code leak back in April
>Blatently lied about CSGO getting ported to Source 2 despite Valve stating otherwise
>Every month he makes a video where the only thing he says is that TF2 is dead
>Blames players for running into TF2 MYG0T bots
>Reports Sourcemods he's not involved with to Valve, a company built off mods, for copyright infringement
>Shills the Index yet calls for Valve to stop manufacturing it
>Constantly retweets stuff against Valve, such as making GabeN pay New Zealand taxes while he was stuck there during the Coronavirus outbreak
>Tries to make every former Valve employee/voice actor he interviews talk negatively about the company
What is he trying to achieve?
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Hey this is kind of fun
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Nioh 2

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>Blast Yaroka Water, Flaming Heron, and Raijin spells while Moonlite Snowing you
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In the current era of nostalgia-baiting people into buying the same game again, would you buy a Simpsons hit and run remake?
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Fall Guys

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Ready for another weekend of no crowns??
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Should I feel bad for enjoying it?
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>Runs in alone and dies for absolutely no reason
What the fuck was she thinking?
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