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DEX loses to INT
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Why do gamers say they hate "politics in video games" all of a sudden when games have had political themes for decades?
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Simply put, the greatest JRPG of all time.

genshin fags assemble

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will mihoyo fix this fucko or are they too busy milking money
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If you could choose between deleting: Valve, Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo who would you kill and why?
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>look at the clock
>9:00 PM
>it's still early, I guess I could play some games
>play for a little bit
>look at the clock again
>5:00 AM
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Party Van

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It's Friday, /v/! Come celebrate the first week of Christmas season with some virgin losers who still play TF2! Hop on!

Password: the usual
Maps (7/24/20):
Saysounds (9/11/20):
Want to host the next Variety Night? Check this out:

This Sunday, we'll be playing Trouble in Terrorist Town. Make sure to grab these maps before then:
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>it gets good 10 hours in
>pc game of the year

my fucking sides

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So now that the PC leak has been out for a few hours, what do you think of it /v/?
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I notice /v/ like to defend Nintendo. so please try to defend this.
>LEGALLY own brawl / melee
>LEGALLY back it up on my harddrive
>LEGALLY play it in my harddrive.
Why is this wrong in /v/ or Nintendo eyes?
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his now the co president of naughty dog
say something nice about him
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Cyberpunk 2077 Impression Thread

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Continuing my impression thread from earlier without copyrighted materials. Hopefully this one should be fine! Post early impressions of Cyberpunk itt.
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>pokemon after gen 1
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