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>Maintenance extended to undecided.
It's happening! doa bread
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>the year is 2000
>you come home from school
Which game do you boot up?
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>Sues Apple because IOS is their smallest market wich means less risk
>in the process burns every bridge to every major console company in one single trial
what was he thinking?
will anyone want to work with Epic after this?
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How do Nintendo

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make so much money despite having had a pretty average software output for the past few years?

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This game is unironically boring dogshit, why do critics circlejerk it so hard?
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Would this even be possible in modern western games? Or is it too salacious
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Resident Evil 8 is going to be bigger, and more culturally significant, than The Beatles.

This game is literally going to change people's lives.
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How do you feel when gaming companies use 4chan memes in their games?
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Games where i can play as a loser?
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Was Titanfall 2 simply too sophisticated for the masses?
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>more Switch Lite models
>still no actual news on a Pro model

Who buys these things? It's a Switch without Switching.
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Isaac Repentance

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Mod support when?
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Is Shin Megami Tensei forever doomed to be a mobile-tier game?