Dokkan Battle

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Worldwide Disappointment saga
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Genshin Impact

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Just another soulless gacha hellhole with a fancy coat of paint on it. It has no real integrity beyond looking like a bigger game than it actually is. I'll admit, it had me fooled at first, but I think I'm over it now that the game is actually available. I wish more true to form JRPGs would make their way over to android. None of this half baked, incomplete story, gachafag bullshit. I'd pay full retail price for one too. Why'd traditional handheld gaming have to die out?

Well, anyway, what are your thoughts, /vmg/?
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more 0 sanity hours.
I love my wife Hazel! Who is your wife anon?
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Project Sekai

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You'll play her game, right?
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CoD mobile shitty? or Not shitty?

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Ive played it before and its pretty good (in my opinion)

Granblue Fantasy

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Granblue Fantasy comfy thread for beginners and trivial discussions.
Keep it civil.

Increased droprate campaign:
9/15-9/22: Yggdrasil Omega, Medusa, Yggdrasil Omega HL, Godsworn Alexiel HL
9/22-9/29: Tiamat Omega, Nezha, Tiamat Omega HL, Grimnir HL
9/29-10/6: Luminiera Omega, Apollo, Luminiera Omega HL, Metatron HL

26 Million Players Celebration ends in 4d 7h.
Half AP etc. ends in 4d 23h.
Pendant Boosts end in 6d 7h.
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How is your doctor Eliza hunting going?
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Guardian Tales

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Date A Live: Spirit Pledge

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Are you going to roll for Clock or wait for Mayuri?
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Shironeko Project

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6 years already and not even Nintendo can kill it, how does it hold up? Discuss
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A new Reprint event, this time it's "Unfurl the Sails! A Golden Treasure Ship"! It begins August 31st, 20:00 JST
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Anyone else ever play those Kairosoft sim games?

Battle Cats thread

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Kaza Jizo edition

ITT: Hopes for 10.0?
Almighties true forms
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Fire Emblem Heroes

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Are you summoning for Legendary F Corrin?
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Does /vmg/ play anything that isn't gacha trash?

If so, what?
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