Dokkan Battle

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Why have they waited so long for his EZA? Is it simply because there hasn't been a good time the last year?
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World Flipper

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You did get A!Regis, A!Phiria, A!Hanabi, X!Bianca, and Beaucy right anon?
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Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY 7ms

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new update, new thread
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A thread for games of interest to the josei audience, which really just means Nu:Carnival and some enstars whenever omnipandering games aren't handing out the regularly scheduled scraps.
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8th Anniversary of The Battle Cats!

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>Update 11.9

>8 Years of Battle Cats Announcement
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Limbus Company

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Roachbro is next
Literally Nobody is last sinner implying dante is counted
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Langrisser Mobile

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Forbidden Battleground event awaits!
New Covenant: Odin
SP Ledin coming soon!
Elma's new skin (Macho Lotto) coming soon!

Wandering Duelist (Neo Brenda) or Julian?Who did you summon?
Are you ready for Ricky and McClaine arrival on the October's major update?
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Fire Emblem Heroes

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Will you summon for anyone on the new Three Hopes banner tomorrow?
If you got Rearmed Lif's sword right now, who would you give it to? What other sorts of Rearmed Heroes would you like to see?
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wild rift is back

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Kassadin sucks, who are we waiting for?
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Last Origin

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ENG patch now available
Upcoming JP event -
KR is rumored to be getting the same event next as a rerun
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PuraOre: Pride of Orange

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Well the last thread died already, so let's continue discussing PuraOre.

Well the half-anniversary has come and gone and it appears that there was a very short-lived boost on the 13th before dropping back to normal again over the last few days. Will the game make it to the end of the year?
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Identity V IDV

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Fourth anniversary soon.

But before that we've got this little event.
Get the fuckin fat cat!
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Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact thread. Best mobile game ever.
Cutest archon edition. Try not to uoohhh at her. Please understand that it is rude and impolite, and she is just very smol.
Old thread >>886554 hit bump limit.
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One Piece Treasure Cruise

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Super Kizuna Uta is out, post your teams and strategies
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