Another Eden

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Welp since the last one has already reached its 500 bump limit. I guess here's new thread

So yeah, what a fucking twist. Also is the interdimensional bartender and the old man that maintains the setting's Gacha Meta.

Despite it looking like the main story might be wrapped up. Will they still somehow manage to continue the game with maybe different side stories seperate from the main story and crossover events?
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Dokkan Battle

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Universe 11 saga
Arriving on the 24th,
>Explosive Chain Battle [vs. Goku]
>Great Ape Bardock awakening + EZArea
>Extreme Challenge Campaign
Dokkan Battle Wiki:
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Identity V

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Thoughts on chinese bootleg DBD?
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Dragon Ball Legends

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/dbg/ guild: h7ygsygw
Friend code: k2f3dd3e

Now that most of the hype characters are through, it’s difficult to predict what comes next. Who are you excited for?
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It's New Year's, which means your favorite cute boy-collecting kusoge is trying to steal your money once again. How's that going, /vmg/?
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Guardian Tales

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Remember to finish all your evo dungeons for first clear rewards before they get reset next update
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The mobile game Princess Connect! Re:Dive has soft launched on android as of now.

It's an autobattler with no gameplay where you collect cute girls. Everything is voiced, has tons of animated cutscenes and the main draw of the game is collecting your favorite girls, reading their stories, the main story and the events.
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Cookie Run Games: Kingdom finally out!

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Hello cookie runners, here's the latest:

>Cookie Run Kingdom has officially released
>Earl Gray Cookie is available in Ovenbreak
>New Guild Run season in 6 days
>New events/cookies/story in Ovenbreak in about a week
>Mint Choco Cookie is now available in Puzzle World

How are you enjoying Cookie Run Kingdoms? Do you think you'll care about it in half a year? Will Devsisters? What's next for Ovenbreak?
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Call of Duty Mobile

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Chinese version optimization and BR Warzone mechanics are coming in S15, hang tight.

Boring grinding event ongoing, zzzzzzzz

Clan name: /VGM/
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The Battle Cats

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Delinquent edition
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AFK Arena

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Best Girl Edition
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Girls Frontline

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Theater Mode's back and Chapter 12's Emergency/Night Missions are going online this January 26!

Also, The Division Collab is coming very soon.
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What are the best android offiline games? It can be paid I don't care
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Sakura Kakumei

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A Sakura Taisen spinoff mobage developed by delightworks and releasing in Japan on the 15th.

Character designs are cute, 3d and sound design have a distinctly budget feel, but who knows.
They did an original anime episode that's the game prologue and was quite good:

Are you waiting for it? Will you give it a try?
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Shaw, from Arknights.
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