Aether Gazer

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Co-op boss never again
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Dokkan Battle

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Year of Gohan
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Wuthering Waves

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Only 5 days (5/22/24) till release!
What are you most excited for?
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Fire Emblem Heroes

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Did you summon for any of this year's Fallen Heroes?
Any hopes/expectations for this year's Bridal banner?
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one piece treasure cruise 10th anniversary

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the game is now a decade old, are you playing it? for how long now?
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Tales of the Rays

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Only a few days left of the 7th anniversary. Asteria event coming soon.
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Another Eden

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So which Personality finisher is your favorite and why is it Glasses?
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Cookie Run Games: Bake Free!

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Good Morning, CRGietnam! Hope you're up bright and early for a thread full of various Cookie Run Games! You've got questions, we've got answers! Be there or be square!

>Meet Sneedball Cookie - here to crack your most precious items like Handball 17!
>Time Relic Chaos - enjoy your yearly TBD CBT!
>Tough Cookie returns! Are you the strongest?
>Doughnut Ball Technical License - Come on, it's just a little jumping!
>Splashing Festival - Do literally everything for exactly 1k Rainbow Cubes!
>Treasure Mastery - Time Weaver Scissors - Snibbidy Snab!
>New Legendary Treasure - Hourglass of Asternus Tempora - No more, please!
>Meet Marble bread Cookie soon!
>Meet Caramel Choux Cookie and Street Urchin Cookie in the Town Square!
>Visit the Cuckoo Town Square - Tons of events and a gathering place it's practically a 12 hour job!
>Caramel Choux and Street Urchin Town Square Tour to obtain rewards by completing missions in the Town Square!
>Springtime Bingo - Random daily chores around the Town Square!
>Spiky Tornado Race - Simulate OvenBreak's Gameplay in the Town Square!
>Added Strawberry Crepe Cookie's Magic Candy! - Release erotic crepe energy for those in need of correction!
>Strawberry Crepe Cookie’s Cake Shop coming up in April 13th!
>Town Square - Town Square!
Witch's Castle
>Gacha system reworked! Now it's still shitty, but not as shitty!
Puzzle World
>Has not NEEDED any updates!

How have you been ENJOYING Witch's Castle? Have you spent any money yet? How long will it be around? What do you think of these games' various current updates? Town Square? How is 2024 treating Cookie Run? Have you maxed out all your treasures yet? Which 3 cookies have the best trial themes? Discuss all things Cookie Run!
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AFK Journey

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new season is out and it sucks :)
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Tower of Fantasy

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What went horribly wrong?
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Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

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Leviathan and new FS chapter soon
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Now that its basically dead, let's share our final thoughts on the game

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>That Feel When:
-you didn't fall for the ACR meme. Nobody gives a shit about some badge you got for all that time you wasted grinding for.
-you didn't fall for the "Mii Meta" meme. Just a waste of rubies and an obvious scam to get you to buy more rubies.
-you didn't fall for the Gold Mii Suit is good meme, that shit stayed at level 1 for me ever since I got because it never covered any tracks I didn't already have a driver for.
-you didn't fall for the LARGE HITBOX meme. You can do perfectly fine in rank without buying big karts.
-you didn't fall for the Gold Mario is the best Driver meme. Game was already Over when he released, So he's useless, no need for investment in him.

Anyone who spent money on Karts & Gliders was a fool.
Anyone who spent money on Premium Challenge Cards was just straight up retarded.
Anyone who still continues to buy the Gold Pass for a game that's not getting any new content anymore, just...what in the fuck is wrong with you???

In my opinion: F2P games should stay what they are- Free-2-Play. I had my fun with Mario Kart Tour and will continue to do so until its eventual shutdown and glad I was able to do so without needing to empty my wallet on it.
I'll also always miss the Gacha aspect of it, felt good not being a Lucklet!
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Discuss joseimuke games and those with similar appeal to the same audience.
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Guardian Tales

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Come in, Season 3 soon™
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May Fever event going on right now, plus seed and blossom dungeons are currently open
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