Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

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>No Sailor Barret costume...
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Dokkan Battle

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Turning your fleeting raw emotions into power?
Only a pathetic mortal like yourself could thrive on a tactic that unrefined; which explains why it took me so long to realize it!
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Fire Emblem Heroes

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Are you rolling for the new attuned skill/arcane staff? Or saving for AHR? Since Martha’s/Lumera’s banner is going to be over soon, who did you engage Marth with if you got him?
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Blue Archive JP

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Playable before Seia edition
Whose T9 gear are you farming for Kaiten daikessen?
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Cookie Run Games: Event Doughble Down

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Don't skip this trailer - It's Cookie Run Games! Here's all the latest:

>Ready, Cookie, Action - Popcorn Cookie finally gets content via doing what she always does!
>Meet Choco Bar Cookie!
>Play the new event mode! It should be called the old event mode! Nothing special here!
>Return of the Special Draw! Open many many many many MANY boxes of loot!
>Surprise Exchange Shop - Grab the special things you missed in past updates!
>New Treasure - Munch Munch Popcorn - Popcorn Cookie climaxes all over the screen!
>New movie costumes for Shining Muscat, Popcorn Cookie, Habanero Cookie, Choco Bar Cookie and Blue Slushy Cookie!
>New Breakout Mode - Run through EVERYTHIIIIIIIIING (with no week reset; play at your pace!)
>Buddy Event - Earn Buttercream Choco Cookie! I don't like his look!
>Meet Butter Squid Cookie later on!
>Meet Matcha Cookie (Epic) and Elder Faire Cookie (Super Epic)!
>Play Faerie Kingdom battle with the entire world to go against a boss using battle horns!
>Beast-yeast Balloon expeditions to obtain Yeast Ores - This ones expand your storage without using crystals, hoorray!
>More Kingdom Album available to purchase in the Music Hall for precious crystals!
>Autoplay in Cutscenes and Special Records added!
>Bug Fixes and Buffs to Injury Effect debuff, Squeaky Flamingo Treasure and... Silverbell Cookie and Mercurial Knight Cookie! - They just released last month!
Puzzle World
>Eyeing Witch's Castle with disdain

What would cookies use as drugs? How long have you been playing Cookie Run Games? Forget flavor, what type of cookie do you want to see next? (Chef, Teacher, etc) How deadly is a rainy day to cookies/kingdoms? You come up with a new unique event if you’re so goddamn smart! How many Surprise Bears have you ranked up? 50? Two cookies will protect you, the others will try to kill you. (Micmac included) Who do you choose? HARD MODE: No Legendaries/Gingerbrave. How long will you last if updates stay samey?
Discuss all things Cookie Run!
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anyone excited for this?
i like that it's a premium anime game with dlcs, which is much better than fomo gacha
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Help me find a mobile game folks.

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Ok so i need to find a game. Old game i used to play.
The games logo had a cartoonish lion with wings in it.
It was alien inspired and you had to feed on alien larvea and shit. And depending on what you fed it it evolved a diffrent way. Kinda like these merge evolution games but only one creature. The goal was to evolve it in every path.You could also send it into the wastelands to fight creatures for food. It was awesome. Please help me anons. It was a good game and i want to re-live it but forgot the name.

Cookie Run Games: We're Doughing Down

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New Year, New Cookie Run Games! We're already a month in! Up next:

>Save Planet Xylitol - Most of you have done this already! Surely everything is fixed with no trauma!
>Meet your newest legendary, Xylitol Nova Cookie, along with Astronaut Cookie!
>Rock Paper Scissors duels - WANTED: Coffee Cookie for attacking the innocent repeatedly!
>Treasure Mastery - Star Candy Globe - Can also get it via Guild Mission!
>New Treasure - Jelly Pop Bottle Rocket
>Astronaut's ability takes FOREVER to charge!
>This update is pretty much over! New content to come in a week!
>Ready for Valentine's Day?
>Meet White Lily (Ancient) and Silverbell Cookie (Epic)! Finally! Nobody wanted White Lily though! Nobody here CARES about her!
>Midsummer Night's Forest Spirit Legendary Costume Set for White Lily and Pure Vanilla Cookie!
>Beast-Yeast Episodes! New storyline that needs it's own stamina currency!
>Beastcuits added!
>Max Lvl. Cap raised to 80! - Hopefully you have saved enough Star Jellies and Skill Powders!
>3rd Anniversary Festival events! - Obtain Bear Jelly coins to gamble and spend on goodies!
>Wheel of Fortune, Lucky Dice, Festival Shop, Deluxe Gacha, Anniversary Exhibition, New Bounties, Decor themes and QoL improvements! - The list goes on and on!
>Tower of Sweet Chaos is gone. GONE!
>Puzzle World
>The only thing keeping Devsisters afloat at this point
Tower of Adventures
>CBT available for all male players
>HQ currently aflame and going down for being too ambitious
What do you think of the way Devsisters has been running recently? Where do you think they'll be by the end of the year? Which Cookies need an update story with them? How many times are they gonna recycle/reskin events and update gameplay this year? What would make for a good Cookie Run crossover? Which Cookies would come out on top in a battle royale? Will your kingdom graciously house all the Brixity refugees? You don't play any other /vmg/ gachas, right? Discuss all things Cookie Run!
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Azur Lane

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Lets discuss and appreciate all things about the mobile game Azur Lane like proper gentlemen who have given themselves over to the pursuit and command of warships made manifest as cute and beautiful girls with our fellow /vmg/ peers
Pic related is the last line of defense for (You)r timeline against the Bonado, tell her she's a good girl
TB is raising you to be a good SKK and I couldn't find good art of her new modules or War Fortress/Silver Fox to use as the OP
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Dragon Ball Legends

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Friend Code: k2f3dd3e
/dbg/ guild: h7ygsygw

Legendsfest is over, but the party isn’t over yet with this GT Campaign. Did you summon for Spirit Bomb Goku and Pan; will you summon for Super 17 and Bra? What characters are you looking forward to this year?
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Discuss joseimuke games and those with similar appeal to the same audience

How are you guys enjoying your February/Valentine's events? Anyone planning on checking out the new Argonavis game?
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Langrisser Mobile

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Mirror World Madness, the newly added event is almost over.
How did it go for you? Was it fun or way too challenging?

>Upcoming New Heroes Banner:
Eshean / Hofmann

Coming soon:

>SP Almeda
>New Covenant - Vidar
>Forbidden Battleground
>Guild Dimensional Expedition
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The New Year's event story's Epilogue is now available! Clearing it will unlock this event's Special Bonus Quests!
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D4DJ Groovy Mix

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