Cookie Run Games: Kingdom Comes

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No, I'm not upset I didn't get to make funny fake update notes on April 1st. Lemme just throw these notes away. Welcome back to our in-line cookie rave. As of the time of writing:

>Pure Vanilla Cookie is inbound, along with a little hint-hint of a certain other newcomer
>Two new story episodes will continue the grand tale of hallways with periodic enemies
>Scheduled to release in the second week of April
>April Fool's event is still ongoing. Prizes include a new jelly set and an alternate "costume" until April 15
>The Grand Champion's League is going to be over in about 4 days. Personally, I'll miss the music.
>Battle Run, Mentee Event and the Rainbow Cube Piggy Bank end in 23 days
>Treasure Mastery for the Starlight Nightlight ends in 12 days
>Licorice Cookie is inbound, soon to grace your screens
Puzzle World
>Nothing new at the moment
>However, new cookies seem to get released alongside other games' updates, so we'll have to wait and see..

How have you been progressing? What are your plans for Licorice/Vanilla? You gonna level these two guys to max? Already got a head start on Enchantress? Discuss all things Cookie Run!
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Dragon Ball Legends

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/dbg/ guild: h7ygsygw
Friend code: k2f3dd3e

3.0 update
>Tournament of Power mode
>Able to delete adventures
>"Haste" feature will let you shorten the time required in Adventures and Training!
>PvP prebattle loading screen showing you the character selections of both players
>The amount of Equipment you can sell at once will increase from 20 to 50
>You can auto-select Equipment to sell
Yep I'm thinking based.
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Brawl Stars

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Stop being a faggot, Janny.

Also Barley is the thinking man's brawler.
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How can I get good, /vmg/?
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Illusion Conncet

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Welcome back to /vmg/
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What's a game where the banner is trash but you summon anyways because the discounts are good?
For me, it's Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle for Android and iOS.
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How can I request a refund from Google Play if it has been more than two days since I made the purchase?

King's Raid

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Anyone here played this game, and if so how horrible is the grind.
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Uma Musume Pretty Derby
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Is it true that the maximum Ragna level is being lowered to 30 in KR? And if so, do you think they will implement that change we we are at the same stage of the game than them or sooner?
God, leveling Ragnas to 40 is so fucking tedious.
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Girls Frontline

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The Photo Studio Mystery rerun is up, along with new dolls added to production.

Did you get any of them yet?
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Mobile games with adult Japanese women as their target audience. The triple anniversary month of Enstars, Hypmic and Twisted Wonderland is ending, which anniversary did you like the most?
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D4DJ Groovy Mix

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Are you enjoying the remixes?
Serenade of Falling Cherry Blossoms is still ongoing
>English Option Spring 2021

Also Hiiro's Birthday
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Disgaea RPG comes out on April 12th, any of you guys are planning to play it?
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Have any of you fuckers been able to make this game work on emulators?