Echoes of Mana

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Who are you hoping they add after Blackpearl and Elazul?
Personally I want better AI, but also Bud and Lisa.
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Seven Mortal Sins X-tasy

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>Game download

>Game Twitter

>Serial codes
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Code Geass Genesic Re;Code

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Guess it will soon belong to here.
Gotta get familiarized with board.
Any geassfags around here, what are you expecting from this?
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Touhou Lost Word

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Roll for the Iron Haniwa, screw the Yakuza Turtle Dragon.
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artery gear fusion

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apparently it will have a global cbt in a few days
what is there to expect of it?
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Tales of Mobages

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Discuss mobile games of the Tales of series.

Tales of the Rays
Tales of Asteria
Tales of Luminaria
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I miss Brawl Stars

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I miss early BS... At those time it was a straightforward and simple game and it was super fun to play casually when you had some spare minute.
After they added the seasonal pass to monetize the fuck out of it they were forced to add new brawlers every other update and the quality of the characters really suffered from it. They then passed the point of non return when they added those useless gears that basically turned BS into a classic supercell soft-p2w game. Also what's the deal with the trophy league shit? Playing for the best of three is utterly painful and strips the game of its casual nature
fuck supercell
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Is a shame this game isn't getting that much attention. Hope the global launch is soon.
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Blue Archive

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Thread for discussion of the Japanese server of Blue archive

Golden week is here and a event with Ninjas playing card games
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Fire Emblem Heroes

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Did you summon for Medeus or anyone else on his banner?
Fallen Heroes should be the next main banner after this. Who do you expect? Do you think they'll top Fallen Edelgard at all?
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Cookie Run Games: Loss of Balance

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The Cookie Run Games never end! Get your notebooks ready for these notes!

>Cookie Sports Day - Suffer Pudding Cup Circus style until the inevitable easy mode comes!
>New treasure - Cheery Pom Poms - Run, get points, repeat!
>Meet Cherry Ball Cookie - Family ties to the other Cherry Cookies! Pop her cherry!
>Super Epic costumes for Orange and Lime! Children's Day Costumes return as well!
>Live Challenge - Enjoy RNG to ensure good players don't always steamroll!
>Jelly Shape Gacha! - I'm so addicted!
>Children's Day Surprise - Free cubes!
>Treasure Hunt - Far too easy maze with 30 chests!
>Treasure Trial - Get those pom poms leveled!
>Treasure Mastery - Power Energy Drink!
>Cookie Odyssey - Like Mario Odyssey but with lore!
>Titles! It's something!
>Meet Wildberry Cookie! Get fucked Cookie Run Tips!
>Consul's Brilliance - You could always use more Gachas! Meet Clotted Cream Cookie!
>It lasts 39 days while Wildberry's draw lasts 32!
>For the Republic! - Complete missions for Clotted Artery Cookie draws! I also liked playing Officer in SWBF2!
Puzzle World
>Is waiting for that Kingdom crossover any day now

What do you think of the Jelly Shape Gacha? Isn't it so fun and enjoyable? How much of it was already unlocked for you? Does the Live Challenge make you wanna die? What's your favorite pet from a design point? Enjoying the pages of Kingdom lore? Have you grabbed/maxed that cookie you wanted yet? Predict the ending of the Kingdom/Ovenbreak event! What is your kingdom's defense plan against attacking armies? Which cookie are you currently building affection for? Discuss all things Cookie Run!
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Puzzle & Dragons (PAD)

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I want Hera-Is to step on me.
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Global News: Global planned to release sometime this month
KR News: Eins and Zwei school swimsuit + 4 other skins (popular guesses are genderbend Na Yubin + Roy, Chinatsu cosplaying as Orochi, and Naielle cosplaying as Yen Xing)
SEA News: April Fools (May Fools) chibi Event + skins
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