Girls Frontline

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The comfy months continue!
everyone's dead after the last Theater
Just a rerun this month. Also some tacticool stuff is finally coming in.
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Metal Slug Commander

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Anyone playing Metal Slug Commander?

How do you feel it compares to previous games like Attack, Defense and Infinity?

I was playing Infinity but they will be closing it down this month

It seems promising, the actual gameplay is not that different, but the gacha system seems to be more fair and the upgrade mechanics seem to be easier than Infinity and both the card art and pixel art are much better, but the roster of available characters is not near of what Infinity had.

I also like that the additional game modes give it more diversity and forms to unlock and farm stuff.

I only need to play around 20-30 mins a day to finish the daily challenges.

Dokkan Battle

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Explosive Chain Battle [vs Goku] saga
It's that time again dokkanbros. CB arrives in a few hours.
Dokkan Battle wiki:
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AFK Arena

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Prev >>525618
funny painter man edition

Another Eden

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A new thread for Another Eden! Antiquity Mythos is complete, Goddess of Time Part 2 is complete. The Barukoki interlude is coming up, and then it'll be Ocean Palace 2 and then the new Future Mythos. Any guesses on where things will go next?
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Call of Duty Mobile

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How's Undead Siege

Clan: /VGM/

We're looking for grinders for Clan Wars, BR mains are needed. Reaching Legendary this season.
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Tales of Mobages

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Cookie Run Games: Berry Addictive

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Always filled with things to do, so play Cookie Run Games! Since the last thread, here's what's new:

>Part 2 of the Dragon's Garden update has arrived!
>Lucky Clover Earrings - Treasure Mastery event!
>Rice Cake Tossing event! Feed the wabbit!
>A Day in Paradise event! Navigate a maze for rewards!
>These events, including Bistrot Des Fleurs and Diary rewards end in two weeks!
>Upcoming Shining Glitter/Popping Candy buffs!
>Anniversaries! Yeah!
>English voices coming next month!
>Story Mode - Episode 11 and 12 now available!
>New Ancient Cookie - Hollyberry Cookie! Roll in the Nether Gacha!
>Raspberry Cookie now rollable in the Featured Gacha for 23 more days!
>View previous cutscenes in the Tower of Records!
>Kingdom pass still going for 22 more days!
Puzzle World
>I dearly hope there's a special place in hell waiting for you, Pancake Cookie
>We may never know. I intend to live forever.

Do you own any Cookie Run merch? Any you wish you could have? What do you WANT made? What two cookies should be in the next Kingdom/Ovenbreak hostage exchange? Are these updates good enough for (you)? How can you make Ovenbreak/Kingdom unfun in just one move? "Haha It's already unfun" Beat you to it! What's your music box skin? You *did* get one, right? Discuss all things Cookie Run!
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League of Legends: Wild Rift

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Dead game. Never thought I'd see the day League would fail but here we are.

Any other good MOBAish games? Brawl Stars is too braindead and Mobile Legends is okay I guess. I just don't like their champ designs.
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Brave Nine

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Mario Kart Tour

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Dingo ate mah baby mario
Sydney Tour 2021 is live
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Last Origin

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Global coming soon. For real this time, honest.
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Langrisser Mobile

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Mu/Epsilon coming up. Are you planning to roll for neither, one, or both?

Dimensional Expedition is over, are you searching for a new guild to be able to finish it?
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Final Gear EN

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Pre-registrations are up.

I remember seeing this years ago but it was for korea only. Doesnt seem to be very popular. Anyone here played it? It looks like Azur Lane with mechs.
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D4DJ Groovy Mix

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Gay Slots Next
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