D4DJ Groovy Mix

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More HayaKoko + others
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following the first two summer events and >>1278286
, how far did you go through to get Tifa and Aerith's costumes ?
How much stamina did you burn so far? Is Glenn's new weapon that much interesting? WELL LET'S FIND OUT
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Mario Kart Tour

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The final tour with new content, the Anniversary Tour, starts tonight. Starting with the Battle Tour, all content in the game will be recycled from previous tours. In addition to discussing the game, here are some other things to note:

>What does the sudden end of new content mean for the next console Mario Kart?
>Will the game be left on auto-pilot like Super Mario Run or have an eventual EOS like Dr. Mario World and Dragalia Lost?
>What does this mean for the Booster Course Pass in 8 Deluxe?
>What about the courses (like Wii Dry Dry Ruins, GBA Lakeside Park, GCN Mushroom Bridge, GBA Yoshi Desert) that were remade for Tour but aren't in 8 Deluxe and likely will not be in Wave 6 of the pass?
>What about the remaining characters trapped in Tour (Hammer/Fire/Ice/Boomerang Bro, Nabbit, King Bob-omb, Dixie Kong, Monty Mole, Poochy, and Chargin' Chuck) that weren't announced for Wave 6?
>Imagine being Paratroopa or Honey Queen
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Monster hunter now

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Anyone playing?
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Dokkan battle

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Thought those was were supposed to be good
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Tower of Saviors

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1st general for a 10 year old game which is still going strong, plenty of collaboration, evergreen gameplay, easy to understand yet hard to master, F2P with lots of rewards so you can get that one OP card of the season to buff your lineup.

>pic related is Varuni, part of Hindu Gods series


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Gameplay footage for Buriedbornes 2
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Cookie Run Games: The Thread!

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Wide as an ocean, as deep as a puddle, that's how we Cookie Run! Here's what's new:

>The Paradise Test - Is Blue Slushy Cookie straight enough to get into heaven? Find out!
>Gold Chest Rework - Get tickets from anywhere now! So long lame-ass Trophy Race!
>CS:GO style knife roulette for Daily Draws - Cheesecake's Wheel has competition!
>Gem Exchange - Play for gems and spend them game-wide!
>Exchange your Guild/Breakout currency for prizes before it's too late!
>Coffee Cookie returns! Just find some "friends" to "invite" to get her!
>Collect mystery boxes and craft caring hearts for rewards!
>Guild/Treasure Mastery - Aurora Sugar Feather - Grind and thrive!
>Take some time to form opinions!
>Meet Golden Cheese Cookie! - Took her long enough! Higher chances to bask in her glory with the Nether Gacha!
>Meet Burnt Cheese Cookie! - Get extra buffs by having Golden Cheese and this Cookie on the same team!
>New Vial of Raging Dunes treasure - to DIE and come back stronger!
>New Explorer's Monocole treasure - Literally just a better Bookseller Monocle not tied to the guild gacha!
>New Kingdom decor theme! - Land of Gold & Abundance for all your dry land needs!
>Radiant Cheese Toppings! - Cookies Relevant to this update will enjoy higher stats!
>QoL changes! - Better shop layout, storage improvements and choice chest allowing to claim rewards multiple times!
Puzzle World
>Need no changes

What are your first impressions of the new currency/gold chest changes? Will you be playing less Trophy Race now? More of something else? Did you even WANT Golden Cheese Cookie? What are you spending your Guild/Breakout currency on? What do you think about ALL THOSE announced upcoming Cookie games? How long can you see these games lasting? What genre of Cookie Run Games need releasing? What would be a cool case for a Walnut detective update around? What do you think of the new cookies? Have the guild rival matches pushed you to try harder? Discuss all things Cookie Run!
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Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia

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Why yes, this will be an insta pity for me
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The Virtual Summer Memories (2023 Re-Release) event has commenced! More info in the event page. New UI changes for increasing battle speed have been released alongside the event.
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Blue Archive JP

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Are you guys on the JP server of Blue Archive rolling Ichika and Kasumi to prepare for the upcoming purple AOE raid? Or are you skipping and getting ready to get ass-kicked like me?
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Guardian tales, time to worship our queen Eunha!!
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Shironeko Project

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Today marks its 3000th day
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Blue Reflection Sun

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Which Blue Reflection would you Sun?
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Code Geass Lost Stories

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I can't be the only one playing the Code Geass mobage, right?

... right?
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