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Azur Lane

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Any advice for a new comer? Gear drops seem to be a big issue for me at the moment.
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Brawl stars thread
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Bleach Brave Souls

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Ninny for EOM!
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Idola Phantasy Star Saga

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Global comes out later today, you guys gonna try it?
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Date A Live: Spirit Pledge

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Clock thread
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Is there any /vmg/ Corps in this game? Pretty fun for a chinese rootkey.
The game is called Cyber Hunter and it's a Battle Royale game that recently came out for PC, but the game has been available since a year ago for mobile (it's a mobile game ported to PC) but don't let that stop you from checking out videos. It's a waifu battle simulator.

Teppen Thread

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We're one month out from a big turning point in the game, since in October we're getting a new Set, a new Hero, a balance patch, and the first time a set will rotate out of Standard. Until then, post those:
>Main Decks
>Meme Decks
>Hopes for the October update
>Cards you're glad/sad are rotating out
>What characters/IPs you want them to add from Capcom's catalog
>Rooms so we can play each other
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ITT: Dokkan cards that are based and cool
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Guardian Tales

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romancing saga reuniverse

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>no new thread
lets fix that
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King of Fighters: All-Stars

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Video taping of why Lady Maxima happened

Previous Thread: >>51000

>Stream ruby codes

BETTEROFFBLUE (20x souls selector)
THEMOSTMIGHTIEST (30x capsules selector)
BORNTOWELD (500 rubies)
HALFWAYTO2K (300 rubies)
15HUNDREDSTRONG (500 rubies)
GEARUPFORFALL - 20 Item tickets
2KALLDAY (500 rubies)
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0 Sanity hours. Bagpipe eventually
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Granblue Fantasy

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Granblue Fantasy comfy thread for beginners and trivial discussions.
Keep it civil.

Increased droprate campaign:
9/2-9/8: Colossus Omega, Twin Elements, Colossus Omega HL, Shiva HL
9/8-9/15: Leviathan Omega, Macula Marius, Leviathan Omega HL, Europa HL
9/15-9/22: Yggdrasil Omega, Medusa, Yggdrasil Omega HL, Godsworn Alexiel HL
9/22-9/29: Tiamat Omega, Nezha, Tiamat Omega HL, Grimnir HL
9/29-10/6: Luminiera Omega, Apollo, Luminiera Omega HL, Metatron HL
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How much money do guys wanna bet that global shuts down 6 months after launch
>No r18 content
>rates that make FGO look generous
>very niche audience in the west
> $25 dollar battle passes that contain 1 costume and the rest is shit
>the """"action"""" part is very repetitive and boring
I feel like they played their hand way too early since the JP side of the game isn't in the best state. They probably should've waited a lot longer to improve JP instead of trying to make a quick buck with global.

FGO NA - Gilfest Thread

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Alright, lads, here's the thread for the newbies and shitters who are scared of stepping into /alter/ for help. It's just about a day till Gilfest so here's some last minute info for you all to get prepared for 1 of the 2 biggest farming events of the year.

>Fate/Grand Automata
It's macro. Set up your 3 Turning teams and let the robot farm for you.

>Team comps to consider:
For all 3 rotations:*BQmkXuHC17BoM5lgjmt9bQ#

>CQ team comps for considerations
Obviously you don't need to follow them 100% and you don't necessarily need NP5 SSR to clear like the examples show.
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