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Hey Admin, thanks for running the site.
I try to limit myself to only a little bit of time on the chan before I go to work, and lets me see the shitposting threads anytime I want.
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Now that Warosu got /vt/, any interest on /pw/?
>inb4 not /v/
Well, there's /g/ and /mlp/ here too.

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Will you be archiving the new /v/ board /vt/?

The search engine on /v/ and many other threads isn't working

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What happen? I'm unable to search on the engine of /v/. Its says it unavailable. Did something happen?

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I am assuming there is also no functionality for searching self censored words with *?

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>/jp/ is no more here
Any reason you dropped that board?

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how do you search something with slash like "/a/" or "/v/"?

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Don't usually search by date but im trying to find results from 13th february 2014. How do i search that?
Entering 2014-02-13 in the date start and 2014-02-14 in date end doesnt come up with any results

Mobile layout doesn't work on some threads

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Basically what the subject says. On some threads the mobile layout works, but other times it forces me to use the default desktop midnight layout. Why is this?

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just want to say admin adding the reply counter is the best thing you have ever done since archiving /v/. Makes it so much easier to navigate and not go on empty threads.