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I can't search /jp/, it says "Whoops, something went wrong."

>inb4 Warosu
I like Warosu, but Fuuka can't search things that is only one letter short.

is this where we report bugs?

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there's a problem with thumbnail displaying on browsers other than chrome, for example firefox or opera. op looks fine, but all replies to it don't show anything but empty space where a thumbnail should go.

i'm guessing it has something to do with the lazyload code not working right. it doesn't turn data-original into src, so nothing's displayed.

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I emailed the admin earlier today to delete my personal information posted without my knowledge from the archive. Have you eceived the email? I'm already getting a unwanted emails of harassment and it's getting out of hand

Please delete it as soon as possible and let me know

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>RebeccaBlackTech went down
>Search isn't allowed on /g/

Hey admin, what's the reason for the search being off on /g/?

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sometimes i wish there was some other backend universal foolfuuka search engine so we can search for posts without chewing up server limits here.

ton of posts that aren't viewable at fireden other than here. :(

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Fireden fucked their certificate up or somthan.

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>tfw fireden suddenly stopped archiving posts
>can't search here either

Admin, can you contact Fireden on what's going on at his archive place?

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search ain't working
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>check archive gallery
>shit ain't archiving
welp, seems like i'll be staying at fireden

something's wrong dude

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Can you please enable ghostposting on the jay, I miss it.


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Any possibility you will give the missing /g/ data to Warosu when it returns? They said that their bootdisk is being replaced.

Regeratably, you should have archived /jp/ as well.
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