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>admin deletes the archive of the only /v/ board that had some value because there wasn't enough space for /v/ - Random
/vrpg/ has more on topic discussion than /v/ and /vg/ combined. Even the other /v/ spin-offs are worth more than /v/.

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Hey, what happened to /vrpg/?
Did you stopped archiving it?

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There is a new board named /vmg/ and nobody is archiving yet. Don't forget that /vmg/ has a load of threads available!
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Holy fuck fix the search

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It was better off before whatever the hell you did.

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Why can I never search for specific words or terms? I keep getting 'The search backend is currently unavailable.'

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Why can't we include single letters in search?

All /v/ files returning 404 Not Found message

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All /v/ files returning 404 Not Found message even recent ones
get on it janny

Anyway to get this sites search results onto google?

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Google has the option to search within a site through the operator "site:" then find threads from google instead of on the site itself. Fireden supported this feature thus making the search very proficient since google is handling the search. Are you planning to allow this feature to come in the future or does it involve much more work to be done?

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API sends incorrect links: "remote_media_link":"\/\/arch-img.b4k.co\/vg\/1590050994043.jpg" (There is no http/https schema)

Example - https://arch.b4k.co/_/api/chan/thread/?board=vg&num=292765779

Is this a known issue and will it be fixed?