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"Well that's taken care of. No thanks to you."

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Are there ANY JRPGs with a desert punk aesthetic other than Metal Max?
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How long until CRPG standing for Chinese RPG becomes common vernacular? Chink games are getting really good and are free of kike subversion. I for one welcome the advent of the chink RPG.
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I want a game where I can play as a completely over the top, confident and arrogant to the extreme and powerful sorcerer. Not the usual snrarky or evil option, no the vaguely moralistic kind. I'm talking 100 percent completely self assured, questionable grip on reality type of complete arrogance.
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do you want a Cyberpunk girlfriend?
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the wait is agonizing.
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I want to play Cyberpunk 2077, not GTA - Polish Edition.

Where did THAT game go?
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I am the one who Nox

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This is a good comfy action rpg that was forgotten because it came out a few months before Diablo 2.
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Why didn't the PS3 get as many JRPGs as the PS2?

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Divinity Original Sin 2

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>leave Fort Joy through sewers early to quickly get level 4
>magisters magically know and become hostile
Bravo Larian
Also D:OS2 thread
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Boomer here. What am I in for?
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I want to role play as a cat girl with a sword.

Any suggestions?
Preferably a game where you play as a solo character like fallout 2.
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/vrpg/ plays Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

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>Leif barely escaped from Tahra
>While sneaking through a valley, in the middle of the night, a bunch of civilians decided to follow me
>time for a fog of war, with unending reinforcements, and babysitting a bunch of villagers
>on an escape map
>Now, we have a branching path available
>sneak through the forest...or go dickfirst into enemy lines?

What's going on?
>I'm (partially blindly) playing Fire Emblem Thracia 776, a game often touted by 'old school' FE players as the best Fire Emblem game(or at least one of the best) in the franchise.
>I disagree.
>Who gets used, who gets boosters, etc, will be chosen by you
>I'm now playing blindly - I don't know what the maps will actually be like.
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What's a good mindless ARPG for PC I can play while doing other things, but still has a decent character building system? Just finished Borderlands 2 and Far Cry 4 (not an RPG but very mindless for sure)

Might start another Borderlands 2 playthrough or even try to get Diablo 2 working on Windows 10. I want something in that vain. Trying out Dark Souls. It's OK but a little to maze heavy for me.
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