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>wiki says item has 1% drop rate
>kill same enemy 100 times
>item doesn't drop
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So after playing all 3 cold steel games, I'm actually somewhat shocked that these games are actually enjoyable, I mean their not the best the bonding events kinda slow the game down and when there isn't any harem crap Rean is pretty good character with depth, also I hate the fact I'm starting to actually like Crow by all points his the kind of character I should hate, in any case 8/10 looking forward to playing IV next month.
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>the etrian games are great and better than the other atlus jrpgs
>/vrpg/ doesn't care about them
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This was the last real FF game now it's just boring open world shit with braindead Devil May Cry combat.

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I've waited 15 years to play this game. I'm so nervous /vrpg/ I know the story is going to be shit but I really want the gameplay to be good.
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>kills off your mmoRPG
heh nothing personnel...
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Tell me your ideas for RPGs that you'll never be able to make.
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SaGa Thread

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The power of steel is the power of human will.
Let steel, not magic, be the source of your power, when you'll do so, the SaGa Thread will open up before you.
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We post the comfiest RPG shops
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Was he a virgin?
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Without retconning anything, how would you make another ME game?
Also, what studio could realistically make a good ME game, now that bioware is dead?
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This guy is unbearable
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What game is this from

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What game is this Pic from?

Ys thread

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This guy runs up and dry humps your girl to death.
Wat do?
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ar tonelico bread

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what the FUCK was her problem?
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