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cast her
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Songs from MLP

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Find a flaw.
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Sombrilla Larreta otra vez formando parte de la dictadura maoísta. Él y el enfermo mental de Quirós son nuestros enemigos.

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This board just goes to show how much pony shit is gonna be posted if gr15 ever got repealed. Fucking send me back, you faggot jannies.
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mods pls i don’t belong here let me go
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so what do I do now?
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/qb/ is now a jurisdiction of the Greater Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania.
Every canadian shall be sent to the gulags for hard labour, then death.
Every person darker than a serbian will be shot on site.
Every faggot will be hanged in the capital's square for everyone to watch and be entertained.
That is all, thank you for your attention.
Any suggestions?

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/qb/ is now property of Sweden.
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