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Stupid April fools gag. Last year’s was more fun.

Anyway. Donna Tartt thread, I guess

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What is your favourite non sexual fantasy?

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fuck yourself edition
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Murican who got deported

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what is your story buddy
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Only real niggas who can Tri-Force will be let back into their country.

๐…ถ ๐…ถ โ–ฒ
โ–ฒ โ–ฒ
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This is really fucking boring. Post interesting things ITT to entertain me.
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What's your favorite retro Vidya game /qb/ros? Pics related is mine, it's God tier
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I've pandanapped this twerp and need to leave her here for safe keeping. Don't tell >>>/trash/!
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>not canadian
>get deported
>did something to get un-deported
>go post on /v/
>get deported again
God damn it, I want o.ut!!
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