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are the erp threads here?

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How does this work?

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I just realized this board feels like old /b/ before it became nothing but porn

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Since this is basically /mlp/ 2.0, seems a fair place to ask this.
Anyone know what happened to DWK? Been over a year now. Did he finally "swallow the lead cumshot" as he's said he's been close to before?
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wotd: 弓道
the art of wasting thousands of hours mastering the use of a big, ugly, inefficient bow for the sake of cultural preservation.

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she is my wife. i love her.

/qb/ humour thread

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If I get banned from this board, can I go back home?
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Hey hey everypony and other creatures it's time for some music!!!!!

Post all the music you like in this thread! Share music you otherwise couldn't share for whatever reason! I dunno, go crazy!
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pls give me only ur very best naked ponys

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