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tf thread.

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Fuckit, post TF. I know I can't be the only /d/egenerate on this board
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See anything you like buddy?
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So now that I've been deported and have to shitpost amongst leafs...
Could I get a qt 3.14 leaf gf(female) now? Hopefully a middle eastern Toronto gal?
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𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶 𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶
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/SETF/ - Silver ENDS the FED + /pmg/ - precious metals General #QB1

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RAKED edition

PROTECT YOURSELVES. Thread aboot the Federal Reserve/Central Banking, their parabolic printing, and how a silver run will put an end to that, effectively killing the CBs as soon as the players go bankrupt.
Rules for the thread: Guys please be informative and explain political and monetary implications. For each shill or retard, there are 10 lurkers who are legitimately reading these threads and wanting to get informed! Explain things, show data when possible, and answer whatever you can in as an informative way as possible. Inform /qb/ exactly of what is going on.
REMINDER: If you dont see a "Silver ENDS THE FED" thread, make one!

>Why Gold, eh?

>Constitutional/"junk" silver info

>Compare (US) (EU)


Nitric Acid, Magnets and Ping Test

Relevant information regarding mining companies

Previous thread: none
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post fillies


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My board now.
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