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/xivg/ - Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers General

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Bangaa Edition

>FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker trailer and info: [Embed]

>Patch 5.5 preview
>Patch Notes - Currently [5.45 Hotfixes] - 5.5 on April 13th

>Digital Fan Fest 2021
>Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXIII on April 2nd

>Moogle Treasure Trove Event [Until Patch 5.5]

>Event, Weekly & Daily Timers
>Resources, Free Companies, Linkshells

April Fool's/Easter Meetup @ Zalera LB W17 P45 [April 3rd]
Speed Friending @ Zalera Goblet W19 P23 [April 10th 6PM PST]
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what are you in for?

Flat Earth Hate Thread

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Let’s point and laugh at these retards, eh?
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fuck canada and all people in it
shit country


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I'm tired of horse vag
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/nlg/ Non-Leaf General #1

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This is a general for all non-leafs who have been deported for false raking.
I encourage you all to support each other until we can leave this shithole. I also encourage that we give advice on how to best Identify leafs for once we leave, we can join the Day of the Rake once again.
Post whatever you like, but absolutely NO Canadians allowed.
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got deported. what now?
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Not evenr joking this it LITERALLY one of my worst nightmare. Oh God make it stop, they are everywhere, Canadians fucking everywhere. You don't understand, this is like worse than clowns for me. Oh my God their going to enter this thread too arent they
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Join the Aryanne Brotherhood

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Glory to the white mare


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Ask the opposite gender anything.

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Girls would you swipe right on a guy who mentioned Digimon on his bio if he was cute?
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>Hi Buddy!
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