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/pmdg/ - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon General

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/pmdg/: Group Edition

Previous thread: >>42751820

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX (a remake of the original PMD games, Red and Blue Rescue Team) will be released for Switch on March 6, 2020. A free demo is available now in the eshop. Progress will carry over into the full game.
Also, doing the simple tutorials in Makuhita's Dojo in the demo can net you good rewards, including a gold ribbon that sells for big money, so be sure to check that out.

PSMD and Gates download:

Check the guides at >>>/vg/hbg if you don't know how to install the game. You won't lose any online features or anything doing so, don't worry. You'll be able to do everything that you'd normally be able to and much more!

MD Exploration Pack, which contains a DS emulator and roms, Wiiware roms, and custom portraits:!gFlVkSLI!tXbyoO5rwfUYnb9jf7yVsQ

EoS/RT Music!735VSSpb!ny8QU4SHB1_OlNkH_Hu3eg

Anime and manga adaptations

/vp/'s Mystery Dungeon guides:

Feel free to post rescue requests.
REMINDER: If it's a PSMD rescue request, post your region.

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> Jobbed to Leon
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ITT: Good designs ruined by their evolutions
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>explain why Sinnoh's Mt coronet endless backtracking was one of the worst parts of the game
>b-but i'ts comfy!

HeadCannon Teams

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Post Head Cannon Teams!
>Rate Others!
>Have Fun!
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Trading, Breeding, Battling, Autism, Shitposting
Giveaways, Circlejerking, Mystery Eggs, General Questions

Pokémon WiFi General - /wfg/ - Old Thread: >>42788604 #

What's for dinner? Edition

>Hey OP! I've been looking for a place to give out or collect breeding leftovers.
People are encouraged to dump their free leftovers here. Don't hesitate to ask for anything being given out for free.

>Hey OP! I like hacks and clones! I also want to add you for for Friend Safari ;))
There are other threads for those things.

>Hey OP! I like posting text lists!
Text lists are shit. Copy and paste that into an image or a pastebin if you have to.

>Hey OP! I like shitposting and circlejerking, but I don't want to clog the thread with my nonsense. What do?
Eat my shorts.
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Is it just me, or does Lusamine get more feet art than most other Pokégirls?
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SwSh Raids General

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Previous Thread: >>42787376

How to find the den you are looking for:
joe's shitty den list:

Finding and hosting shiny raids guide:

Useful links:

>Read the OP before posting
>Sharing is caring (Thank your host if you catch something, Thank them anyway even if you don't)
>Ask before double dipping
>If you can't find a Friend Code or Room Code, it's a sign you should find your raids on another site
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This thread is cursed.
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Latias did nothing wrong
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