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>Digimon has multiple unique attack, defend and special attack animations for all its monsters, all of them can follow you in the overworld and the overworld is rich and detailed. PS Vita, 300+ monsters
>Dragon Quest Monsters 3 has multiple attack animations for each monster, EVERY monster is rideable, the game has a fleshed out overworld and ecosystem where monsters prey on other monsters, they interact and change the environment and even change forms depending on the environment. All of this on the 3DS, 500+ monsters
>Yokai Watch has multiple attack animations for all its monsters and they all follow you in the overworld. 3DS game, 700+ monsters

But it's too much to ask for the biggest franchise in the world, on a Nintendo Switch home console, after it has cut down the number of Pokemon to 400 or 500, to have higher quality animations, let your Pokémon follow you and let you ride your Pokémon to traverse the environment and to actually put some effort into the """"open world area"""" to make it feel like a live ecosystem with its own dynamics
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Real talk, my first ever crush was on Cynthia, but at the time I hadn't even seen any real art of her, like from the anime and I had only seen her sprite from pearl. I think it was the fact that a woman was the strongest character in the game that turned me on to her. Has this happened to anyone else?

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You wake up to turn on the news to see that pokemon are now real would you become a trainer or what?
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Starter evolutions when?

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When do you think the starter evolutions will be revealed? I’m sure the wait is killing a lot of you.

/pmg/ Pokemon Masters General

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>what is pokemon masters?
A new Pokemon IP gacha game with much more soul than Sword and Shield.

>How to Play and How to Win

>How do I reroll (Yes, you should reroll all the way to the end of this month)
1.) Play the game until you complete the chapter 1 tutorial
2.) Use the gems that you got from the starting bonus to roll 4 times (and lots more with 6000 apologems)
3.) Once you see that you didn't get your waifu go to the options menu and click "delete save data" and start over at step 1

>FAQ (embed)

>Too important for FAQ
>How do I play co-op missions with anons from /pmg/?
as a host:
1.) tap the co-op mission you want
2.) tap "connect with friends"
3.) share the party number at the top in the thread
as someone joining an existing lobby:
1.) tap on poryphone
2.) tap "invitations" at the very bottom of the screen
3.) tap party number search and enter the number of the party you want to join

Previous thread: >>40098419
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You're in the club and this guy bites your GF's ass, what do you do?
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Is anime Bianca the perviest girl in Pokémon?
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Humans are not to be played with.
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Poison Type Superiority

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Do you enjoy seeing your precious precious fairies glow in the dark? Heheh! Send more of them!
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