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Why has Misty cockblocked Brock every single time?
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Pokemon Fanfiction and Writethread General

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/vpwt/: Easter Edition
>post fanfics you like
>share your own fics, ask for advice, post story updates
>discuss writerly struggles with fellow writefriends

Join us on Discord to discuss your fics, hang out and chat, and be frightened by the regulars!

Previous Thread: >>38271304

Check out the catalog for a directory of fics from fellow writefags,

>Can I post NSFW fics?
Absolutely! There are no rules against NSFW text links.

>How should I post my fics?
Please, for the convenience of everyone involved, link to a host like, Pastebin or Google Docs rather than dumping your fics in text posts. This not only keeps the thread tidy (and keeps you from getting an infraction for spam), but it also provides a more permanent place to store your work.

>Can I add a fic I wrote to the catalog?
Sure! Check the catalog for the submission link. In there, you can find a link to a Google Form - fill out all the necessary information and it will be submitted for review automatically. Technology is incredible!

We're also looking to collect ideas for fanfics as a resource for stumped writers. Feel free to throw an idea out there; someone may choose to use it themselves!


TOTT: The last thread was going stronger than usual in the middle because of that nifty idea of writefrens posting some of their "best-of" works, discussing the origins of those stories, and stating if you're working on anything knew. So I guess we can do that again, with writefrens who already did so maybe talking about one of their other stories. Alternatively, favorite holiday-themed fics.
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Was it really cancelled because of the earthquake, or was it because of BW2 forcing them to change their plans? Not saying the earthquake wasn't why the Rocket vs Plasma episodes were cancelled, but another episode (which a filler episode) that was cancelled did end up getting aired later on. We can also clearly see BW2 changing things with Ash's badge case originally having a slot for Drayden's badge but the slots being changed to circular shapes later to accommodate him fighting Roxie for his last badge instead.

This also happened recently with USUM forcing the Aether arc to happen and be resolved much sooner than it should have
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/pmdg/ - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon General

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We had a great thread earlier so let´s try again

Welcome to /pmdg/ the happiest place on /vp/
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Are we ever gonna see Whitney and Jasmine again?
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>literal hypno toads
>not water psychic

showderp: kino edition

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plebs want snips flicks
patricians watch eggulai kino
>film archive
>best scenes
>last screening
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How does /vp/ feel about monster hunter?
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What is your favorite type, and why is it ghost?
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Hey, Regis......
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