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There always seems to be an ugly/going-through-puberty middle evo for one of the starters (Wartortle, Croconaw, Marshtomp, Grotle, Pignite, Quilladin, Torracat). Who will it be this gen? I bet Sobble. Give it a fat slob neet stage
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>Serena’s flight was “Latias H71" (it is said right before the kiss scene starts). Serena was going to Hoenn, so the #71 in the Hoenn dex is Mawile - or in Japanese, Kuchitto. Kuchi (Mouth) and To (with). Or in a rough translation, “Latias - but with the mouth”.

>It’s the writers saying: “We can’t actually show you what they did because of censors, but she basically did what Latias did in the 5th film, but with the mouth.”

despite all this, /vp/ will STILL deny it was a kiss on the MOUTH.
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Thoughts on girlybois?
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10/10 Fakemon Thread

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Why is Japan's pedophile culture becoming mainstream now?

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'member when water starters were goood and not gay overdesigned humanoid furbait shit?
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/rheg/ - ROM Hacking, Pokémon Essentials and Fan Game Development General

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Gentoo Beta Edition

/rheg/ Discord:

ROM Hacking:
>Notable ROM hacks: (embed)
>Making a ROM hack: (embed)
>Gen 4-7 tools: (embed)

RPG Maker XP
>Pokémon Software Development Kit (PSDK)
>Ruby Host

>Pokémon Essentials

>WIP Gen 5 tiles:
>FireRed in RPG Maker:

Notable fan game communities:

This isn't the thread for hacking your 3DS. That's >>>/vg/hbg/
This isn't the thread for injecting, either. That's >>>/vp/injection
Injecting is piss easy to do at this point. Just learn how to do it yourself you lazy fuck.
If you're looking for a specific ROM, consult the gametech wiki before asking us.

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>Typing: ground
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/ef/-Eevee Friday

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Easter Weekend Edition
Post Eevees, bonus points if Easter related
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