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Pokemon related smash stages
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Only seven months until SM is finally over.
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Is it finally here? The first good video game movie?
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Betamon Thread

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Post fanart and discuss your favourite betamons, be they Gen 1 or 2
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Gen 3

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I'm in the mood to replay a gen 3 game. Which one should I play?
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Wall mural at Japanese Pokemon Center
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/nuzgen/ nuzlocke general

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Previous thread: >>38265864

>Nuzlocke Info
>Difficulty list (vanilla)
>List of Romhacks
Coming soon (never ever)
>Pre-patched romhacks
>Emulator info
>Nuzlocke generator
>Pokemon Nuzlocke images
>Pokemon Bank Sprites
>Additional Templates
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Why are newer smogon analyses so devoid of soul? what went wrong? if you have no idea what i'm talking about, just take a random gen 1-4 mon and compare its newest smogon analysis with the oldest one.
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You guys got any more to add?
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>This is my son's room. He's a big Pokeemon fa-
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