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Do you prefer Sabrina, Cynthia or Karen?
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Well it wasn't gonna be me...

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I wasn't gonna be the first to leak this, had to wait...
Finally something true has gotten out
So now i will give you a bit more, that I have been waiting to do!
I have seen more but don't want to spoil all magic

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What is /vp/'s opinion about him?
I particularly find his concept totally exaggerated and misquoted (including Dialga and Palkia)

After all, if there is an supremo god pokemon creator of everything why they are dominated by humans and not the other way around?

These Pokemons possess monopoly of things of great proportions, including of the life of the beings at the same time that humans dominate them and they make them fight until they faint

What does that mean anyway? Is it enough to have a bad day for Arceus to erase humans from existence?
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For me, it's Duncan knee deep.
<3 post ur fave poketuber <3
Anyone who hate knee deep in shit is shit them self >:(((

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Is there anything Game Freak could reasonably do that you would actually praise them for?
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You will watch this beautiful creature won't you?

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Worst fossilmon design. How did this pass their fossil standards? Fossils have been the best designs in the series for a long time. GRRRR!!!! RAWHAAAGH!!!! NOW IM GONNA HUMP YOU!!!
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