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Why does Venusaur sit like a dog?
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Sheet Thread?

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Sheeeeet, it's been a while since we've had one of these. Rate, hate, judge, assume shit about other people's shit taste. Will rate others after there's a good amount of sheets posted.
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Now that you see how some pokemon look in real do wan't them to be real?
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aroma lady

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>go to
>Turn off Ubers and Forms
>Generate 5 pokemon
you have been cornered by those 5 pokemon in the wild. You have no pokemon of your own and no weapons, how do you get out of this situation/ how fucked are you?
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How do we fix ice type from being complete SHIT?
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Everyone Is Here!

Except the Ultra Recon Squad and Chicken-chan
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Do you prefer Sabrina, Cynthia or Karen?
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Well it wasn't gonna be me...

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I wasn't gonna be the first to leak this, had to wait...
Finally something true has gotten out
So now i will give you a bit more, that I have been waiting to do!
I have seen more but don't want to spoil all magic