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Post Fakemon designs you like and explain why they look better than the generic toy designs of recent generations.

>the edges of the rock make up his leg muscles

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Why can't we have a pokemon game or pretty much anything pokemon related that isn't cheery optimistic garbage? Zelda had majora's mask, half of the Kirby games involve some form of tragedy and I'm sure mario had something too.
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Comfy thread

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Share cozy tunes, art, and stories.

To kick us off, who would your partner pokemon be?
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>ruins your evolution by being a fat caveman shitter
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How do I get a Manaphy in this day and age and can I soft reset for a shiny?

"My favorite pokemon are the first 150"

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>great visuals
>great story
>above average controls

Yup. I'm buyin' it.

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Who was more well written and had the better motivation?
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Smoooooch~ <3
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Red shifted nervously in his seat, he didn’t really want to be here. A nice dinner in a well-to-do restaurant wasn’t really his style, especially when he had more important things to do with his Pokémon. That dick Blue might enjoy fancy places and dinners, Red liked to stay to the more practical places. He had grown accustomed to meals over a fire pit after a long day of travel, nothing but the open sky above him. Of course, it wasn’t often that he was asked to dinner either. Sitting across him, perusing the menu, was none other than Lorelei herself. The Elite Four trainer was more than grateful for Red’s help in dealing Team Rocket on her home of Four Island, and so she thought it was “prudent” to take him out to dinner as thanks.
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