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This is the first white starter.
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dark is fucked

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friendly reminder the dark type is broken

>great coverage
>2 fully evolved pokemon have a 4x resistance
>both are trash and have 4x weakness to fairy
>knock off has absurd damage and utility
>removes item 100% of the time regardless of effectiveness unless item can't be lost/sticky hold
>immunity to psychic
>second best priority move in the entire game
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post pokemon in bikinis

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>Completely steal VGC teams from trainer tower
>Finally become a good player

Haven't had this much fun with the game in a while.
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Post pokemon folktales.
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Showderp: Ecksbawks Edition

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The best part about being champ in Showderp isn't losing to a third world citizen, but showing everyone in /vp/ that you did.
Pasta Graphical User Interface !f77weXGVDE
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Admit it
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Redesigned my Fire snake starter, this time bringing the evolutions with it. I'm going for a Mesoamerican feel for the evolutions. What do you think of the line?
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best gym leader
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post Pokémon that would be good wives
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