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Are you ready for all the cutscenes showing off Cynthia's tits and ass every few minutes in the Sinnoh Switch remakes?
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>Bland robotic Ash
>Shitty edgy shonen
>Companions and everyone just praise and suck Ash's dick
>Shit tier team only carried by 2 pokemon
>TR appears too fucking often
Literally why does anyone like XY?
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Will there ever be another Conquest game?

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It was the most fun side series that I've played from the Pokémon franchise. I desparately hope there will be another one.
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If there is not ONE fucking song in the soundtrack based off of this guy, Gen 8 will be a waste. It doesn’t even have to be his operas it can be like Water Music or something.
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Lets play a simple game. Guess the Pokemon
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what are the best pokemon clone games?
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Thinking about playing XY, which legendary is better?
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What are your hopes for sobble, the best starter?
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This is the first white starter.
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