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So I'm planning on playing the games gen 1-7 to prepare for SwordShield and was wondering what the proper stopping point would be for the games?
At first I thought I was just going to play the game, beat the 8 Gyms and E4 before moving onto the next one but then I remembered that there is post-game things.
So should I just do the 8 and the E4? Should I do specific things in the post-game?
I'd imagine this would change for each game...

I saw Detective Pikachu last week

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It was a test screening for last minute tweaks. Ask me anything about the movie.
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First reactions are in

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So the feedback has been positive so far. Are you planning on seeing it?
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/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General

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>Dislike the neonazi defending, child harassing, subhuman scumbag known as Verlisify
>Reported a few of his nazi supporting & blatant harassment tweets in 2018, nothing came of it other than one or two of the tweets being deleted
>Went all out and reported several dozens of his worst tweets in February, including lengthy explanations of how fucked up it was that they were still up after all this time and such, expecting nothing more than a few of the tweets to be deleted again
>Thinking about him lately, check back on his Twitter, find out he was banned from Twitter shortly after my reports
>Realize he isn't invincible if the reporting autism is strong enough
>But YouTube won't lift a finger against anyone who makes them enough ad revenue

This is where Nintendo comes into play. They have a family friendly image to maintain, and Verlisify is horrible for Nintendo's image. Getting rid of this evil scumbag would benefit everyone, including Nintendo. If they don't realize this, it's because they don't follow American Pokemon YouTubers, which is completely understandable.

Here's A: a prewritten Japanese message you can send Nintendo about Verlisify and why they should consider taking action against his channel, such as copyright flagging his videos, and B: a form you can use to contact Nintendo directly. Note that they only accept Japanese messages in this form, so writing to them in English is pointless.

Want to message them about this in English instead? Here's a different contact form (which requires an email address) and a different message:
If you're anything like me, you'll use both the Japanese and English forms & messages.

I'm finally standing up and doing my part to make the online Pokemon community a better place. Are you?

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For me, it's Bianca.
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Serena Sunday

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It's Sunday again! Post your cutest and prettiest Serenas to make this board a more beautiful place!
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showderp: kino edition

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plebs want snips flicks
patricians watch eggulai kino
>film archive
>best scenes
>last screening
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