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tf2 maps thread

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discuss the maps of tf2
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Why do LMGs always get the shaft in video games? Out of all the shooters I've played, I think maybe 10% of them at best have at least partially serviceable light machine guns while the rest just include them as some sort of formality that can't do jack shit in the actual game (CoD may be the worst offender in that regard). Seriously, what is it about LMGs that make them so hard for devs to find a proper niche for them in the environment of the game?
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I am a dev at Ubisoft. AC:Kingdoms game play and story info.

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It goes without saying, we know you all know it's the Viking age. We allow that info to spread each time a new game in series is being developed as it gets the community hyped.

>Game starts in 1008 AD
>You play as a Danish Norseman.
>Norse influence is starting to dwindle
>Lot's of power play at work between various groups.
>Templar's are back.

>The map includes Denmark, Lower Sweden and Norway, Britain and Ireland.

>Darby our main writer is a major fan of Irish history, so lots of Gaelic historical characters included. Irish High King Brian Boru is a total bro and is becomes a father figure for the protagonist. Played wonderfully by actor Gabriel Byrne.

>You can sail your ship from Denmark, to England, to Sweden to Ireland etc. Obviously our map is like AC:Odyssey and regions are very close in game.

We really put a lot of effort into this game, we learned from the ''grinding'' of Odyssey we want quests to be interesting and different not repetitive.Lot's of creepy and wonderful Norse, Irish and Saxon folklore, lots of brilliantly written characters.

You control a long ship and you can recruit a wide range of characters, who are filled with depth, humor, darkness and mystery.

Our trailer will be at this years VGA awards.
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also Death Stranding thread I guess

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Is America really this scenic IRL?
I always thought it was full of overly wide roads and strip malls.
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When will nintendo finally hire this man?
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>Raytracing is a mem-
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Why did we all love it so much in 2011?
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/v/ eternally BTFO’d
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