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Blazblue Cross tag battle

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ArcRevos in 3 days, more character reveals. Who do you want from each series, /v/? Any VS themes frome Blazblue or UniB that you hope make it in? That is if UniB has VS themes
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I cannot beat this dumb bitch and I have been trying for hours now. Am I this bad at the game? Any easy tips? I have literally nothing with me
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I can't be the only one who forgot this shit exists, right? It's so unremarkable that it's hard not to forget about it. How did they manage to make a game so uninteresting and boring looking?
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Cute thread.

Post cute.
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Final project making games

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I have to make a game for a project which solves a problem. It can be almost any problem so long as making a game could solve it (e.g., vr game that helps with anxiety) and it is academic. I can't think of anything a video game can solve though.

Any problems that a video game can solve /v/?
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file name thread

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the great debate
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What is this face trying to convey?
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is Evil Within 2 worth buying

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has any one played this? whats it like, worth buying?
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25+ year old club, what have you guys been playing these last couple of days?
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