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Any echos you think will be:
>Base Game
>Not included ever
Also do you think there will be any free echo DLC or paid for bundles and how many per bundle?
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Smash Ultimate Thread

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The roster is complete at this point. No addition was or ever will be, better than King K Rool
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Enter the Gungeon

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Enter the Gungeon
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King K Rool Gameplay

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Spyro: The ReJUSTed Trilogy

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Bruh... look at this dude...

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>evo was basically blacks vs korean/japanese in GFs

why do whites suck at fighting games?
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Yeah I'm thinking Halo is back.

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Keep seeing all these e-celeb threads about Grumps, but no one discusses what hell happened between Jon and Normal Boots.

They just rebooted their channel recently with no Jon in sight. Plus PBG has gone on record that him and Jon aren't friends anymore.

What the hell happened?
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