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God Of War 4 JAP Trailer https://youtu.be/zU-6UhmRfDk
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Name 5 video games with black protagonist in them who do not die

Pro-tip: you can't
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Marvel vs capcom infinite

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What went wrong?
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What games let you swooce right in?
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Getting into fighting games

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It has been 12 years, give or take, since I touched a fighting game. The last one I got was a demo of Tekken 2 for my old PS1.

Since then I have had no interest or desire to touch it ever again until recently. I'm currently trying out different genres in gaming, trying to broaden my horizon a little, but I don't know where to start with fighting games.

I own a PC, a keyboard+mouse and a wired Xbox controller, and I aim to not have to buy anymore hardware for my attempt at learning fighting games. Assume that this is all I have.

I don't mind what artstyle or how dead/alive the game is online.

What game would /v/ recommend to someone who wants to learn and play fighting games?

Are there any games that excel at teaching the basics, or that do really well in teaching basic principles?

How should I play? Should I focus on a few fighters and try to play them well, or should I try to beat everyone's little story-mode-thing and pick up how movesets differ?

Assume I know nothing about the genre or how to git gud.
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1 game for 3 years

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okay /v/, here's a question
You're locked in solitary with no one to talk to, and you no internet for 3 years and can only play one game during that time. What game would you choose?

I personally would pick Fallout 4. Sure, the story is kinda shit, but you'd be tired of a great story if that was all you played for 3 years. I like the base building, and I think that could keep me occupied for a good while.
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Now, instead of having to look at external resources like MHDex you can look up all these things WITHIN the game! How casual! How could they do this to my super hardcore series!?
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>there are betas on /v/ RIGHT NOW who dont main Red Mage
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Does it stand the test of time? It's been 15 years
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