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Go to Deviantart and search your favorite video game characters

Report back with findings
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Does it get any better? I'm 2 hours in and considering refunding it if it doesn't pick up
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Atalante is cute! CUTE!
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Was this the best console ever made?

>doesn't look completely fucking retarded
>best controller of the era with 4 shoulder buttons and rumble, the design of which has been emulated by almost every controller since
>vast library of games spanning ever genre
>ahead of its time with built-in system-link functionality that was supported by a respectable number of games
>capable of playing audio and video CDs
>system menu with memory card manager
>well-built and reliable aside from some laser issues with very early models
>thin, small, light, portable
>was incredibly developer friendly from both an economic and design point of view

Literally the most perfectly designed console to have ever existed.
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ITT games with god tier menu themes
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>stuck on a puzzle
>keep trying to do random shit for 2 hours
>finally solve it by doing an action that makes the least amount of sense you can possibly think of

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What's the biggest lie that you fell for?
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Hidden Gems Steam Summer Sale

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Gonna share some hidden deals if you don't mind.
Other people can contribute as well.
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>your choices don't matter at all
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