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ITT subtle vidya clothing
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Why don't people socialize anymore in MMO games?
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ITT: only games with 10/10 atmosphere
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Dark Souls ""level design"' everybody

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>Quelaag's Domain bonfire
>walk 10 metres for another bonfire
>fight terrible boss
>walk along linear path and fight rehashed, arbitrarily placed Capra demons and Taurus Demons
>another bonfire
>walk along linear path and fight rehashed Stray Demon boss for the third time
>another bonfire
>walk along linear path to fight Centipede Demon
>another bonfire
>linear path with no obstacles leads to yet another (hidden) bonfire
>continue along linear path to fight th-

I think you get the point. Why is half of Dark Souls is utter shit?
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Are the Souls games one of the most influential game series ever created? It has to be up there with DOOM and Zelda.

The new Mario has the equivalent of bonfires. It's fucking nuts.
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>enemy caught you cheating
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As someone who enjoyed Fate/Extra but doesn't like musou games.
Would you recommend i play this game.
And even if it is musou is there any strategy or reflex involved when playing the game like are some enemies actually aggressive and require me to doge or block or can i just beat the game by mashing buttons till everyone dies and can only realy die if i literal throw myself in font of enemy attacks like in most musou games.
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The greatest visual novel ever just got released on steam, why aren't you playing it?
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Bing bing yahoo
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