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Kojima plagiarizes
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>Recently bought it with all dlc that looked appealing
>20 hours in and still having a good time

When does the make up come off? This game seems like a lot of fun with a lot of replayability and I haven't even figured everything out.

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Has a game ever made you cry literal tears?
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>It's not weird to accept money from my own student to wear a maid costume and give him a message on his own bed, but...
What the fuck does she mean by that? If that's not weird for her then what is?
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When was the last time you dropped a game after only 5 minutes, /v/? What was her name?
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First time Halo player here.

>no hitmarkers
>nothing on the screen actually indicates you got a kill except for the killfeed, which is fairly small
>combat feels very floaty and you dont really feel satisfied when you get a kill

What's the appeal of it? How did this series get millions of fans?
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When a series demonstrates that the creative forces behind it no longer have any talent, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO STOP PLAYING IT.

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>Final boss is immortal
>You missed the only key item in the game to defeat it
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>I PM'd you the solution
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