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Code Vein DLC Datamined

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Weapons (10 total)
2 new elemental weapons for each weapon type, of note are the bayonet charged fires multiple projectiles, and some trophy pipe weapons for beating the abysses
Hints on gift triggers available from descriptors:

Blood Veils (8 total)
2 new elemental blood veils for each blood veil type

Blood Codes (8 total)
4 new blood codes related to depths explorers, 1 new related to valerio valentino (former successor of the throat and crypt spire creator who sacrificed himself to seal the abyss horrors), 1 blood code for each of the abyss bosses

Active Gifts (26 total)
26 active gifts, of note are alternate ichor recovery options, automantic ichor regen, and inclusive of new two one handed weapons offensive skills, one exclusive one-handed sword skills, one two handed skill, one halberd skill, one bayonet skill

Passive Gifts (8 total)
8 passive gifts, of note are 360* guard area, dex/mind raiser, all round stat raiser for when focused, ichor gain when focused

Items (3 total)
3 consumables related to the abyss bosses that buff red shoes, yakumo's communal, feral tenacity for a limited amount of time, blood code fragments related to the above of which valerio has 4 memory echo segments

Depths (3 total)
The official names for the abysses are Eternal Abyss, Celestial Ice Prison, Fiery Oblivion with the Lord of Thunder (Emperor Vajra), Frozen Empress (Empress Marduk) and Hellfire Knight (Knight Monarch Hannibal). They will be time tracked missions apparently.

Partners (12 total)
There will be a dark and alternate version of all partners, which translates to dark gift using and npcs that wield a different weapon type if we go by god eater's conventions. There's no light version of anyone except Mia.

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Screenshot thread

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Is Horizon: Zero Dawn the most gorgeous game ever?

Post your screenshots
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its going to be shit isnt it
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>every attempt at a Ghost in the Shell game has been an action shooter
Isn't it obvious that something closer to Mass Effect (1) would be more fitting for the IP?
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What went wrong?
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No Man's Sky

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So is it good now or what? I've craving a good space game and this is on sale for $15 right now.
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I wanna turn off my brain and waste my life on an infinite jrpg full of shitty anime cliches and mediocre combat.
I have a ps4 and switch which is the best one available?
I've already wasted 2017 on Persona 5
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Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE

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Comfy, Cozy Sunday Edition

>just starting to level up Carnage+
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Your favorite races in RPGs

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Damn, Dark Souls II looks like THAT?!
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