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*blocks ur path*
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What went right?
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Is Monster Hunter Wold Japan's response to Dark Souls?
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Star Wars

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Do you think the stigma from Battlefront 2 by EA will leak into their other games and cause Disney to revoke the license from them or are we doomed of mediocre releases until the death of the franchise?
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WoW is officially dead, lads. What will you play now?
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>he thinks the N64 won't pass the SNES in sales
They haven't even released Metroid, Earthbound 2, or Donkey Kong Country 64 yet. Nintendo still has all these heavy hitters up their sleeve, don't doubt them.
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Her, Moira, and Junkrat ruin Overwatch. No-aim shitters need to be gassed desu
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Has a game ever made you feel like you've lost everything you've worked hard to gain?
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This game is amazing
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