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Love or hate Nintendo, his impact our hobby was undeniable
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Ain't that a kick in the New Vegas Thread
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Daemon X Machina

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PVP mode when
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Why havent they remade this? Considering it's actually fucking broken thanks to bad translations, way too cryptic and looks shit overall now

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Unpopular opinions. GO!
I'll start

Platinum games have never made a good game. DMC isn't good either.
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Who's the target audience of Code Vein? Soulsfags won't like it because it's anime and combat is shit and weeb coomers won't like it because it's too hard.
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About to start my second playthrough.

Do you guys recommend new game plus, or does it trivialize the game too much? Also, whats the consensus on maddening difficulty? Is it a fun challenge or is it just frustrating and poorly balanced?
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Name literally 1 (ONE) good game.
You can't.
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Modern Warfare Beta

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Now that its closed let me give you my impressions on it.
It's easily one of the COD's since at least BO1. The way the guns handle and recoil is top tier. It also finally looks and feels like a next gen COD, it's just too bad it took till the end of this current cycle to get here. The gunsmithing feature strikes both of my grinding autismo as well as my perfect /k/ approved weapon build as well as making something silly (see oden with ext. barrel with long distance silencer). The maps are hit and miss but at least there are more when the game comes out. Grazna raid is top tier while azir cave bretty gud. Hackney is total trash to the point I'll leave lobby or leave the game if it's on there, 3 lane shitter maps need to die already. Ground war is actually goat but there are many issues with it. Holy shit they need to space out the 3 middle objectives more, its literally not worth running around in there and it encourages camping so you dont die the moment spawn. There's no option (which I'm aware of) to go into 1st person in vehicles which is a big drawback from me and; while I'm aware this isnt BF having an option/perk to repair vehicles would be nice. I also had alot of technical issues the first day they added GW, I was dropped from the match at least 5 times and i had several graphical glitches while they were loading. I also had a glitch where I'd choose to spawn on a team mate that was on the ridge but it dropped me in the middle of an opposing sniper team on the other side of the map (got all except 1.who finally took me down). There was also a guy who glitched below the map by A and was just being a shitter. Also we've finally come home where everyone in the lobby is calling everyone else niggers
Over all this is gonna be an excellent COD and the first one I'm gonna buy in like 6 years (I was gifted ww2 and it was total trash from top to bottom)
>inb4 shill
I'd love to see my shekels tho
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