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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone

What is your favorite Song to play?
What Song do you really want to see added?
Do you think they should make a song pack with all the songs from PDX?
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I do hope that Anon is playing my game right now.
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>your dick gets sucked by the last thing you killed
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How much did Big Durian pay Nintendo to put their horrible fruit in all of their games?
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So, correct me where I'm wrong:
>humans invent BULBLAFLOPS megaquantum computer that can predict shit
>it predits all these small disasters like hurricanes, water rising, bees dying etc
>but it also predict WW3 that starts on Alaska between Russia and USA
>this is end of world cataclysm
>to avoid it, they (a few people who had access to the knowledge) put in motion a many years long plan with androids uprising
>the whole "sudden code mutation" is shit - it was planned from the very beginning
>and so it works, drawing attention away from WW3 as more pressing matters

Everything else in the game was shit, tho.
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what did he mean by this?
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Show me the greatest strategy game ever made or I will steal your sperm.
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guys...someone should tell Dice lol

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Are we portraying unrealistic body standards for women by telling them they can make it in the army?

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Why is it that people who's JOB is to play games are terrible at them?
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You still have fun right?
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