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Which game is this?
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EVO Japan Day 2

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Guilty Gear:
Tekken 7:
SoulCalibur VI:

babytag starts in 2 hours
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>be esl
>join foreign TF2 server
>people make fun of words
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what went wrong?
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Look at my new game I made
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Steam's iron grip on PC gaming is probably over even if the Epic Games Store fails

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The days of Steam being your only option are long gone if you want to play today's hottest triple-A games. The fall of Rome

>What 2018 revealed is that Valve simply doesn’t have much power over games it doesn’t make. Not as much as it used to, anyway. In the past Steam’s used its market dominance as a bludgeon, shrugged off competitors without making any concessions, but that approach isn’t looking as foolproof this time around. Sure, Valve still commands the majority of eyes on PC, but ultimately it’s the games that matter—and publishers know that now.

>Boycott the Epic Games Store all you like. I’m not here to tell you where to shop. I can tell you though that Epic failing doesn’t necessarily put Steam in a better position. If or even when Epic’s storefront collapses, it will most likely mean more fracturing, not less. In lieu of a viable centralized Steam competitor you’ll have a dozen different publisher-specific launchers, or more. The process was underway even before the Epic Games Store was announced. If anything, Epic’s temporarily put a stop to the splintering as publishers reexamine the landscape.

>Because that’s the reality: Publishers aren’t coming back to Steam, at least not if the status quo persists. EA left years ago, and the creation of Origin now seems downright prophetic. Bethesda’s clearly fed up too though, and isn’t likely to return without a significant reworking of its relationship with Valve. Activision’s investing in Ubisoft’s had one foot out the door with Uplay, and now with The Division 2 it’s getting in the car and preparing to drive off.

Epic Store doesn't even have to win, to still win. Steam will still lose, ultimately.
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For me, it's the Crysis series. I feel like the series failed to be as popular as it could've been and didn't reach the potential it could have had. Be it spectacle, graphics, or gameplay.

People hate on 2 but I actually enjoyed it a lot for what it was, a linear story. The gameplay was solid though not as good as 1, and the setting was unique but underutilized. And the lore/story introduced in 2 was far more enticing and less generic (if you read the novelization by Watts) than 1's story.

I wish they'd remake the games with Crysis 2's story as a base. The graphical styles would vary between the 3 games, with 1 being hyper-realistic jungle as it was originally, 2 being more stylized and gritty, and 3 being almost fantastical since that's what the setting becomes.
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what are the best games with playable ratlings?
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Jump Force Meme Thread

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>When the tard finally escapes his handler
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