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*Ruins your good mood while playing World of Light*
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When are they nerfing these two fuckers?
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>Squirtle is fast with great frame data and is best at racking up damage
>Charizard has the power and is perfect for finishing the opponent off and also has good recovery
> shit
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is anyone kinda dissapointed in WoW Classic?
I mean I don't really see the point of playing it in 2017
>community will be literal shit with zoomer youtubers and girl gamers
>you have to pay nuBlizzard, people who ruined WoW
>it's nuBlizzard, they will fuck it up somehow
> there wasn't really that much to do in endgame, unless of course they will add more expansions but it makes even more issues
>no sense of mystery
>I'm not a kid anymore and I don't have that much time to autistically grind like I did in 2004/5
I played the demo and it was extremely fun but I can't see myself playing for longer than a week.
Seriously what the fuck happened? I remember signing the petition for official vanilla servers back in 2011 but now when it finally happened I can't see it being that fun for some reason.
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What’s the appeal in retro game/console collecting?

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You’re basically overpaying for
>obsolete technology which has no warranty
>analogue standards with physical distortion such as disturbances in the air, radio frequencies or cable length, present in RF, SCART and AV out
>ancient resolutions (240p)

Not to mention the old games people want are horrendously expensive now in it’s original form.

I say this because I recently hacked by 3ds and bought an SNES mini. Playing GBA and SNES games on a backlit screen and in a HD resolution is fan fucking tastic. I can’t imagine playing these games originally in 240p and with no backlit screen, even if it is on a CRT tv. Why would you overpay for something when its modern equivilent is technically superior in every way?
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How do I got gud at this game?
Enemy damage is even more bullshit than dark souls but at least you move faster now than lords of the fallen.
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>At friends place
>Playing vidya in his room
>His parents start fighting

Is there a worse feeling?
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Fallout subreddit mods ask desperate fans to stop posting about The Outer Worlds

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>Although there are certainly people enjoying it, Fallout 76 hasn’t been the game most series fans were hoping for. Last week, Obsidian announced The Outer Worlds – a game from some of Fallout’s original creators that looks to follow up on the studio’s own beloved New Vegas. As you might expect, Fallout fans are excited to talk about it. So excited that mods of the main Fallout subreddit have had to ban discussion of the technically unrelated game.

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what the FUCK went wrong AGAIN ?
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