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Will we ever see him?
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I want to impregnate Nyx

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>tfw I just realized they joke about her being a chicken because chickens can't fly
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Pony Transformation General

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Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. New stories and art welcome!
Any type of transformation into ponies, dragons, gryphons, changelings, draconequus, etc., whether OC or canonical, & Anonponies of all shapes and sizes.
Want to be the little pony? This is the thread for you.

For the list of PTFG's recently updated stories, see below.

Archive of over 400 stories, as well as additional links and materials:

Unrated TF image dump thread:

Below are some suggested writing prompts.

>An anonymous gift arrives in the post, unmarked but containing some sort of swag related specifically to your brand of horsefagging, an original character of yours. In the days, hours, or minutes after contact with the contents of the parcel, you begin to experience some changes.

>A significant portion of a population undergoes drastic physical changes into small equines, with unknown implications if the changes are contagious. Follow a group of survivors or perhaps one recently changed through the continuation or aftermath of the epidemic.

Chat in

Previous Thread:
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>Be aut/o/fag
>Try to make a horse
Im not sure he had the right skills for this...
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Spriting guide:
• [Gist]

• Wonderbolt Dash

To Do:
• Watching the proxy wars

• HF and his friends are still trying to start shit
• Void is spreading all over /mlp/ area and blacking out anything that's not bot protected

Previous thread: >>32951882
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/mlp/ Secret Santa 2018 Thread #1

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Tis the Season Anons! Are you ready for our fourth year of spaghetti-filled festivities?

>What it is:
Secret Santa is a holiday gift and card exchange where you shop for and send cheer to another Anon! Once a year we all act just a little less horrible to each other.

Shut up.

>Still confused?
Please be sure to give the FAQ a look if you are new or have any questions! It covers a fair bit. Also consider looking at previous threads through Desuarchive to see gifts and cards from years past.

>General info and FAQ

Anons are welcome to host giveaways or games throughout the season! If you need help hosting a giveaway feel free to contact Santa Pone for assistance. Otherwise do your thing!

>Schedule of events and deadlines

October 15th : Sign ups go live
November 1st 11:59 p.m. EST : Sign ups close. No exceptions.
November 3rd - 5th : Assignments will be given out. You have the rest of November to shop!
December 1st - 10th is the suggested mailing period for domestic packages. You may want to plan for earlier shipping if your assignment is international. Please do your best to mail in time for your anon to enjoy their gift during the Holiday but above all else stay in touch! Better late than a grinch.

Coordinator email for comments/concerns/general inquiries: [email protected]
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2011 niggas who up

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where my OG 2011 bronies at tf tf? grizzled veterans of the M L P gang who UP
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Wait... wut?

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Twilight: "Power isn't why you make friends"

>be Cozy Glow
>evil filly
>literal mastermind cutie mark
>desires power
>pen pal Tirek for knowledge
>painstakingly plan and execute goal of control over the school
>monkey wretch friend mob to make chancellor Neysay BACK OFF!
>would have succeeded if not for tree ex machina

No Twilight. That isn't how it works... You cant blanket sweep everyone's motives to WHY they what friends to a one-sided moral lesson. People make friends for different reasons. Cozy clearly stated that she want friends for power. Twilight basically said that what she believes in is right and what cozy believes in doesn't exist. To make it worst Twilight goes on to say "Sorry I couldn't teach that". Like No! Just because you say its one thing doesn't mean that others will agree. This was proven extremely well in fact because Cozy was a top student in a friendship school next to very positive role models YET she took their lessons and use them to her advantage. Why? Because she is fucking evil! Not because she doesn't understand friendship.
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Real talk why was Sandbar at the friendship school? he didnt seem to have any friendship problems like the rest of the student 6, and actively fanboy'd over the mane 6. Like he had no need to be there.
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