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So which one is better: Mary or Sugar Star?
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If Hasbro were to commission an anime studio to make an MLP spinoff series or film, which studio would you want them to ask to do it?

Also, would you prefer it to focus on the mane 6, side characters/background ponies from the show or a cast of OCs?
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/sun - Annexing Monday Edition

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Due to our great and christian attendance of Church, Sunday was /sun/less.

This is unacceptable. You will all be written up for your lack of faith in Celestia.

Eat your greens:
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Queen Umbra Thread

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Previous Thread

Twisted Desires Pastebin (Be warned they are long)
Part 1: The Start http://pastebin.com/shurgbZ9
Part 9: The Finale https://pastebin.com/ETB69rER

>What is this? Another Rule 63 thread?
No, not really. This is a thread about Queen Umbra and her adventures with everyone's favorite human Anon!

>So a story thread then?
Yes! This is a story that takes place after the Reflections comic arc You know the one where Celestia loves that Sombra from the mirror universe where everyone good is evil and everyone evil is good. Before the last thread died, our heroes have entered the Alternate Equestria determined to bring Umbra home. Our heroes have made it to Canterlot only to find it ruined and inhabited by a resistance force of some kind. What has happened to this Equestria since their last visit and what dark secrets hide around each corner...?

>So it's just a thread for your story?
No of course not! Like always if you want to write something go ahead!
If not sit back and enjoy or talk about vidya games of your choice
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Can someone tell me why it took 8 years for a Twilight / Rarity episode?
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These are the kind of ponies you want to have hateful angry aggressive sex with. With lots of punching and bruises and mother insults and cum.
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She's so silly
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Toxic Relationship Rarity and Spike Thread

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How toxic is Spike and Rarity relationship is?
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Fallout Equestria: Wasteland Entertainment #4

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Trixie Tuesday

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It's that magical time of the week again! Come join us once more for a humble celebration of our great and powerful pony prestidigitator.

Post some fresh art, share some succulent greens, and be excellent to each other as we relax and enjoy everyone's favourite azure unicorn.

Let Trixie Tuesday commence!
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