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Pixelcanvas.io - 10 second cooldown

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Spriting guide:


Currently working:
>Lyra portrait + BonBon >>30569600
>Hispachan's Melon filly >>30567764

Planned and with templates:
>Happy Griffin Merchant >>30557060
>Hoodie Lyra >> 30554665
>Mare-Do-Well >>30564030
>Twilight II >>30561274
>Draniti banner below BonBon >>30567102 >>30570724 >>30572436
>Strawpoll banner
>Elements of Harmony (on Lauren dedication) >>30561301
>Graveyard of Factions + Apple/Pear tree (WIP)
>Lauren banner + Celestia and Luna (on Lauren dedication) (WIP)

Planned and without template:
>Fausticorn (on Lauren dedication)

Side project:
>Megamural @-10000,1000 >>30561351
>Gouge-eyes M6 mural >>30568281
>Lots of small-sized art >>30561346 >>30561313 >>30561275 >>30561254 >>30561264 >>30555743
>Cleaning stray pixels
>Erasing void below 307px on both sides of the discord.io logo and replacing it with rainbows

We have a second template site now.

Pic related is our current expansion plans, giving us room to grow without impeding on /bant/ territory. We also discussed putting duplicate portraits (second twilight, lyra, and so on) along the bottom and having the males go off to the left vertically. Please discuss.

/vp/ has been making amends for their actions and they've been put back under our defense.

Previous thread: >>30569600
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Incestuous Relationships Thread

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"Cousin Red" Edition

Previous thread: >>30476125

Pastebin link: http://pastebin.com/pTAqfjD6
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Ask Big Mac anything!

If your post ends with evens the answer is YUP
If your post ends with odds the answer is NOPE
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>twifags that don't extensively read actual books
>flutterfags that don't care about nature and wildlife
>dashfags that aren't physically fit and into sports
>rarifags that don't maintain a high sense of fashion
>ponkfags that have low amounts of energy and generally have a sour demeanor
>applefags that aren't republicans
explain yourselves
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>This is actually going to have a payoff after 3 years

What's another seemingly forgotten thing from older seasons you'd like to see make a comeback?

>Inb4 Unicorn Twilight and tree library
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MLP General

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Fillies and colts edition

Old defunct purple princess edition: >>>>30572982

711: Not Asking for Trouble
Written by May Chan

Friendship is Magic #56 still storytimed here!
>>30501885 (Cross-thread)

The hiatus officially ends in August 5th.
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Satyr Abomination Thread #214 Beach Trip Edition

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Previous Thread >>30414874

>What is a 'Satyr Abomination' thread about?
A satyr is what happens when a human and a pony decide to get freaky and end up having a child. This thread is dedicated to the art and written works about these lovable creatures.
>What are the rules?
There are no thread specific rules, do what you want.
>What is the continuity (world/characters/attributes)?
Whatever you want it to be. Everything is a variable, there are no absolutes. Characters, names, genders, personalities, relationships, backgrounds, writing style, genre. If you want to know the common headcanons of certain characters, read some stories or ask the thread.

Searchable Archive:
Story by Parent:
Author List:
Satyrs by Parent:

Kid Icarus ROM Hack: An alpha hack for the NES Kid Icarus game.
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Slave Pony Thread #120

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Previous thread: >>30493936
(Archive Link: http://yuki.la/mlp/30493936)

>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies being enslaved.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.
If you want an explanation on the differences between /SPG/ and /SiM/, go check out the FAQ.

Are you new and want to write your own story but have no previous experience?
Check out these guides:
https://pastebin.com/g4VpEg4f (clop specific)

If you're ever having a writer's block and need advice or want to chill with us, come to our Discord server! https://discord.gg/nVA3wW6

Featured Story:
Celestia's Maiden Voyage (Rainbow Dash) by IHLAOY
- https://pastebin.com/GeEg7ELu

Most Recently Completed Stories:
Something, at least (Twilight Sparkle) by AspiringWritefag
- https://pastebin.com/9TkjPm3N

Because I Choose to (Starlight Glimmer) by Mercury
- Part 1: https://pastebin.com/qaSx0kEU
- Part 2: https://pastebin.com/GKxvUCek

Useful Links
FAQ: https://pastebin.com/iVB2JJz0
Recommended Stories for New Readers: https://pastebin.com/c6hd0P9Q
Completed Stories [12]: https://pastebin.com/82rCVh4j
Recently Updated Stories [7]: https://pastebin.com/k7SmjQww
Popular Stories [Updated 6/26/2017]: https://pastebin.com/vsnYXKba
All Writers and Stories [110]: https://pastebin.com/cqLCYveb
One-Shot Stories [10]: https://pastebin.com/nw4ZxVBp
Thread Archive: https://pastebin.com/S5m7bEab
Image Archive: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AiFkdye7rtydbfk0wBnid5vnFUg
Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/u/Slave_Pony_General
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What would a pony fetishize about a human?
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