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MLP General

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Rainbow Roadtrip special
Written by Kim Beyer-Johnson

924-25: The Ending of the End - Part 1 & 2
Written by Nicole Dubuc (part 1) & Michael Vogel (part 2)

926:The Last Problem
Written by Josh Haber

YouTube Playlist of pony shorts

My Little Pony: The Manga - A Day in the Life of Equestria, Vol. 1 storytime! right here
>>34795734 #
Download link
Get a physical copy

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #85 storytime! right here

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #86 storytime! right here

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Equestrian Wrestling Entertainment - 'Minutes before Preshow' Edition

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>What is this?
EWE is the next form of Waifu Wars. Instead of doing 4 leagues a year, we do a (mostly) weekly show with titles, feuds, and more characters involved. For those that don't know what WW is, we do simulated wrestling matches of MLP Characters on a wrestling game called Fire Pro World.

Yes really, I enjoy having fun with it and doing it more often and actually doing more things sounded like a plus, so that's why the format has changed.

>What replaces the League winners?
Formerly the WW crowned 4 league winners, two elites and two babbies. Now the EWE employs several titles that the characters can fight for. Right now we have the Best Waifu Title, which is our top title, and is currently being determined in a 16 character tournament, consisting of all that would've been in the next Elites League.

>When/Where do you do shows?
Sundays at around 2PM Central is our Preshow(Which is currently making Yona the best Junior Heavyweight in New Japan Pro Wrestling), then at 3, we do the league at Twitch, at

>Why did you make a thread?
To keep people informed, I guess. I got asked why there wasn't one, and I thought it wasn't needed, but if someone wants one, sure. Though I feel like we do things on too regular a basis now for it, so if it does get canned by mods and such, we'll not make another one.

Reversed Gender Roles Equestria

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Princess Applejack

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Howdy, partner!

What you see here began as a series of comedy-centric stories with the concept of an alicorn-ascended Princess Applejack trying to change a mismanaged Equestria for the better by humorously interacting with the other, quite lazy, princesses. Plus late night pink antics.

Not to mention a whole bunch of Changelings with nothing better to do but cause mischief.

The whole thing was set in motion by this gem:


>So, wait, why am Ah' a princess again?

>Because you seem to be the only goddamn one of those ponies who gets that a Princess need to do actual work regarding maintenance of the kingdom. You know how much city planning or trade negotiations Twilight or Luna have done? Fucking nothing. Everyone is obsessed with the world ending threats they think I should fight, but the minute I point out the free health care I have to work to maintain everyone goes quiet. And don't even get me started on Cadence, who can't even manage a basic meeting with the Equestrian Games representative. Fucking annoying. Go do actual princess stuff, because apparently everyone else got the pamphlets mixed up or something and thinks "Princess" means "Beat cop."


Are you feeling creative? Try your hand at writing a story! No contribution is too small and we love having new folks around.

If you're more artistically inclined give a drawing or sketch a shot. Don't fret too much; it doesn't have to be fancy and we appreciate artwork a lot.

If that isn't your style either, writers always need feedback. So tell us what you liked - and what you didn't - to help us improve.

If you are unsure about anything, do not be afraid to ask. We will gladly bring you up-to-date or explain anything you feel is unclear.

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In spirit with the end of the world, remembering an incredible fic.

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>Twilight and Starlight begin investigating a deep mystery that appears to originate with Celestia
>This mystery leads to an interdimensional pandemic
This is a fucking incredible story, almost 1000/50 votes.
I remember the first time I read it, I had literal sleepless nights. I could not stop.
Has great twists, not gratuitous. No stupid and excess references.
I encourage you to read it.

Bootleg Waifu #16

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Squishhh edition

Welcome to the wild west of copycats & copyright infringement!

Content can be riffed off irl bootlegs like Stompy or anons own ideas for one. What makes them different can range from anything be it scifi to supernatural and everything in between. It can take place on Earth, Equestria or another world. If you can give a pony a chance when she's not quite as shes supposed to be, then a bootleg waifu might be for you.
Last thread >>34848260

Green Archive and Prompts
Art and pics -
All other content and links -

Ongoing Stories
>Patches - [FONYPAN]
>Blotches -
>Jacky - [Blondie]
>Nurse Blushingheart -

New Shorts
>FrankenPatches -
>SnootleSaturn & Star -
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Fingerbang: The Equestria Girls and Humanized Thread #281 - Chronic Case Edition

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Previous thread: >>34831901

Welcome to Fingerbang: The Equestria Girls & Humanized Thread! Anything with >no hooves is welcome and encouraged here. If you like to write, draw, read, or critique the humanized versions of the ponies, then this is the thread for you.

Story List:

--Recent Writefags--
BG9: (Mane Seven) (Sunset Shimmer)

Pheno: (Limestone)

AlexanderGrey: (Various) (Various) (Various)

FiftyShadesofYellow: (Fluttershy)

Kuragekami: (Wallflower Bush)

BurnoutAnon: (Mane Seven) (Sugarcoat)

Magicopia: (Mane Seven) (Mane Seven)

Jade: (Fluttershy/Rarity/Dash) (Fluttershy/Scitwi)

TerminusAnon: (Midnight/Twilight)

suppy: (Moondancer)

Lilith: (Mane Six: Space)

Teachernon: (Moondancer/Trixie)

Liquid Plasma/NaOH : (RD, Sunset)

--Collection of Anonymous Shorts-- (WIP)

Archival Pastebin:
Thread Resources:
FimFiction Group:
>How did this Humanized thread get started? What happened to Fingerbang?

The Humanized thread was created when the various humanized threads (including Fingerbang) on /mlp/ decided to merge. The rest is history. Quite literally as of now.
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The 2020 Winter 4CC Day Six: /biz/ness As Usual Edition

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>what is this
Teams made from memes of their respective boards battle it out in a virtual football tournament. It's fun.
All the dates and groups:

>where and when
17:00 UTCIn one and a half bings

>when does /mlp/ play

Today's matches:
/h/ vs /trv/
/vp/ vs /wg/
/int/ vs /jp/
/fa/ vs /w/
/vg/ vs /v/
/x/ vs /co/
/i/ vs /o/
/b/ vs /pol/

If you missed our previous matches, you can watch them here:

All the other matches can be found here:

GIDDY UP for spring
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>No Faust you can't be creative vision anymore.
>No Haber you can't be creative vision despite me publically saying Glimmer is my favourite pony, Discord is superior.
>No Larson, you can't write and execute your own ideas.
>Everybody shut up, this is my show, my movie, my specials.
What the fuck was his problem? Why did he shit on everyone?

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>"Anonymous, I am truly sorry that those who are blessed enough to have food in your world do not have the prerogative to enjoy it unless they meet your personal standards."
>"But here in Equestria I am ruler, and many ponies chew with their mouths open. And I will not let you hold it over our heads, or hurt my little ponies' feelings over such a trivial cultural difference."
>"No more making disgusted faces, and no more whispering to the ponies next to you to stop smacking their lips. You are still a guest here, and you should be happy enough being allowed in the palace at all, let alone the dining hall. Remember that."
>"I would hate to have to put you out in the courtyard with Spike and Luna. Unless, perhaps, you enjoy eating gemstones and stale croutons off of the ground?"
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