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Wholesome Reimu thread. Huggies and cuddles for red-white shrine maiden
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AKB General 2021

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All AKB sub-groups and related Japanese *48 groups welcome.


(07/07~10/22) AKB48 National Tour 2019
(07/21~10/22) HKT48 Kyushuu Tour
(09/24) Odan Yui graduation performance
(09/29) Sato Anju graduation performance
(10/05) NMB48 9th Anniversary Live at Osaka-jo Hall
(10/31) 2nd AKB48 group Kasho Ryoku No. 1 Ketteisen
(11/01) AKB48 Team 8's Rissen Airi Movie Premiere "Fighting! Gakuseiigo Kouryusen"
(11/2019) 48g stage play "Jinginaki Tatakai - Onnatachi no Shito Hen" at Hakataza Theater, Fukuoka

>Useful Links
Theater Schedules and Ticket Application:
Live Shows:
48/46 Group Masterlist:
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Kantai Collection -KanColle-

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[New to the Game? Read first, Ask later]


Recent Updates:

KanColle STAFF Twitter:
C2 STAFF Twitter:

Anon's guide to KanColle:

Air superiority calculator/fleet builder:

Combat Mechanics:

Fit gun for BBs:

Equipment upgrade values:
Destroyer gun bonus:
LBAS values:

Useful Akashi upgrades table:

Drop and construction statistics:

KanColle Viewer (JP):
KanColle Viewer (EN):
KanColle Viewer (KR):
Electronic Observer (JP):
Electronic Observer (EN):
Electronic Observer (CN):

-The Summer 2019 Event, "European Front Counterattack Operation, Commence! Operation Shingle" is scheduled to end on Sept. 30 at 11:00 JST. It is a small-scale event and will take place in Europe again. E-1 is "Brest Defense Operation", E-2 "Through the Gibraltar", and E-3 "Commence! Operation Shingle".
-Friend Fleets are available for E-1, E-2 P2, and E-3.
-The three new ships implemented in the main operation are DE Mikura, Pasta destroyer Grecale, and Pasta light cruiser L.d.S.D.d. Abruzzi. British DD Janus is available from E-3.
-The new equipment are the M4A1 DD, the carrier-based Fw190 A-5 Kai, and the land base plane Fw190 D-9.
-A new mid-sortie mechanic has been implemented. It requires Repair Ship Akashi Kai or Repair Ship Akitsushima Kai to be in a combined fleet, but not as first fleet flagship. Whichever is used must have repair cranes equipped, and must be at most chuuha'd. A new consumable item rewarded in E-1 is required to use the mechanic as well. Akashi Kai > Akitsushima Kai in terms of repair.
-The July ranking rewards have been distributed. The new equipment are the Me163B, the Prototype Shuusui, and the Shuusui.
-Gotland will receive a second remodel at some point to re-turn her to a seaplane cruiser. Yahagi will receive a Kai-II at some point in the future. The rest of the Kongou-class will receive further remodels eventually. Shigure will also receive a further remodel in the future.
-The 2019 calendar hints at several new destroyers.
-More Fletchers will be implemented in the future, some illustrated by ZECO. Matsu-class from the Type D Destroyers are being prepared for the 7th year of KanColle.
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Virtual Youtubers

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Whose brilliant idea was it to name these two genuises the hosts of a 24hs stream?
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djt daily japanese thread dai2261wa

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/tmg/ - Type-Moon General

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This thread is for the discussion of any and all works by by Kinoko Nasu / TYPE-MOON.

Download Links:
>A collection of all official Japanese versions of TYPE-MOON PC Games (work in progress)!BA4yHYoT!NwGVKj4q9Z1vnpKlYY-4UQ

>Kara no Kyoukai

Tsukihime - Blue Blue Glass Moon, Under The Crimson Air.!6TBSSTbR!4O6JYv1dyyRw7GQeHJ4NIUYUTQ--tuy9H8s69HgL5lY
Tsukihime PLUS+DISC - Alliance of Illusionary Eyes
Tsukihime Kagetsu Tohya - Twilight Grass Moon, Fairy Tale Princess.
Tsukihime Manga!dRwwAZrT!uxmDDlwDTu3bgo9QIKgSrQ

>Melty Blood
Melty Blood PC games (Original + ReACT + Act Cadenza + Actress Again Current Code)
MBAACC - Community Edition!6FUx2C6a!L2AxbiQzPHtgRI3YPHv4NZfi2EYS9RMeNHoSp6pAcFw
Melty Blood Manga (divided into two parts: the first part, spanning volumes 1-6, follows the original Melty Blood storyline. "2nd ACT" spans volumes 7-9. Melty Blood X is based on the Melty Blood Drama CD -Rojiura Pyramid Night-)!syICRSJI!TeAS9ZVFSDQigguqxn_MwA
Melty Blood Manga - Back Alley Alliance Nightmare

Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua]
Fate/hollow ataraxia
Fate/Zero novels
Lord El-Melloi II's Case Files novels
Fate/Strange Fake Light Novel

>Mahoutsukai no Yoru (魔法使いの夜)
English Translation Patch (Chapter 1–7):!loBEBJDB!LMlgzDXX_ZnnRtnKFbXhQQ
French Translation Patch:

>Angel Voice (anthology containing two separate angel themed stories: Notes by Nasu and Clockwick Canaan-Veil by Takeuchi.)
>Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver
>Fire Girl
>Today's Menu for the Emiya Family
vol. 1:!qlczzYiI!bnZsuBiMRVCKmugwizlIGc-0Bm1rXUXk_locMF7ogIU
vol. 2:!T0UD0SBQ!yL4vw1j91cXFyFfVsUbyeRuJb4vTCesOhQqo9mmFtlA
>Tsuki no Sango - Coral of the Moon

Helpful TYPE-MOON-related links:
>Beast's Lair forum
>Encyclopedia of Type Moon
>Fate/Complete Material II: Character Material
>Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Deluxe Booklet
part 1:
part 2:
>Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] Animation Material (Deluxe booklet featuring staff interviews)
>Fate Franchise Loseless Soundtracks!OQwx1DYA!1c0Dkm1VfOPpthg6etuU4g
>Fuyuki Rebuild
>TMdict, a light-weight, multi-lingual TYPE-MOON glossary
>Tsuki-kan, a small fansite containing bits and pieces of information on all things TYPE-MOON
>Tsukihime doujins from 2008!fHgSVb5L!EPDHKU2KHLdjW1bM2b0-VV7WzrA9xPqrLnJTu0AkwyY
>Tsukihime Music Collection
>Type-Moon Mega folders!tBRTDDLT!6-uk9SmrvHKLFYU_3QTwgQ!IEgnySDK!wvEo43UGmHFEKC1JBVykGw

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shoutout to the anon who recommended this album to me
i now have diabetes
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reminder that she is not a virgin
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Alternative Idols General /alt/ 338 Stay Mad Edition

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Nipah edition
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