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Left-Handed 2hus

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Are there any left-handed 2hus? I have an obsession with girls that are better at using their left hands. I speculate that something in me believes that left-handed women must have superior genes.
I figure that Sagume is left-handed because she likes touching her face with her left hand and because I know of a certain other One-Winged Angel who happens to be left-handed.
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Monster Girl Thread

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Brace yourself for fat Kakuen Ass

Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h

Monster Girl Wordpress: https://monstergirlscollection.wordpress.com
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Daily Japanese Thread DJT #1803

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous thread: >>16879647

This thread is for the discussion and learning of Japanese with raw VNs, LNs, anime and manga.
If you have no interest in otaku media or want to request a translation, this is not the thread for you.

Let's have a nice thread by reporting and ignoring off-topic posts.
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AKB General

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You're too autistic to handle news.

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Kantai Collection -KanColle-

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Previous thread: >>16894268

[New to the Game? Read first, ask later]

EN: http://kancolle.wikia.com
EN: http://en.kancollewiki.net
JP: http://wikiwiki.jp/kancolle/

Recent Updates: http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Recent_Updates

KanColle STAFF Twitter: https://twitter.com/KanColle_STAFF

Anon's guide to KanColle: http://pastebin.com/ec862KsG

Air superiority calculator/fleet builder:

Combat mechanics:
JP: http://wikiwiki.jp/kancolle/?%C0%EF%C6%AE%A4%CB%A4%C4%A4%A4%A4%C6
EN: http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Combat

Fit guns for BBs:
Others: http://ch.nicovideo.jp/pixy_for_ever/blomaga/ar994724
Iowa: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14q3M_N9HXVC0g2Jp9gA42qkEChq0EeHKeWHn7Hrt1L8/edit#gid=961378818
Warspite: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HHpzOklOtf0l4UaKRQ5_5kKXoFfTK6qGFAXBvzJmemI/edit#gid=0

Equipment upgrade values: http://i.imgur.com/1JfCOmJ.png

Useful Akashi upgrades table: http://akashi-list.me

Drop/construction statistics:

Voices/sprites/furniture preview: http://www51.atpages.jp/kancollev

KanColle Viewer (JP): https://github.com/Grabacr07/KanColleViewer
KanColle Viewer (EN 1): https://github.com/Yuubari/KanColleViewer
KanColle Viewer (EN 2): https://github.com/gakada/KanColleViewer
KanColle Viewer (KR): https://github.com/CirnoV/KanColleViewer
Electronic Observer (JP): https://github.com/andanteyk/ElectronicObserver
Electronic Observer (EN): https://github.com/silfumus/ElectronicObserver

PS Vita game: http://kancolle-vita.com
KanColle Arcade: http://kancolle-a.sega.jp
Official arcade gameplay demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAjOfoutg5s , https://youtu.be/IPfFSo-hiWI , https://youtu.be/LYlzkMGYtEA
KanColle Arcade's second event has been announced for this spring, with Southern Oni and Southern War Oni as the bosses, and Armored Carrier Oni also encounterable.

The KanColle movie is out. Movie trailers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7udGu_a0AvY , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Puj4vB_Kh2E , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTxaSuB_Fv8

-Over 100 new Spring seasonal voice lines have been implemented, including 20+ new lines, of which Harukaze, Hatsukaze, Maikaze, Amatsukaze, Yuubari, Pola and Kaga are recipients. Akebono and Oboro also each get a second Spring seasonal voice line.
-The Spring 2017 Event will start on the next maintenance in early May and will be a 5 map event with 3 Main Operations and 2 Extra Operations that will last about 20 days, which will also fix a bug that halved firepower from improvements to secondary armament guns (15.2cm single gun, 90mm single high-angle gun, OTO 152mm triple gun). The ship rewards will be a Taiyou-class escort carrier and a foreign BB as a reward, one equipment reward will be the Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa with a skilled variant available as a hard mode reward.
-The maximum ship/equipment slot counts have been increased to 330/1420.
-Suzuya can now be remodeled to Kai 2 at the cost of a blueprint. Her Kai 2 at level 84 comes with a CVL Kai 2 form at level 88, with which it is reversible. Remodeling from CAV to CVL requires another blueprint, but remodeling from CVL to CAV doesn't. Her CVL form is an Attack CVL; unlike other CVLs, she only attacks submarines if there are no enemy surface ships around; if there are, she attacks them like a regular CV.
-Kyoufuu Kai, Zero M63 Fighter-Bomber and the new 8cm High Angle Gun Kai + Added Machine Gun can all now be upgraded from currently existing equipment (Type 2 Seaplane Fighter Kai, Zero M62 Fighter-Bomber and 8cm High Angle Gun respectively), and further improved.
-The 8cm High Angle Gun series can now be equipped in the expansion slots of Agano-class, Mogami-class Kai and Kai 2, training cruisers, repair ships, and submarine tenders.
-Five new quests have been added, one of which requires Suzuya Kai 2 and rewards either a Kyoufuu Kai or a New Extension Bulge (Medium), one of which requires Suzuya CVL Kai 2 and rewards a Zero M63 Fighter-Bomber and an 8cm High Angle Gun Kai + Added Machine Gun, one of which is a quarterly quest that rewards 350 ranking points, and two of which are limited time spring quests that will be removed during the next maintenance.
-A Kai 2 is planned for Kumano this spring or later, a BB will get one after the Spring 2017 Event. Saratoga and a CL will also get a second remodel.
-A coastal defense ship will also finally be added after the event is over.
-The 5th year of KanColle will see something interesting for foreign ships.
-New Akizuki and Matsu-class destroyers, as well as escort carriers are under plans to be added.
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Someone made this and posted it on /tg/ a few days ago. I only learned about Touhou from it, so I figured you may want to know for whatever reason.
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Antinomy of Common Flowers

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General Nutaku and DMM Thread 169

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Last thread: >>16891734

Game links:
>r18 games
>all ages games


>Eng Wiki Links (Unless otherwise mentioned)

Millennium War Aigis:
>Eng Wiki
>Jp Wiki

>English DMM Character List
>Jp ULMF thread:
>Eng ULMF thread:
>XP chart

Osawari Island:
>Jp Osawari wiki
>Osawari chat
>Jp Alchemy Page
>Osawari Friend Code List

Girl's Kingdom:
>Jp Wiki

Kanpani Girls:
>Jp Wiki
>Additional Info

Dragon Providence:
>Jp Wiki

Flower Knight Girl:
>Eng DMM Wiki
>Jp Wiki

Idol Wars Z:
>Jp Wiki

>Jp Wiki

Sengoku Providence:
>Jp Wiki

>Jp Wiki
>eng dmm wiki

Miscellaneous links:
>Staff Twitter:
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エロゲスレ/Untranslated VN General

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Previous thread: >>16870600

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.
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