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>open file explorer or anything at all
>wait for sleeping HDD faggots to spin the fuck up so we can continue

>listening to music or watching something
>hear random piece of shit faggot HDD's spinning up for no fucking reason with their dumb annoying cunt noise

Holy shit I fucking hate hard drives so fucking much. when will TB SSDs become cheap enough for me to replace every piece of spinning rust in my fucking desktop pc by them?

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Dubs and YouTube is perma-kill.
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Are CS careers actually this oversaturated?

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Saw this on r*ddit

>guy sends out almost 200 applications for CS internships, and only 4 offers
>media keeps saying that there's a shortage of programmers

So what's actually going on? Is there a shortage or not?
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>i can't take any more cs classes besides the intro to Java unless I finish 3 more classes (calc 2,3 and linear algebra)
>I'm going to waste my entire 2nd year studying something I don't want to
>defending cs in the current year

Fuck you all for tricking me into this. I can't even transfer out since I already signed my one year lease. God damn it and don't tell me "just self study bro" when I'm neck deep in fucking doing integration problems by hand when a computer can already do these in 10 milliseconds
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/g/ i had an epiphany, imagine if we had a simple but usable web browser
take firefox, same ui but no webgl, no video audio, no bloat, just the stuff you need to see the page
>what's the incentive?
was thinking about pulseaduio and how moz://a dropped alsa because they want to add surround sound support to firefox, think about that
surround sound in a web browser
i agree it's nice, but at this point browsers are not just browsers, this is not a protest against features tho
i just think it would be nice and it's time for mozarella to fork firefox and trim it from all the fat
what's your thoughts on that?
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>he calls himself a programmer
>doesn't use alien space fonts
I seriously hope this isn't you, anon.
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>no code comments
>no code tests
>deploy to production
Deal with it boomers!
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>It was just a joke
>we're not hacked guys

The hack is so large no one can admit to its existence. America is effectively over as a country, everyone is bribed to keep hush about it. We no longer have control of our basic infrastructure.

Reminder two satellites went "down" in the last week.

Only certain elements of the military that didn't outsource their semiconductor production are spread from the hack.

This is a warning from the Chinese.

If the bribed pols don't give into the demands, power plants will go down, hospitals, water pumps. Mass levels of famine, dehydration will lead to rioting in the cities. Rioting will lead to civil war and at that point China will initiate a first strike and render most of our military infrastructure useless.

Prepare for WWIII.
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>tfw fell for the SSD meme
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