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Is there a more reddit shaving technology than the safety razor?
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/ptg/ - Private Tracker General

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The Usual Suspects Edition.

Previous thread >>63873056

>Not sure what private trackers are all about?
The mission of /ptg/ is to promote the highest possible standards of tracker service by providing members with opportunities for professional development, by recognizing technical competence through examinations and by advancing the interests of its members.

>Have a question?
FAQ https://pastebin.com/hrXxMHs9
WIKI https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Private_trackers

Use >>>/g/ptg as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>Staff occasionally read these generals and have posted here before.
>This is a thread for educational purposes only. Don't offer or ask for invites.
>Staff may pretend to be normal users asking for invites and when you invite them, they ban you for inviting strangers.
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/mpv/ - the /g/reatest media player

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Stable: https://mpv.io/manual/stable/
Git: https://mpv.io/manual/master/

User Scripts (including opengl shaders):

High quality video output profile (goes into mpv.conf):




Configuration Files:


Post your system specs and config if you're asking performance related questions.

Windows Builds:
Stable Portable: https://mpv.srsfckfgtsn.biz/
Stable Installer: https://bitbucket.org/rorgorothfgt/mingw-w64-cmake/downloads/
Git Portable: https://sourceforge.net/projects/mpv-player-windows/files/
Git Installer: https://bitbucket.org/rorgorothfgt/mingw-w64-cmake/downloads/
Vapoursynth: http://jenkins.mgaeyanie.com/job/mpv/
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Ricing Thread.

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/wt/ Watch Thread

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This thread is about the appreciation of whorology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering required for fine watch manufacture.

>Required viewing for newbies:

>Strap Guide:

>Watch essentials 102:

Previous Thread:
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Post your face when you are using Linux on your desktop
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/hpg/ - Headphone General

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How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub (embed)

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

/g/ wiki headphone FAQ: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php?title=Headphones

Headphone guide: https://canpicker.com/

Previous thread: >>63866969 (Cross-thread)
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So my dad has a habit of installing keyloggers and spyware into my machines that somehow never disappear because he's an asshole, I know this because he literally, no joke frequently comments my porn history and tries to indirectly comment on my browsing history out of nowhere to try and scare me

I was thinking of installing some linux distro or trying qubes OS, but as far as I know he might be able to open my laptop and install some random keylogger / spyware by following instructions off some random black hat hacking forum or google or whatever

So how do I guard my computer from someone else booting it up or getting into it? I figured getting access to the OS is enough to try and find some exploit

So far all I can come up with is a BIOS password

holp /g/

also inb4 get a job and move out faggot
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Il come right out and admit it, but only because this is more or less anonymous, I'm practically technologically illiterate but I can put a pc together more or less.
This being said what is hands down the best graphics card I can get, give me one I can get for about 250$ or less and whatever the best one possible is. thanks in advance
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Can you guys explain librebooting to me? I have a macbook with Arch Linux using grub as my boot manager.

I primarily use Arch but I have a really small dual boot installation of Windows. Will librebooting break that?

How does librebooting relate to BIOS/UEFI?
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