Prebuilt General - also, help me decide on a tower

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I am looking for a tower with the following requirements:

>I do NOT want to build my own. I don't have time to learn
>I want to be able to play most games without issue, but I don't have any particular game in mind.
>I want to be able to play high resolution media
>general browsing and office work
>I don't want a plain outer case, but I also don't want a LARPy color/lights fuck fest of gamer PCs. I want a nice, high quality, good to look at case.

Pic related is OK, but would like a nicer case.

Other anons are welcome to join the thread and have their own /prebuilt/ questions.
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/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread

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Stupid question thread.
Ask your stupid questions here.


>GNU/Linux questions?

>PC building?

>Programming questions?

>Good, cheap, laptops?

>Cheap electronics?

>How to activate any version of windows?
>Where can I get Win 7 or LTSB?
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This is only loosely related to /g/, but let's talk a little about universal basic income. I'm not even going to mention the part that who the fuck would even work then.

So the idea is that since companies will be able to manufacture all kinds of shit with automated production lines, they should pay taxes that would support UBI, so that people can continue to buy stuff and the company can continue make money.

Now, let's go back a little further. People don't fucking need money. They want products. It's just that back in the old ages to today, most people and even most companies couldn't produce everything by themselves. Say you were a smith or a carpenter or lumberjack or whatever else and that was it, that was your job and you had to buy everything else from other people who specialized in that profession (you'd buy flour form the miller for example). Thus the concept of money was born.

What would happen for a fully automated company? I'm thinking fully automated harvesters that produce crop, then mills it and even bakes bread, fully automated. This is just an example, but let's say the same company is also into milling and manufacturing and building etc. This company could literally make everything its owners could ever want in their lives.

The owners of this company would not care about other people, in fact they would want to get rid of them via population control before they rise up. To the company owners, people outside the company are just like pollution and pests. They consume the rare resources of Earth and pollute the air and water.

Why the fuck would they pay taxes to support the existence of millions of people via UBI?

Think about it. You are the owner of Google in the year 2060. By this time Google can do literally anything with automated machines and AI that you could possibly ask for. Would you pay taxes to keep the plebs alive for no reason whatsoever? Or would you kill everyone outside your tribe and enjoy Earth by yourself?
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>Solves Google's captchas automatically

How long before this gets abused to hell and Google fixes it?

I'm using it right now, and it works, but I could see shitty fucking people using this to spam with bots.

Not gonna lie, it's really nice.
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AMD FX = the worst CPU series of all time?

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So, I frequently see FX apologists on here. If you're one of them, come out of the grass you snake and explain why you shill for the FX series over half a decade after it was released.

They always claim that the FX CPUs are ageing like wine. Is it true that the FX chips got better over time or is that just horseshit that FX buyers tell themselves to make themselves feel less bad that they chose Bulldozer/Piledriver over Sandy/Ivy?

Honestly, I think it's the latter. From late 2011 to early 2017, AMD was trying to sell us Core 2 Duos. Not exaggeration. FX at worst would match a Core 2 Duo from 2006 and at best would be slightly behind first gen Core series.

The FX series has to be the worst CPU lineup of all time. I used to think Pentium 4 held that position but I've recently changed my mind. At least Pentium 4s were somewhat competitive with Athlon 64s. The AMD FX series left Intel unchallenged for over half a decade and single-handedly made the CPU market a snoozefest for over half a decade.

It's astonishing that there are people out there who still to this day defend the FX series. Post purchase rationalisation is real.
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C is dead

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C is deprecated. No one uses it and it's not even self-hosted anymore, its compilers themselves are written in C++. Development stalled for the last 3 decades, and the latest major update desperately tries to mimic C++98 templates and fails miserably.

If C++ is too hard for you, learn Rust, it has no OOP, overloading or templates (which seem to overflow a typical C tard's primitive peanut brain capacity). And using C and Rust both lead you to adopt a CoC anyway so you shouldn't be complaining.

C tards waste their time pointlessly reinventing the wheel (probably because no generics lol). C is popular in /g/ because making a linked list of int is what /g/ can manage to do.
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shit gUYZ? i think i'm bein haxxed

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Everything on my system is configured to what a normal person would probably consider overkill security-wise. Firewall, browser, all properly configured, did the Privacy Tools, blah blah blah, I even followed the Gentoo security guide.
Opened up Wireshark for something unrelated, saw a lot of traffic on lo for some reason. Opened htop, saw adb running. Somehow. Killed it, traffic stopped...
I don't even have any Android tools installed on my fucking computer, so why in the blue-nosed fuck was ADB running?
Disabled bluetooth completely as a precaution, but what the hell was this, how was this even possible? It's freaking me out, man...
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sticker thread

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Does /g/ enjoy the dying art of tasteful laptop stickers?
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>Not using a gaming mouse
What's your excuse, /g/?