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have they gotten too big?
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Is there any point on composing music using a sheet software or am I better learning how to write using the piano roll in FL studio?
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>eu legislation bans products with lead content of over 0.3%
>local electronics shop stopped selling leaded solder
>bought basically 100% tin

wtf is this shit? doesn't stick to anything, melting point is so high it's pretty much burning anything nearby when trying to solder onto a thick ground plane or something, and when it finally decides to work soldered wires just fucking fall off when moving them in the slightest...
now i gotta wait for proper sn60pb40 to arrive from ebay, thank you very much fucking unelected eu-cucks
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Stupid Questions Thread.
This thread is for stupid questions. Also known as QTDDTOT.
Consider using a search engine before posting.
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What the fuck happened to Terry? He looks like a domestic terrorist now.
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Check my account activity and see all this activity that is not me. This is two weeks after the account is suspended by Reddit for unusual activity and prompts me to change the password which I do.

Deleted the account - but what was it used for? I saw no posts, or comments or any activity that wasn't me. Was I just used as part of a botnet upboat brigade?
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/bst/ - Battlestation Thread

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Last one about to die. Have a nice night/day Anons.
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What does /g/ think of Golang? Setup was really smooth and I'm enjoying the C-like syntax but I also feel like I'm selling my soul to Google.
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Sexy keyboard thread

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I want an ergonomic mechanical keyboard.

About to pull the trigger on this, but it's damn expensive. What do you use?

Also what is the deal with Zealios keycaps, why are they so much more expensive?
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