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/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread:

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What are you working on /g/?

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>spent 10 years learning coding and dev ops
>learn the heights of linux, lisp, and emacs
>begin to start applying to programming jobs
>they all want me to code le java
>check trucking jobs
>40 thousand dollar sign on bonus
>90 k a year with no experience
>just have to hold a wheel for 12 hours
>wifi in the truck
>can code open source in the truck

Wow fuck silicon valley I'm gonna program whatever I want and be happy rather than listen to what purple hairs have to say.
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/flgt/ - Friendly Linux General Thread

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Intended for users of all levels, including absolute beginners.

There are three ways to try Linux, you can:

1) Install a Linux OS on a VM (Virtual Machine/VirtualBox) for "safety purposes"
2) Use the Live ISO directly without installing anything, that way, you can get a "full Linux experience".
3) Dual-boot Linux with Windows/Mac (recommend if you want to learn more about Linux)
4) Go balls deep and overwrite everything with Linux (not recommended)

If you are serious about switching to Linux and if you have Windows dual-booted, we recommend you use it exclusively for 2 weeks, and avoid Windows dual booting for that period of time, or it's likely you will start retreating back to windows instead of getting used to Linux as your new home and working onnmaking it feel the way you want it.

Before asking, please find the answers to your questions in resources.

Please be civil, notice the "Friendly" in every Friendly Linux Thread.

Understand that much of your software from Windows will be unavailable, although maybe wine can make up for it.

man <insert command here>
your friendly neighborhood search engine

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does your browser pass the Acid Test?
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AMD Quietly Patched Four Major GPU Security Vulnerabilities with Radeon 20.1.1 Drivers

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>AMD rival NVIDIA also battles security vulnerabilities in secret, but the company tends to be more transparent in mentioning vulnerabilities patched in its driver release-notes
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Why can't people admit the Arch install is pointless and unnecessary?

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The vast majority of people who use Arch are going to choose most similar things when installing it. It's not like Gentoo. Like most Arch users are obviously going to install a network manager, a DE/WM, alsa/pulse, xorg. As well as an basic way to do their partitions. If most people are going to choose similar things then it may as well be done in a more intuitive way in an installer. It just reeks of pretension because they pretend the installer is for people to choose whatever they want even though most users are going to want a very similar setup (a functioning system with necessary components and a DE/WM). Really the appeal of Arch is in its package manager, leaness and updates, not in its construction. So what's the point?
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Anyone else hate how connected modern technology is? Back in the 80s my computer was completely isolated and only did the necessary. It was just me and the computer with no outside distractions. But nowadays it is connected to the world wide web and constantly drip feeding me depressing news stories, annoying updates, spam, adverts, etc. The latest computers don't even function properly without a world wide web connection and nag about no cable being connected and unable to contact the update server. I miss the old days. Anyone else?

/mkg/+/indev/: Mechanical Keyboard/Input Device General

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>Keyboard recommendation template
>Where to buy keyboards (2015)
>/mkg/ FAQs

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Let's try something a little different today. Computer keyboards aren't the only kind of keyboard, much less the only kind of input device. Use this thread to discuss anything with buttons on it that you have outrageously specific preferences for: Gamepads, MIDI controllers, knobs, sliders, pedals, maybe even mice. Mostly computer keyboards, of course, but that other stuff is fine too.
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/csg/ - Chink Shit General

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Year of the live baby rat dish edition

In /csg/ we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Aliexpress price tracker, don't get (((chinked)))!
>(Do not install the browser extensions, they're botnet.)

>Old thread

News 1/2:
>>74495380 Anon hopes y'all don't mind him flexing
>>74496586 Anon buys fans
>>74497153 Anon is concerned about the corona virus
>>74497565 Anon replaces his earbuds after absorbing the carcinogenic paint on his old earbuds
>>74499059 Local giant makes chink shit look small
>>74499782 Anon receives re-education
>>74500884 Anon is tired of being discriminated against by his boss
>>74501025 Dear please wait
>>74501745 Once again local postage has failed to deliver chink shit
>>74502381 Anon receives free tablet as new years gift from Chang
>>74502442 Anon is not pleased with IRS
>>74502843 Anon rejects local used market and embraces chink shit
>>74503659 Anon buys zoophile love doll disguised as funny tissue box
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