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Code reviews, CI, Fragile, Scum, Gangbang

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> muh, we need to be more Agile[tm]
> muh, we need to empower people
> muh, we need to take ownership
> muh, we need full test coverage
> muh, we need CI
> muh we need triple sign-off code reviews

How did all this fucking bureaucracy creep into the simple act of

> Write code
> Test code
> Use code

and who do we need to kill to get back there?
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Github Sponsors

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Github is literally patreon now.
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/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread

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Old thread: >>71063255

What are you working on, /g/?
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What technology do slavs use?
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RMS will come to my university and I'll probably get a chance to ask him a question from the audience. What should I ask him, /g/? Trips decides, quads I'll make a transparent.
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how do they make money?
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/mpv/ - the /g/reatest media player

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